Game Account Posting Guidelines

  • This section of the forum is dedicated to you the player. It is here that you can create your own thread when you are looking for the following.......

    - Giving away an account
    - Searching for an account
    - Searching for a dual
    - Advertising to be a dual

    When creating a thread please put the server you are talking about in your title. This way those who browse thru this section can see your server info in the title without having to click on every thread.

    Here are some examples.....
    - Looking for dual [COM2]
    - Giving away account [COMX]

    Inside the post then put your information you are looking for. Please do not put your email, skype name or other forms of communication. Please use the Private Messaging (PM) system of this forum and there you can share your contact information.

    When you have found what you are looking for then please leave a reply in your thread so it can be closed in order to keep this area fresh and free of clutter.

    This section is only for the .COM domain. All other posts looking for or wanting other domains will be removed without notice.

    ENJOY!! :)