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  • Hiking around a bit in Austria...


    si4 2007/08 - Vrba

    si5 2012/2013 - orangutan

    si2 2017 - sph1nX/Blobfish

    si1 2018 - K i D z!

    com29 2017 - sph1nX

    TT Finals 2018/19 - Witch King

    Balkans 3x 2019 Spring - Das Unheil

    Balkans 3x 2019 Autumn - Beautiful Idiot 375k :gau01: 400k :gau05:

    Balkans29 5x - Doom

  • I would like post which I took at New years day sun rising. The first day of 2020, I went to east coast at my country and took this picture. It was only -8C , but it was too windy so feel like about -15C temperature.

    Godz | WILD | Ruthless | SGR ... and still Noob. (Seal)

    Did you know? Seals are found in most waters of the world, mainly in the Arctic and Antarctica but also in some areas of the tropics.