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  • Okay, here goes. I had some friends over, so I did a large portion - probably enough for 5-6 people. So adjust accordingly (though, if you have leftovers, it just gets even better if it sits in the fridge for a day or two).

    1½ large onions (doesn't have to be large though, if you have smaller ones, just take 2-3)
    3 medium sized carrots (same as above... 1 - 1½ large is probably about the same amount)
    2 stalks of celery
    Olive oil
    ½-1 fresh chili (depends on how strong the chili is. The dish is not supposed to be hot, so if you have a strong chili, use less).
    3-4 cloves of garlic
    800-1000 grams of minced meat (beef)
    1 deciliter of red wine
    1kg of canned chopped tomatoes
    2 teaspoons of tomato paste
    Fresh basil
    Grated mozzarella or parmigiano

    First we start with making a "soffritto". Chop the onions and slice the carrots and celery.
    Cook it in some olive oil in a large pot.
    Add finely chopped garlic and chili (the finer it's chopped, the more flavour it will give to the entirety of the dish, rather than when you happen to chew on a piece of garlic/chili).
    Don't cook it too much, the onions should just start to get a bit of a golden colour, but not more.
    Put the vegetables in a bowl or on a plate.

    Add more olive oil to the pot if needed (the vegetables should just about have soaked most of it).
    Cook the meat with thyme, salt and pepper.
    When most of the meat has browned, add some red wine (I just poured from the bottle, but I guess I used about 1 dl).
    Let the wine boil off, and let the meat finish cooking.

    Now add our vegetables back in the mix.
    Add the canned tomatoes (but pour it in a bit at a time, don't make the pot stop boiling).
    Add oregano and let it boil for a bit.
    Add the two teaspoons of tomato paste.

    Let the whole thing simmer for a good while, preferably at least an hour.

    Serve topped with mozzarella or parmigiano, and fresh basil leaves.

    The red wine can be left out. But I wouldn't recommend it :D


  • Here in Sweden we have extreme drought and malnutrition. Many farmers are looking for feed for their livestock. Today we took in hay in the old way, as we did well back in it when no machines could drive on that field. Now our horses have hay for a few days.

    During my armor I wear a corset.

    Has completed 67 slow servers. Currently playing server 68 and 69. Proof? Here Is it a world record?

    All spelling errors are due to dyslexia and a brain injury. Learn to live with it because I will not change it.

  • Got them at home, as well as blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry... :D

  • well technically, they are inedible seeds. And some seeds are poisonous. Although in my case, the entire fruit is poison so you can have it all.

    you can't eat strawberries? =O

    the worst for me is fruit with stones, if I have peaches they are normally from a tin lol, but i do like picking raspberries fresh though, even though they have inedible seeds

  • Literally my view from the last 6 hours due to 30°C + outside... :D

    What a time to be alive, such a productive day.

  • Literally my view from the last 6 hours due to 30°C + outside... :D

    What a time to be alive, such a productive day.

    It looks alittle dark but any way that keeps the heat away is a good way.

  • I handle heat even worse than the Swedes, so whatever helps... :D

  • Swedes can't handle any weather:

    If it's summer it's either too hot or too rainy
    If it's winter it's either too cold and too much snow or too warm and no snow.
    If it's autumn it's too grey and dark and rainy.
    It it's spring it's too rainy or to cold.

    Yeah, we swedes like to talk and complain about the weather - the only thing we cannot change! X/

    Yesterday it was raining for 1-2 hours and I blame the rain for this hole in my garden:

    Now I will go out and fill the hole with a lot of stones in different sizes!