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  • The purpose of this topic is to create a positive memorial for the server :-D Don’t be shy, tell us about your highlights, achievements, funny stories. I have no intention to designate this topic to ChamELEon. Questions and friendly criticism are more than welcome, but this is no-no-no-poop-slinging zone. Please.

    ChamELEon account

    I’m proud and want to exercise my bragging rights. If this is the end of the road for me, I can’t be happier with exclamation mark.
    platzi built a beast, most of the credit goes to her with myself and our special angel, Battle Angel (we missed you dearly last months, I hope life will allow you to enjoy the game again) being helping hands.
    We were assigned one of the two 150% croppers available out of BP, well, I assigned it to myself and hope no one on the team unhappy with that selfish decision. The capital was settled 3rd on the server, 114 fields away from the spawn. We are ending the server being 7th in population with 38 villages and CP for 3 more (zeroed two close to the end with intention to chief and secure Mogo). The farthest villages were 450 fields from each other.…
    All villages, except Hibernia cluster (god bless TC20 we build there) were trashed and rebuilt at least once. Up till last week all but a couple smallest villages ran large celebrations non-stop. It was conscience choice to invest more in troops and put population second in secured regions, we did not rebuild damaged villages above certain level.
    At the highest point early February we had about 200K phalanx and 40K druids. It is hard to say how many we trained total, they died daily. I would guess total phalanx count was about 1M and total druids near 150K but this is just a guess. At the end we trained phalanx in 12 (9 for most of the server) villages and druids in 8, only stopped 24/7 when our capital was hit, used trainer a few times, but not much. All villages had at least level 13 TSs, mostly higher, up to 20 (and rebuilt), we were able to reach farthest alliance villages under 6 hours with phalanx and under 3 hours with druids. This defense gained over 1.6M points, we had 21 top 10 defenders medals and finished #1 defender on the server with big margin.
    Most exciting defense on the account was against SirPawcio, the only one who had balls to go on our scouting village for real.
    TTs were trained in 3 villages. We raided a lot, got top raider’s medal 21 weeks out of 28. Highest TTs count was about 42K, at least 25K killed ghosting and following home earlier. - one of the highlights of the server for us, sorry bovaana :-D
    There were a couple more, but reports are lost.
    We maintained 4 so called “hammers”. The most used toy was walled eventually, we did not rebuild
    I can’t find a report with significant number of defense for the second toy, it’s still alive
    Toy in Hibernia (6K crop worth) never saw a battle and tiniest of them all in Durno (750 swords, 190 catas) probably deserve honorable mention for most damage per offensive power – it ran for a couple of weeks on Londinium till it died.
    Overall, we are finishing in top 30 attackers, with 3 weekly medals.
    We had about 25k scouts at highest point, killed at least double that, they died like flies.
    We also proud of our hero, she is level 200 and #1 on the server, and 2 medals for being top offensive and defensive players on the same week.
    To give an idea how much it cost to play ROA to people who have not tried it yet:
    We spent a lot of gold, mostly for artifacts activation after mid server and especially when daily ambush on the account started. We ran at least one large, 5 diets, usually eyes in one or two villages, occasionally trainer and many many architects and confusions in villages under attack which some days hit over 20. In February, which was the hardest month, 100 gold per day was the minimum. We merged about 2-3K TTs to jump-start the raiding in new areas and after killing a lot with the ghost and probably around 5k scouts, insta much more than we normally do to gain needed population and to rebuild, and of course the usual amount for bonuses and NPC. You can do the math. I can’t imaging spending more without heavy merging, the amount made our game comfortable, but it was, again, a lot.
    I have never expected to see such statistics on the account when we started the server, very happy with our performance and grateful to platzi and Angel for being such an awesome team.
    Thank you all who finished reading. Now brag away :!:

  • Ill wait until its over to say my piece. But for now you have more defense kills than the entire Lords W wing. More defense kills than the entire Lords D wing. Maybe after 5 more days you might even have more defense kills than what Lords A does. My hero wont catch yours, and it doesn't deserve to. Your hero deserves to be number 1 and your account deserves to be MVP of the server. Awesome effort.

