Picture of a day

  • Monday morning from the train window. (And yeah, I know it's Wednesday already, but only now I remembered I might post the pic here as well)

    I'm drawn back to your photo often, @merlouska, there is something calming about the fog and the light.
    (and I had to let you know)
    A picture I could have in big size on my wall <3

  • It is never too early for snow! (well, ok, August would be probably too early :D )

    In my country we almost had a "tropical night" (that's when the temperatures during the night don't go below 20 °C), unfortunately at 6:30 in the morning the temperature dropped to 19.8 °C. So no tropical night.

    The highest temperature during that night was at 01:00: 21.4 °C. At the end of October. Like.. weather, are you kidding us?
    Previous record for highest night temperature was 18.9 °C .. but at the beginning of October. Average day temperatures in October are 13-18 °C, night temperatures 4-9 °C. Just to give you an idea how crazy this was.

    I didn't capture the weather today. But I captured construction of a new platform on a train station and you can at least see the blue sky there :-)
    (for Rail Nation fans: upgrading station concourse from lvl 2 to lvl 3)

  • I'm not the one who celebrates Halloween but these ghosts meet me yesterday when I went to the store and buy breakfast. It was dark then and I went into my own little world thinking about something else. What does not appear is that they sound when you get close. I was quite scared. But they were so nice so I went back today and the pic a picture of them.

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  • I visited Bruges (Belgium) last week-end : i found it beautiful
    "the Venise of the North"
    the sun was shining but it was cooold

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