What do you think are the worst crimes?

  • Well, racial inequality is also a pretty bad crime.

    well i suppose...but once again survival of the fittest...if you can prove you're stronger than the other then i mean sure why not...really there isnt really a true crime. I mean laws are just made to keep order but there is no crime against nature. Survival of the fittest is the only law...if you're stronger then you can do whatever. Government laws are made to keep order thats it

    Edit-- and the only reason people follow laws is once again survival of the fittest...the gov. is stronger than you

  • As I have lost over a handful of friends simply due to them being raped by older men (mid 20's to early 30's usually) I'd have to say rape is the worst crime. It can have the effects of murder (loss of a life) plus extra problems that lead up to it and lasting scars on all involved. Never again in my life do I want to be forced to hold up a friend just because her "boyfriend" abused her trust and forced her down (emotionally).

  • let's make this interesting... Make a list of your top 5

    mine might suck and the ranks will probably move with each thing

    now from the start I was only saying cannibalism could be considered but it's not the top

    5.) Torture
    4.) Cannibalism (only if it used as a lifestyle. Not if it's survival of the fittest, or eating dead corpse. A real cult/psycopath that feeds off living people while eating them while alive...)
    3.) Rape (bonus points if it's a really close relative... Now that's just messed up...)
    2.) Cult Deception (only if it is used to confuse people to give all assets and perform mass suicide... Or something in those general terms)
    1.) Bio-terrorism (although the chances of something major are unlikely... It makes you start to become paranoid in several situations... You get a terrorist group that receives a large enough quantity of Avian Bird flu, SARS, Anthrax, or any other lethal material and releases it into a large crowd... Could lead to a possible epidemic if it spreads fast enough.)

  • Torture, rape and murder are on the top of my list. Kidnapping a baby is also near the top. You know there are women who kidnap Infants from their mothers? There was one story where these 2 women kidnapped a pregnant women and Bound her beat her daily and were waiting for her to have the baby and steal it. Luckily during the 3rd-4th day the police investigated because one of them ratted them both out.

    Mmmmm, did you see that on T.V.?

    Because if so, I think I saw it too. :-D.

    But probably killing a bunch of people, with rape thrown in there too. Maybe killing some pregnant ladies as well.

  • It is the injustice and lawlessness.

    If there was no justice and law then all the crime you written up there would be invalid and innocent.

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  • The internet!

    Or zombies.

    Why can't they simply stay at home and drink tea or something to start feeling better. What's the point of running around and infecting others, just makes no sense.