Picture of a day

  • It was snowing all night and morning, approx. 25 cm snow, and I had to drive on roads that was not cleared. At work, one of my co-workers got stuck in the snow, so we had to shovel the snow away from the road, at 7:30 in the morning. We do anything to get to the people in need of our help:


    This is the parking lot where I had to park my car, wasn't easy to drive away from there:


    I helped an old, sick man to get rid of some of the snow:


    This is way too much snow for me! I know there are places with much more snow and I feel really sorry for them.

    The only good thing with all this white snow, is that it is easier to spot the deers, foxes, wildboars and other animals, so I might have a chance not to hit them.

  • I am working with people with dementia. Two days ago, I was at a man's home and he was very anxious and restless. I couldn't leave him alone in that state of mind, so I decided to take a walk with him in his forest (yeah, he owns about 40 hectares land, mostly forest). After a walk for about 35 minutes, in 20 cm snow, he calmed down and was happy again. I made him dinner, and then I could leave him without feeling worried.