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  • My today picture is a bit sad and made in 2017. But still it's an image I am looking at currently. Notre Dame, my visit to Paris in January 2017. France, my heart is with you today.


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  • Managed to find the pictures from last year when I stopped by Paris.

    Not sure why the quality is a mess though :/ I blame Google




  • Another day off work, another adventure for Lemon.

    Anyone happens to know the name of all of the dinosauers? Take your guesses!




    And now for a few of the real animals:

    ...Yes, I know what y’all are thinking, but the dinosaurs were (un)fortunately not real.




  • Hey there, One picture of yesterday, where i work. I made a stainless steal staircase for a rich guy in paris. View from his appartment is crazy. The hearth of paris will reborn :)

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  • What about me and kittens? Every spring and summer I bring in a lot of orphaned kittens that I care for and take care of and then adopts away. This year it is no exception but right now my little flat is full of kittens that are going to be fed and learn to walk on the box and play.

    Right now I have 15 kittens from 5 litters. They are all from a few days to like these almost 3 weeks old. the hard one is not feeding and giving love. The hardest part is giving all names. I need help! I can't have 15 kittens without a name. Please help! there are 9 females and 6 males who need names.

  • Fluffy, Duffy, Puffy, Spotty, Scotty. Danger, Ranger, Rangerette (for a girl), Trouble, Bubble. Super Miaowio, Minx, Meowsess Peach, Meowzah, Baby Meowza. I hope it helps.

    On a different note, I wanted to post a different picture today, but I think it is only fitting;

    My condolences to the victims, the world is with you.

    Slackers Guild Alliance

    The Black Company

    Get Lost

  • I have another riddle for you, there is nothing really interesing on that picture just a small shop, located in quite a rundown area, that sells some Asian food. Still almost every person in Russia will recognize which city the picture has been made of from a first glance. Guesses what is so revealing in that image? (Hint - there is no city name on that image, it would have been too easy then)

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  • And another image. Tractor with a paper behind the front glass, saying this is in fact Lamborghini, that was used for painting the benches in the park. I am not sure if it's a joke or Lamborghini does really manufactres also tractors, but I found that quite amusing :)

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  • Ameno I thought we cleared this on Discord already... Lamborghini do make tractors :D

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  • Couldn't find it with Google how it should look when it's new :) (But have to admit - I didn't search that deep). But the logo on the front panel is also Lamborghini, yes. The bull.

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  • The lambo tractor was a nice find, I knew they made tractors but have never seen one before!

    It isn't quite a cherry a blossom tree, but there is now signs of spring near me too:

  • Lambo allways made tractors before cars they are famous for that :)

    Nether went to russian i need to see that benchs :p

    Sorry its in French :/

    Cool pictures !

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  • My plum tree has a lot of flowers this year, so hopefully there will be a lot of plums.

    The bees are doing their best to make plums:

    One place in my garden that I have left uncared for for too long:

    The other day, I took care of it:

    It took me some hours and I filled a couple of garbage bags:

    As usual, my husband tells me that I filled the garbage bags too much, that they are too heavy. I know what that means: I have to move them to the trailer by myself. 8)

  • In sweden it is summer so now we train harder than before soon it is time for this year's first competition. Today, Chippy got the training arm at skill for the first time and for just being 4 years he was really good. The spotet dressage pony's stomach just grows and grows. Kicking that live in the stomach are really lively and have managed to kick me on the cheek once when I shine on it. only four months left until kicks come out.