  • Hey,
    Great acc Ele, brutal def produce. We started to wonder when your def will over at certain point of the game :)

    If i must write something positive about Kras acc... it should be it's not deleted :)
    I build second cap after develop first at 80% ... so this is good enough :)

  • My account is too small to brag about

  • Batal account started 3 weeks late. Initially, it was just me. Then, Laura deleted her account (Thoya) and joined me on this account. Together, we rose fast and raided hard. It took us some time and quite a lot of effort to catch up. But catch up, we did.
    We chiefed several opponent villages and built a sizeable hammer for a primarily defensive account. We got hit hard. Every village in the account was rebuilt at least three times thanks to Murx, lords and BA. Our capital was destroyed 4 times and rebuilt. However, we dealt some serious blows ourselves. We killed many hammers and cata'd many villages ourselves. We won 8 robbers of the week medals, one defender of the week and missed out on attacker of the week (even though we got 92k offensive points in one week). Just ask our friend Siam:,468786e3672

    Here, I would like to congratulate _32_ and fixer on a round very well played. They were tough opponents and they gave us a headache, but they were very honorable people. They are smart and experienced players and I would like to say thank you for such a great server.
    Last but not least, I would like to thank the leadership of TM. It has been 5 years since I played travian, and as such, I am a noob again. They helped me out a lot and were great teachers. Ele and platzi were phenomenal and are two of the best defensive minds I have played with. A special shout out to Tuak & rakia for amazing sitting and great help throughout the server. Evan and Val, you guys rock!!!
    Lastly, I am honored to have had such a great dual. Laura, you are a life saver and the best dual I can wish to have. Thank you for everything. You saved me so many times, I can't count it any more
    Good luck to all, and time for a well deserved break from travian. I need a nice long summer to unwind

  • Hi folks!
    I like to save my reports, see my progress with the server. I figured I might as well share some of my reports for this server. :D
    Sadly I didn't save them all.. Oh well :)

    Rather early in the server. Cleaning up my area a bit :)

    Had to send a message here. NO REGRETS!

    A couple reports from out alliance wide move against lords :) Shame I lost so much on my first Attack

    But even losing that many didn't stop me for going in again :D

    Long break? Maybe I forgot to save some report? Doesn't matter, at least I rebuilt a bit! And back to focusing our BA friends.…9,43074194db9,430742fc764…9,434748442bc,4347497bebd…4,436929b0a9f,43693022c08…8,441416a0a79,441417497dd
    I love every report more and more troops! Growing!

    At this point I felt confident trying to go for 2 targets at once, 'cause you.. why not? :P…5,443534d23ca,44353572e12…a,44352954a3f,4435309a793
    ^unlucky chiefing attempt :(

    Of course can't a have a server without a big fail moment as well...

    And my moment of glory! All this troop training and was awarded with my first place attacker medal!…0,4595067cfe1,4595079f3b7

    But again... That wont stop me!…5,46349116f55,4634929d80b

    Trap city... Literally. Wat? :confused::confused:…5,4705023d05a,4705039f5f6

    As Im posting this I still have... a mini hammer :P
    Maybe one more fancy report will get added here in due time!
    Only time will tell!

    Anyway, Thanks for everyone for this fun server! Especially to my fellow TM members, you guys rock!!
    And if you happen to see you name among my reports, don't take it personally!


  • This was my favourite report of the server. A 69 pop village was under attack, and with only just under 4 hrs notice platzi, zita and myself dropped 185k def seconds before the attack. The def was in the village only a few seconds…8,437649e36be,437650fea97

    The best thing about TM is the teamwork. This team is second to none and I'm proud to have played two servers with them.


  • Even more impressive than the amount of medals you've got is your ability to make your opponents wanna attack you.
    This trait makes me kind of envious. Props to your foreign policy for that and brag on!

  • As you can see in our ingame profiles half of the alliance-members don't care for medals and do not consider them something to brag about. Unfortunately we are one of those, so we don't have anything so brag about.

