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  • I feel Timesplitters: Future Perfect doesn't compare well to the first 2. Why do you prefer it?

  • Never played the first two. Future perfect was hillarious and awesome to play with a mate. The moooooose is loose!

    Also, more: Silent Hill (didn't play it on PS1/2, but when it was ported to PS3). Sadly haven't had the opportunity to play any of the next ones until Homecoming (SH5). Heard that SH4 was really good.

    Resident Evil - heard all of the early ones were great, and a lot of fans think that RES4 was terrible.. But I've played and enjoyed RES4 a lot. Haven't tried the early ones myself. But they are classics for sure too.

  • That was a great one, my copy got stolen by my cousins. Admittedly I wasn't any good at the games.

    Never played the first two. Future perfect was hillarious and awesome to play with a mate. The moooooose is loose!

    I don't remember the stories so much though I do remember it being the funnier of the 3. I mostly played arcade against bots & 4 split-player splitscreen with my family though

  • I've had almost every console since Nintendo 64, perks of being a family of 5 who love split screen games. Shame splitscreen past 2 players is non-existant now, that's why I haven't bought Xbone & PS4. If I want to play alone or online I have a PC for that.

  • My classic go-tos are Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, Kessen & Mercenaries. I'm relatable!

  • For hack/slash RPG combat, Skyrim is definitely the way to go, but if you're more into a turn-based, strategy-based sort of combat, the older Elder Scroll games would be better suited. From my play through of Oblivion, the combat has a turn-based feel to it that takes some strategy in order to keep from losing too much HP.

  • I don't get the point of first-person turn based, especially playing melee character. Did they let you control NPC companions?
    (P.S. topic's about PS1/PS2 games)

  • can i pick 3 game? Harvest moon, Winning eleven, and chocobo racing. OMG i love chocobo so much.

  • Ps 2 grand theft auto 3, grand theft auto vice city. bully
    Ps 1 metal gear Solid, resident evil, final fantasy VIII

  • [INDENT] I've never owned a console since the original Playstation.