What would you do if you had 1,000,000 dollars

  • It give it all away to a random homeless guy on the street!..........NOT! I wold buy GOLD!!!!! and also a 360 and PS3 with all the games ever created for them! :D

  • I was mosty kidding. I haven't even started puberty yet, let alone interested in girls (which most of my friends and classmates tease me about.) But I bet they'll be shocked when I come up with a collection of porn.

  • A lot of people are gonna say I'm lying.... but i'd keep about 200,000 and give 200,000 to my family and then I'd give the rest to charity

  • A stupid answer:

    I would buy another million dollars to double it!!! :lol:

  • If I got that much money , I would buy all the things that would make my life worthwile and then live it :roll:

  • :) i would spend it on yummy stuff...or a book...or something to make me smarter *sighs*

  • :) i would spend it on yummy stuff...or a book...or something to make me smarter *sighs*

    i'm sorry but the last one is a lost cause

    i would spend it on making an orbital death station capable of firing a laser powerful enough to anhialate half a city

  • I would use it to buy warfare and get to the 9th dimension, then I will conquer it. After that, I will then have $2.00 left, so I'd just buy a sandwich... leaving me $0.25 and I'll buy 2 cokes (the five cent ones) and an ice cream (off street vendors)

  • i would complete all my armies on warhammer 40k, warhammer fantasy, and lotr strategy battle game. i would then buy a ps3, and buy all the games for the xbox (i already own) and ps3 that i want. i would by several hundred magic cards. lastly, i would give all my remaining money (which will still range within 995 thousand, as most...) to a konwn and experienced stoke-broker person. i would then get millions of dollars in return. i would donate much of it to the cure to autism, and then buy a nice house and car and live comfortably for the rest of my life.

  • Oh I would dash out and buy a Lamborghini Gallardo and a M29something machine gun 8)

  • i am always late :cry:
    But i guess buy the best computer in the world for games and buy PS4 buy a company then i would get the best games for those consoles (duh of course i would i am 11).