Settling in Grey Area (by Farruk)

  • A village in the grey zone is just like any other, except for the following:

    • It produces no Culture Points
    • Exactly 24 hours after you settle, the Natars will hit you with 14 waves of attacks.

    This guide is to enable you to survive those attacks.

    • Before you send your settlers, time the landing for a time when you will be online for some time, even if it is not continuous time.
    • Be prepared to spend some gold on power building and NPC, especially if your online time is limited.(Not essential, but preferable)
    • Do not defend… it is not worth the troop cost
    • As soon as you land, build level 1 warehouse and level 1 granary
    • Send resources from your nearest village in regular shipments, making sure you do not overflow.
    • Now build the following in any sequence that works for you according to available resources.

      • All resource fields to lvl 1 (You may have to build some crop fields to lvl 2)
      • Main building to lvl 5
      • Market lvl 1
      • Rally Point lvl 1
      • Cranny lvl 10
      • Then fill the village with lvl 1 crannies as many as possible.

    Now sit back and wait. The Natar attack will probably take out most of the buildings, but you should be left with enough to continue building. If you have filled all the slots, you have 39 buildings. The most the Natars can take out will be 14 x 2 which is 28. Be ready to ship in resources and build your village.

    Good luck and have fun.