Picture of a day

  • My little summer house.
    I've been there today, cleaning and doing some gardening, because tomorrow a photographer will take picture and then the house will be put out for sale.

  • Those 2 pictures should be posted together. As some of you know, I live in really big city (over 15 million people), so, not much of a nature around (except for the park nearby). So, I am bringing it home. My little mint garden - Winter (after being revived from a tiny sprout just 3 cm high) to Summer - (now).

    Currently I am thinking whom I can give away a part of it, so that it could grow big. Kitchen smells amazing btw. And yes, I like mint tea.



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  • Here is some bees that took over one of my squirrel houses in my back yard back in 2012.
    Had a bee inspector come out and they took some bees with them and it turned out they were Africanized.
    They then said I had to pay for their removal if I wanted them gone so they lived in that house for 4 years.

    About twice a year the hive would produce another queen who would then take half of the hive population and move on to find another place.
    As you can see the numbers swell to where they are hanging on the outside of the house. At the time of this pic there was maybe 70k to 80K bees with the swarm taking half as they left. A hive of bees usually averages around 35K to 40K in numbers.

    In the picture below is a swarm that left that house and hung in this tree about 10 feet away for about 8 hours and then in a matter of seconds took off and were gone.
    I tried to take a video of the swarm as they dropped but my camera batteries had died and captured nothing. It was pretty cool though.

  • The bees will bump you first if they feel threatened.
    So when you notice that then just do a 180 turn and walk back the same path you took when you felt the first bump.

    Overall if you be aware of them they will not bother you.

    Needless to say that area of the yard did not get mowed much till they were gone.