Alliance bonuses feedback/comparison

  • Hey, now that the world is nearly finished I'm curious how you liked the alliance bonuses and how far you developed them.

    Did you reach tier4 in Metallurgy? Or even tier5? How much does tier5 cost?
    From my point of view the costs are just too high. I mean 76 MILLION resources for 20% merchant capacity, culture Points production and faster troop production is ludicrous.
    And even in Metallurgy.. I'm not sure it really pays off.
    Imagine what you could use these resources for: You could build 240k phalanxes with that amount of resources... So yeah, it might be worth under certain circumstances (for example if nobody attacks you and you expect a big attack in the end of the game (ww))

    And another thing is.. how did you distribute the contributions? Did you have a forced system? Like everyone spends a fixed amount based on the number of their villages or did you have a voluntary system like we have?
    And what did you top contributors spent? Is Irrsinn crazy with his 40 mio or do other alliances have similar player who went all out for the bonuses?

    And did you consider the costs too high as well? Because my feedback would be that they really need to reduce the price for T4 and T5.. even if we were 60 players it would still not be efficient to actually use it.

  • Around 155 mio i think :) for Tier 5

    and our biggest Contributors are
    Kvaraba with more than 60mio
    west72 with more than 50mio
    RUBAKA with more than 40mio
    ZARA with more than 35mio

  • Kvaraba, this little, inactive account next to Heckmecks! capital? Who joined you just some month ago? Wow.. Interesting, hehe.
    Looking forward to TMs list!

    /edit: 155 mio is preposterous

  • This thread gave us a purpose for last 3 days :) With majority of troops gone we used overflowing resources to finish tier 5 of metallurgy (were half way into it) and tier 4 of commerce.

    Metallurgy tier 4 we had for a while, started working on it mid January, tier 2 was the last time we had mandatory contributions, the rest was done with overflow and under attack mainly. I agree that last 3 levels are way too expensive, many things can be done on an account with such amount of resources, but that require gold so everything above still worth a try, but not mandatory effort.