    We are more the "The journey is the reward"-type of players. So honestly, I couldn't name one single thing our account could brag about, not being humble here.

    In the beginning we certainly had an amazing start, knowing beforehand what to do because we played the beta, helped a lot. I've never seen an alliance that had in the first week 10 out of 10 players in the robbers of the week. That was insane but nothing one single account could brag about.

    Then the game progressed with unbelievably speed and we had 6 accounts which built troops in mind boggling speed, from the beginning in all 3 villages and it expanded exponentially. A new village, merge clubs there, raid even more, build more troops there and so on and so forth.
    First problem appeared when a certain alliance (I forgot its name) just invited every new player in Epidaurum to join them. Suddenly we had to shift our focus and within DAYS we had 100-300 catapults on strategic points in Epidaurum and catapulted the crap out of them. Again, within days their alliance crumbled, they all fled to Ulpiana and we had secured our first Artifact! Small speed, yay! But again, it was an alliance effort not one single account did all the work.

    Then we concentrated on our second Artifact (unique eagle eyes, we wanted it because we planned to attack you early on and wanted to be able to defend ourselves properly, hahaha, what a joke now in retroperspective).
    Since the half of the BA started in Ravenna, that was quite a task to get this region as the second artifact. Obviously Victory point wise that decision makes no sense whatsoever, but as I said before, we wanted to fight you and therefore we thought we needed at least 1 defensive artifact.
    You have no idea how much planning and preparation was invested into operation Ravenna, to get this region as fast as possible. And if you consider that only 4 people of our alliance started in that huuuge region and at least 20 BA guys + their defensive wing (pirates it was called?) and next to them in Piasae were at least another bunch of 15-20 players.. it was quite a feat for so few people to extinguish BA that early in the game.
    I think the game started around the ~14th of September and on the 6th of November (3 weeks after the world started) we had 5 triple chiefs in Ravenna and 1 double and a few single ones. Ready to chief. And so we did. The first attack was aimed at their best player in that region, figuring that taking out the most active players first reduces their chances to strike back and form a defense. But ... I think we totally surprised them and over-prepared for this assault. They literally hadn't build any troops yet.. It was a real disappointment because you told us that these were the guys who beat you last round so we thought they were at least somewhat equal to us in terms of activity and planning.

    But again, that was not one single account who did all the work.
    Well, now that I think about it.. after this first assault we chiefed quite a lot (most efficient way to get the region) and it was mostly (not exclusively, but mostly) Irrsinn and Heckmeck! who did the work there. Of course, Pillepalle, Hogwash (traitorous), Hirnfurz had chiefs in that region as well and did their part.
    By the way, just to remind you: When we figured out that Hogwash was using a Bot we gave him the choice to turn it off and never use it again or to get kicked. You know that he felt insulted by this proposal and so we had to take him down for good, losing quite a lot of troops at that time. And now the same people who were willing to have personal losses to get rid of an bot-user are accused of using a bot themselves. Sacrificing a hammer in the beginning is certainly nothing any raid-active account wants. The allegations are ludicrous and the MH knows it!

    Were was I? True. We got Ravenna. Nicely done. Chiefing 10-20 villages in the first month from an enemy certainly is noteworthy, but as you'd point out it was a total waste because that region only generated 10 points from there on and if we just had settles our villages in empty regions we could have generated a huge lead in the beginning instead of falling behind. But I told you, our goal was to have a war with you and for that this artifact was needed.
    Okay, now we have invested 1,5 months into this game and at least 2k gold already. And we were getting ready to finally have a nice fight. (The initial plan was to attack you right from the beginning, we thought you'd start in the south east with us... so we were kind of disappointed that you were so far away, to be honest^^)

    Buut now I have written enough. But you see, so far nothing really happend that is worth highlighting when it comes to our account. It's true we nearly played 24/7 in the beginning, but so did many others. It's also true that we had more troops than anyone else in the beginning, but who cares now that this time is gone. Nooobody ;(
    Now Lotte and Nicky need to cheer me up, well done ele -.-

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  • Murx had 2 accounts with most hammers, I don't remember seeing more than 4 hammers on an account before. personally would love to hear how it was done :)

