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  • First of all I am Raelag, and I never posted on this forum (even if I have over 7 years of travian experience)
    I want to congratulate travian team for this new type of server, but however it's very unbalanced.
    If you look at the map you can see that in NE there are the least regions you can ''control'' , wich are essential to win a server.
    SE, SV and NW all have much more areas than NE does.
    In the future travian development team should add more areas in NE, or they should make it equal (all Quadrans should have the same ammount of regions)
    The artefacts are not balanced... they should be spread equally around the map for a better balance of the game.

  • Just a little tip though, the 'quads' are just imaginary. No one is stopping you from moving out of a quad or expanding to other quads.

    Praxis (Anglo3), Whiplash (US1, IN3), Ifrit (US1), White Panda (IN-something) and a dozen others that I don't remember.

  • I absolutely agree with everything you wrote Raelag. All those points we mentioned in feedback after last round - the only change they implemented was to switch VP values of artis. RoA tremendously punishes those who have not done their research prior to starting. Which you can see why all pre-formed teams avoided the NE.

  • I just read the blog but can't find official ROA feedback thread and on blog comments are blocked.

    You finally got something out that was liked by veteran players, even some retired people are considering returning. We should've thought its too good to be true. Who told you the items and auction are missing? There were no survey I'm sure. Starting it after finals end would make much more sense, but that is way too advance marketing I guess

  • Templar Knight wrote:

    Pushing Protection

    As with the boosted start way more resources are in the game, we needed to overhaul the pushing protection. The overhauled version works on a per village basis, and limits the amount of resources which can be stolen or transferred by 20 % per village.

    Good luck with participation rate (sarcasm intended).

  • I hopelessly waited for a survey at the end of the ROA server, as TG is supposedly testing new features on it, but no such luck.
    My feedback is below, I tried to keep it short so if something is unclear, please don't hesitate to ask.

    There is no reason to drag the server for 200 days. Please make the server shorter (at the same speed). 100 days would be enough, 150 maximum.
    By day 150 all regions were open for settling and most captured, ROA on com was not very populated server, we finished with about 350 active accounts and many did not know what they are doing at the start (a lot of population wasted in central regions). It will be easy done even faster on the next server. In any case the map does not have to be that big either.
    Length of the servers which creates long commitment is one of the biggest if not the biggest problem on travian. All alliances, all server suffer from lack of active players at the end, but at least there are milestones like artifacts and plans for which certain size hammers need to be build etc. There are no such landmarks on ROA, no need for XXK catas and WWKs. Handling large accounts is even harder than on regular server because of distances and constantly damaged villages, and you can’t say “it’s enough”, must keep expanding.

    Second point was made by many players already. Merchants are hugely imbalanced. Example: our defense took 5 hours to get to Carthago when we defended Monkey Nuts village. Fastest merchants took 11+ hours. You can make TS effecting merchants as well as troops, make TO effecting speed or alliance bonus or new artefact. Make merchants faster.

    New pushing restrictions are bad. I believe it was implemented on regular servers as well and we don’t hear many complains but on ROA it ruins a lot in game. Example: Our account host defensive hub in Carthago, we set trade routes and many players fed there troops so feeding hub was not a big deal. However, when we moved the hub we could not move crop with it, hit the same restrictions. Nearby villages of other players also hit restrictions right away. Feeding any decent defense in remoted regions was impossible for a few hour even. The rules are not just pointless (without restricted farm it has no effect on muties, and if TG implements restrictions on raiding unconnected accounts they will lose pretty much all raiding players), the rules are unclear, buggy and support does not really know them. I can provide examples. Please remove those and use old restrictions. They are clear and more or less bugs free.

    Last but not least. Huge flow in the strategy game. If BA/Lords somehow deactivated (kick out, vacation, ban) all but main wing even on last week they would win the server and nothing we could do about it. The fact that a region, once unlocked, can be taken with single digit population is ridiculous. It would be a crappy ending, thankfully it did not happened but it will eventually and TG, once again, will lose big chunk of players. Fix it.

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  • I agree with everything Ele said, and can i also add that mass editing/deleting of trade routes would be a great idea for RoA where you have to spread out a lot and trade routes are vital for feeding troops and simming up new villages!

  • I always agree with Ele, even when she uses her vulgarities...

    Don't want auctions or adventures back. Shorter server, quicker merchants, less farming/pushing restrictions and less hero disappearances. And I will be a happy monkey (at least for a day..)

  • Dear Survey!

    How are you, my most favorite linguistic instrument? I missed you a lot! Where have you been all server long? There is that much pent-up and unsatisfied demand to comare notes that I could write a trilogy. However, letters are expansive, so I am focusing on important stuff and not telling things down to the last detail. You never respond to me anyway.

