What would you do if you had 1,000,000 dollars

  • I would use it to make payments for school, a house, cars, that sort of thing, while I use the money I earn for whatever I want :mrgreen:

  • Finnish school without worries. Start my own company with little worries < I can do this = Challenge accepted. Go on a vacation and prolly hook up with a gf and get married.

  • i live in indonesia
    1 america dollar = 9600 Rupiah (Indonesia)
    count it.

    im going to buy samsung, *****, google.
    lambo aventador, and A LOT OF GAMING STUFF (pc, console, voucher, cash)
    the most famous game player in my country :p

  • Seeing as the thread was double necro'd I'm gonna contribute!

    Pay off house - 400k
    New bathroom and kitchen upstairs - 60k
    combine bathroom, add shower, laundry downstairs - 45k
    pay off loan - 40k
    invest for daughters future - 150k (college, car etc)
    revamp office, 3 x new pc's, new house network, 42" tv as monitor, integrated surround sound sorted for up and downstairs lounge and for office (only 8 speakers in office so far :( ) new bookshelves and get a cool lizard enclosure that works through the bookshelf - 20-40k
    help family with some things - 50k
    invest the rest, play with share market, some to charity, invest in self development and training, potentially set up small business for wife and me and once it picks up enough quit work to focus on it fulltime. 200k+

    Haven't really thought about it much.... lol

  • lol 1 USD = 77.95 bangladesh taka

    thats 77,950,000 taka

    so, half million I would bury
    and the other half million...

    a nice sofa
    three movies every year
    2 camels (later invested to be 100)
    eighteen goats (later invested to be 3600)
    food for all those animals
    3600 gold per server
    a suit of armour (I will claim that my great-grandfather was a soldier)
    above all... 21 woofer sets.

  • I bet the "dollar" part of the sentence refers to some lousy cheap-a*s currency like the Zimbabwe dollar than the U.S. one :razz:

  • Hmm, probably would have died when I realize that I have 1.000.000 $
    my heart it would not stand:mrgreen:

  • I agree i would first, do something for my parent. next i would buy me a house nothing too fancy but something i can have for the rest on my life. Then i would pay for college. I would also buy myself a very dependable car, and with the remaining money i would donate it too charity

  • ... One guy asked another what would he do if he won a $100000. The other guy said - I'd pay my debts with a half. The first asked, and what about the other half? - The second guy said - the other half would have to wait :D

  • 30% of that money i ll give to charity. I think to animal shelters foundations (dont know how it ll be exactly in english). As for the last 70%, i think i ll spend this money on buying a big house for my parents.