  • Murx had 2 accounts with most hammers, I don't remember seeing more than 4 hammers on an account before. personally would love to hear how it was done :)

    More I cannot say , but having 4 armies
    63000 swords + 31000 TTs from 00(spawn)
    20000 swords + 10000 TTs from capital(04)
    61000 swords + 29500 TTs from army village(08)
    21000 swords +11000 TTs from 22 village of carthago
    same time period all together
    while feeding around 200k static defense 70% of this in a 75% oasis bonus cropper and 30% at carthago

    was not so hard considering that
    1. farming was needed (not insane ammount of resources)
    2. 2 diets needed to be 24/7 on and another 2 when 4 armies in ops and not resting parked up to a percentage
    3. also not big siege(not over 1k rams + 1.2k catas in each army max)
    4. well grown account to feed with crop through constant trade routes 24/7 the army village

    if it wasnt ROA server where any account can access all arties I could not have the strength to have all these 4 armies as would need insane farming without diets and a 75% cropper

    Still ROA is too much for me as time consuming and money consuming so I beleive I wont play again especially with this style...

    Al Capone (Chaotic War Lords/Immortals/Twelve Monkeys)

  • Hi,

    Thank you for starting this thread Ele. First of all, Congratulations to TM for winning this server, you are an awesome team :) Unfortunately i don't have anything to Brag about my achievements, since i'm just a small player from BA :). But, i would like to highlight 2 points from my perspective. Firstly, I am so Proud of BA for standing up until the end of the server. We had our internal conflicts during the start of the server plus having Murx and TM killing us on both ends, were to overwhelming for most of us. Almost Half of BA core players then quit. and from that point, the team's morale was very very low and most of us just wants to continue to play, including myself, win or lose we just wanted to play . And then at some point in the game, Kras got his coffee and munched his cookies and started to devise a plan :) His optimism and resiliency was contagious that it affected the Ally's approach towards the game. And then everything else followed, The union between Lords and BA, attack coordination with them. etc. He kept us to remain competitive until the end. And i am hands down to Kras and Jozaq for displaying true leadership and true veterans of Travian. Lastly, is the Friendship that we built not only between BA and Lords, but also from TM and Murx. My utmost respect too to Boovana, for taking the time and effort to make offensive plans and make this server interesting. And shout out to my friends from the other side . QuatschMitSobe (Murx) , Michael/Dalakken (TM), Marc(TM), and Lizzy (TM).. really great and genuine guys :)

    Thank you all for making this a fun server, I enjoyed my stay here. You guys are all awesome! :)


    Ettybear (Lords BA)

  • It all began when TM OC s decided to make a move in carthago to get use Unique boots, the plan was set to chief natars/inactives just before the new year truce starts and sim in those 4 days while BA cant attack those villages
    Then Comes the Monkey Madness and Buli chiefs one natar 24 hrs earler than the planned OP time just to see Major BA hammers coming its way to zero the village
    Then comes the fun part, when Penguine Queen platzi and ELE spotted the zero attempts they decided to MEGA SNIPE them....All the def in the reports landed just 10 seconds before the attacks
    I have to say this was possibly the greatest defensive effort TM has ever seen (up there with the Sgt McTarget/FMD def first AE)

    To land over 215k def TWICE in a 15 second period at SHORT NOTICE was amazing to witness. Special mention to Platzi and Anja and EVERYONE who spent extra effort to work these CFD…f,4721960b72b,472197b384e

    Conclusion: We killed BA hammer, we secured Carthago and UB and Monkey Nuts became a hero from Noob in just 24 hrs...haha

  • I have nothing to brag about, I failed in my mission to write about this server. So I’ve learned that I shall not try to write about two servers on the same time – at least when they are so different as Tournament and ROA is.

    Reviews? Every active player knows more about what is happening and the affects on the further game then me. You do an excellent work with interesting topics on the forum. Especially Ele do a much better work then I ever could have done.

    Do maps? In difference to Legends where players seldom have a clear view of the map – ROA players literary needs to know every single settling of the other players ingame. What could my maps show that you didn’t already know?

