what languages do you speak?

  • One language they should teach more is sign language. There's a lot more deaf than blind people. Multilingual people could speak to each other using sign language rather than having to have the right combination of languages.

    Got thinking about this after a completely deaf person joined my wargames club. None of us knew sign language so we had to write everything. He'd bat me on the head when I'd sign basic numbers wrong. Another person we met didn't know sign language either but the next time we came across him he could hold up a conversation with the deaf person - so sign language may not be as relatively difficult compared to a foreign one?

  • Sign language is a visual representation of spoken language, so it's not universal. That's why there's American Sign Language (ASL) as well as tens of others for other languages (e.g. JSL for the Japanese, LSF (France), BSL (U.K.), LSE (Spain)). Just like wording of sentences in English (subject-verb-object) is different than other languages, the representative sign language uses that language's structure and diction. Naturally, it would be difficult for someone who did not speak English to learn an English-based sign language.

  • It was a joke based on what alt right say about immigrants. Catch up.

    I apologize if it was unclear, but I was addressing Mr. Pantsalot's proposal, which does not appear to be a joke.

    I do understand that your post was a joke, but the sentiment isn't unreasonable. I wouldn't expect to go to, say, Germany and expect everyone (especially people outside of tourist destinations) to understand English. Even as the world's most popular second language, it's still not widely enough used to expect accommodation. Especially when you consider the cost. Sure, universal symbols do a lot for dictating whose bathroom is whose, but you can't use an instantly-understandable symbolic language to describe policy or interact with society. Complete acceptance of foreign-language immigrants would require retooling of a lot of the ways that we present information to citizens. It's vital in a democracy that people, whether foreign or not, have the opportunity to understand and interact with the democratic process. This requires either translations for all relevant languages of what is going on in the government, or the mandate that people with minority languages learn to communicate in English.

  • I speak 2 languages: Russian and English. As for Russian, i know it |Progress: 100/100|. As for the second one, it is not my native language, thats why i know it |Progress: 35/100|. I know nothing about: politics, food, some phrases, that everyone uses in english-speaking countries.
    And for me it is important to know English, cuz it ll help me with going abroad and working there.

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