Picture of a day

  • They're gonna die one day anyway, along with the rest of me. :p

    And we're at our destination. (:

    Hiding behind the corner is the "mascot" of this hill, Dwarf Bolfenk and his ehm.... Mushrooms. :D

  • I've been to the place about 100x and never noticed. :huh:

    Had to wait 1hr there until the bar opens, so laid down on grass and waited so I could order some tea. :D

  • I think we had that on our garden as well at some point. :D

    Anyway, when I came home, someone was really excited...

    But only for a short while, that is. :D

  • I was delayed getting home today because of the local town common riding, they ride the town boundary and to the top of a hill. They have been doing it like this since 1949 but it is a much older tradition, because the guy at the right of the picture is the Reiver. The reiver carries the town flag and leads the townsfolk, and it dates back to a time when they would ride across the border and steal cattle and sheep

  • Last night, I started to make some strawberry-jam

    6 kg raw strawberry are much less in finished glasses. But now we have strawberry-jam for a while :)

  • Today, when we packed to go to the competition area and today's first start, the packing differed slightly from what it used to be. I usually have only one crown and a sword. Now there were a pair of louboutin shoes one more crown and one tiara to not talk about an evening dress. sometimes my life is a bit too much extreme.

    During my armor I wear a corset.

    Has completed 67 slow servers. Currently playing server 68 and 69. Proof? Here Is it a world record?

    All spelling errors are due to dyslexia and a brain injury. Learn to live with it because I will not change it.

  • Besides my Travian-obsession, I have another one: The plant Hoya. Also known as porcelain-flower, waxplant, waxvine or waxflower.

    There are so many of them, and I only have 129, today one of them opened it's flower. I'm in heaven!

    Hoya erythrina, flower and buds.

  • It's lovely, Sommer! <3
    129... That's a lot! Your home got to look very green and wonderful!

    Also known as porcelain-flower

    Oh?! Porcelain-flower is the same as Hoya?! Then I have 2 of them!
    When the flowers are faded, I use to play with them, make different patterns and stuff... :p

  • Oh my god, I almost chucked my phone and smashed it because I thought I saw a spider when I saw your photo stellamini X/

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