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    §3 Keeping of the netiquette
    This forum is here for public interchange between players, so that you can help/advise each other and share in the enjoyment/despair of your game experiences. All users should feel welcome here. Therefore polite and respectful behaviour is required (netiquette) at all times. Flames and insults are not tolerated and will be punished (§2a).

    §3b Discrimination
    Inappropriate comments on any part of the forums discriminating someone because of their race, background, religion and other issues are certainly not permitted. The offending comments will be removed and the user warned.

    §3c Denouncing other players is illicit
    The same applies for sedition against alliances or players. So called "howling topics"

    Ignore 'best practice' above on how we will act on this... ANY more flame wars or sly little snipes within threads on this forum will earn at standard a 1 month temp ban.

    Some people are currently on bans ranging from a week to two months, some people are yet to be banned while I review one thread in particular. Quite frankly it would be fair to say that members of the UK team and indeed a selection of other forum goers consider your actions disgusting and unnecessary, this is a GAME. Try to show a bit of respect for others and show some regard for younger users.

  • I would like to remind you all that this thread is still in place. Follow these rules Taulphin has posted! And also, no censoring at eachother (I.E **** Alliance!). There is no need for it. And also, no insults. That is a main problem here.


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