    The server was great. It felt like I won a new, green path to spend my whole vacation on, having bustling and intense days without need of an animator. Quite true, but I have to say it was too long. Finally I found some time while the server is over to read yesterdays professional journal "Ele" and saw my experience confirmed in many ways. I think 120 days is enough to travel through all the regions, make up fights or trades about own presence, neighborhood and ultimate influence (percentage). As already mentioned in the post above, there is no bitter necessity for large hammers. There is a fast flow of units in offense and defense which makes it interesting, but in the end it is doing no good anymore. It is too time consuming to manage a proper account with lots of villages for the needed popultation in regions, all the troops, farmlists and the merchants to keep everything alive, rebuilding infrastructure and so on... additionally all the tasks next to pure account... fighting enemy. I like to be busy on the account and every legends server bores me to death but 200 days is not reasonable in my opinion. There is nothing to gain any more in the last 80 days. By that time you clearly showed if you are on winning side or not.
    There we go with random regions for every server to give more chance to new players as well and not too much advantage in the start for preset and prepared alliances. I also (even if it is hard with this map and setup) would prefer a neutral zone in the center for spawning. So it will avoid regions with 200k pop while others are deserted. All the spawns and settled villages in that zone will be wasted and do no percentage for any artefact. Force people to move out for adventures.
    On the other side you can win a whole region for yourself if you only have a single pop in it, just make sure every other player left alliance or active game. It is quite easy to manipulate it for another alliance's benefit. Those who can't win for sure anymore could greatly help pushing 2nd or 3rd on victory points by just leaving alliance and maybe shuffle players a bit. I think there still should be minimum population to gain victory points in every region - effort for price - maybe 5k. In my view staying on 10k is not reasonable as people stop playing caused by RL issues or whatever and it shouldn't cause that you instantly lose a region plus it is a strategical way to populate happily and to destroy those towns later for further regions population and do it on your own risk because you will easily lose region by only several chiefed villages.
    And again.. bonus and artefacts are nice but find more to tie people to their alliance, jumping alliances is far too easy. I don't think it appears to help the game that you can win a region in 24 hours by inviting one single player.

    I don't have much to add for merchants. It is well explained in Ele's post. Merchants are weak in their speed, make you weak in your infrastructure and get replaced by raiding yourself - ridiculous. Raiding Thunders over whole map with 2x boots and TS level 20 was done with 3,5 hours travel time, merchants did not even get resources to a village in that time with less than 100 squares to go. I mean... do your math about catapult with TS and boots and compare to time for teuton merchants... congratulations. That is embarrassing.

    I want to add some last words about comfort. Managing artefacts is really no fun. You kind of have to set alarm because you will forget that is runs out every day. You get no hint that it ran out and you can't set auto-activation. Some accounts used to have many artefacts running in different villages all the time and most were to be activated to different times, it was pain for every sitter as well. Can't you add another tab for plus-players to have an overview for villages, what artefact is running and for how long? It would be really helpful. Top of it would be if you could add something that an hour or two before it runs out, you can activate already for another 24hours. I don't have freetime every day to the exact minute to activate again.
    Also I would prefer to have them sorted in the treasury - do separate table for small and large ones and sort them by effect... I have no idea about what was the sorting subject at all. It was hard to search for the effect I wanted to activate as we had over 20 regions....

    Many thanks and see you soon, Survey! Hope to play next server together!

  • I second the already made comments, I think they are all valid.

    A smaller map sounds terrific, regardless if you choose to keep the server length as it is (although a shorter server does sound reasonable). Settling outwards for regions that give victory points does not result in interesting gameplay. A tighter map could force alliances to be more aggressive.

    I really enjoyed a server without auctions/adventures and I hope they are not re-introduced to the next anniversary server.

    For the rest, I'll just copy-paste what I wrote about the features from the RoA sub-forum:

    "I really like the forwarding feature. It simply makes sense and brings in more options for teamplay.

    With similar reasoning I think the regional system giving a lot more players access to artefacts and added incentives for fights throughout the server is really good. It was a pain trying to hit through all those architects/confusions. The larger gold users are heavily benefited there.

    In a similar fashion merging with gold is pretty ridiculous in how fast you can build up a hammer and by-pass the resource costs for great barrack/stable or merging for resources. Only benefits the larger gold users though. I think it's sort of balanced on this type of server as major hammers for natar clearing and ww hits are not necessary, it's mainly how fast hammers can be rebuilt by merging that is obnoxious.

    Both merging and artefacts have the capability to give an account more resources in exchange for splashing gold unlike the NPC feature. (By merging with gold you can train at the pace of great barrack/stable without paying the extra resource cost. Several diets/boots also result in more resources.) I think some sort of limitation should be in place to make this more balanced towards the majority of players."

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  • And again.. bonus and artefacts are nice but find more to tie people to their alliance, jumping alliances is far too easy. I don't think it appears to help the game that you can win a region in 24 hours by inviting one single player.

    As an option - player can lose some fields level and population if he leaves an alliance, maybe not at very start but a couple months into a server, after alliances more or less defined.

    A server with closed alliances is my dream server actually, I think I already posted this as a suggestion somewhere: make reinforcement and resources shipments only possible between alliance members, sitting as well. It will not completely solve multi accounts problem, but good luck to have your multies profitable if they have to be in the same ally to provide anything, a private farm which can't be defended also not so much desirable.

  • suggest.. to improve for more than fun with this type ROA version (FOR NEXT ROUND)

    1. Only single Alliance NO Confed NO wings. (so its can called 100% rise of alliance?) sure you will bored when whole server confed as a wings and capturing regions by switching players between wing to wing and rest it till end of game like sim city.

    2. Penalty for those players who leave Alliance for switching to another Alliance to capture regions. ex. lose some population/fields or unable to take action raid/attack/reinforce/auction/trade for XX hours or etc.

    3. should remake a field regions world in every part NEWS with balance about Artefact to fix and how large or small region. (meaning VP produce)

    4. marchants capacity and travelling time should be fix for balance.

    5. there're too expensive to paid gold for using 2nd effect Artefact for about 1day(normal) 16hrs(x2speed) can we findout another way to fix this for benefit both develop team and players?

    6.. when i have an idea will edit.. to add more

  • Just upping it to remind developers about feedback while they finalizing (I assume) next birthday server set up.