    Interviews? Takes more time then I have had – and besides that I couldn’t figure out which questions to ask :P I thought to do some last interviews but when Ele started this tread it was once again more informative that I could have done. I relaxed and enjoyed reading instead.

    ROA had shown a bigger complexity that I expected. The teamwork on this server is not above the elite teams on Tournament but as ROA is so much smaller real teamwork is of a much bigger significance. I wonder what Murx should achieve in Tournament where there are many more allys like them?

    Thanks for the hospitality you have shown me even if I didn’t fulfill my job. A special thanks to TM that protected me and let me join your ally chat both the first months and the last. You talked so much – and in ROA spam chat too – so I hadn't a chance to keep up and understand what happened and where and why ^^

    I have met many skilled and interesting players on this server. It have been nice to learn to know you. I wish you good luck on future servers and maybe we meet again – not on ROA though – I can’t play all sorts of Travian and still have a life outside the game =)

    Congrats to the victory TM, it is well deserved! Congrats also to BA that managed to rise again and play a part in the end. Congrats to the remaining Lords for surviving the meta attempt and a "Congrats" to Murx for the unusual way to finish a server.


    *Skype: safirwin *Mail:

    A newspaper about Travian since 2009

    Best analytic

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  • The only thing I can brag about is having a great dual, Valeri running Tuak & Rakia account.

    The account is only supposed to be a small defensive account. Yet, Valeri make it possible for T&R to flourish and prosper. With his great help in farming and answering defcall. By day 100, we have tons of villages actively spamming def troops and actively competing with ELE for the top def spot. At the end we did not achieve it (my fault I know) and lost by a massive amount of 460k, but hey, we have double def pts compared to #3 and almost make as much def as the entire Lord W. That is something!

    What make it more amazing is, this is Valerie's second Travian server overall. Most of us are still farms by our 2nd server.

    Next, thank you to ChamELEon team!
    Platzi for the great moral support and help adjusting to TM. (and simming strategies, we are horrible on that)
    ELE for being amazing def coordinator (I love being able to sleep peacefully knowing we have good leaders)
    Master Angel, missing you so much.. you are the oldest friend I have in TM.

    To TM leadership, magnificent job. Leadership is never easy and underappreciated. Managing attack plan and ensuring everything is done correctly, answering def call 24/7 and always be there, internal alliance matter control, external diplomacy and stuff.. you have done excellent job in all of them. Best out of all, you make us comfortable and proud to be member of TM.

    To batal team (George & Laura), thank you for the moral support, sitting T&R while I'm away (and so away). Actually its not only sitting, you have done SOOO MUCH and you are an integral part of T&R. Without you, we will already die away perhaps.

    To all TM members, thank you for being great. Thank you for being friendly to us newcomers. I'm sorry I fail in spamming (particularly in 2nd half of the server) again Thank youuuuuuuuuu!

    To Murx, my admiration from faraway. Never really interacted with any of you, but I admire your operation accuracy and farming capabilities! You are a great destroyer team.

    Apparently a merchant.

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  • I played on the boovana account together with Avana and for the last months of the server our friend Åke Muwanga helped us out. Our account was not much to brag about as we did not have a lot of population or villages. However, I'll take the opportunity to share our reports against TM and the few we had with Murx.

    Pre January reports vs TM: def def,472351de7f2 non-cap chief attempt. 1st splash

    January reports vs TM (and one against Murx):…b,472354f86d0,472355ccdd5 Murx,472357a4716 def capital? def, revenge attack

    February reports vs TM: capital walled wrong wave archived capital,472378fc38b small splash/failed chief attempt almost walled capital,47238483e5e,4723906b5d8

    March reports vs TM (a little def against Murx):,472395ce37a,4723982fa45 capital capital…b,4724068c13a,47240741a22 almost walled,472415515ec small wall def vs Murx…2,472418ff05f,4724197e80e def vs Murx capital capital walled capital capital walled TX capital capital walled / suicide hit

  • Thanks for posting all the reports, boodil