Server reflections

  • This was a very interesting server with a concept I personally was not familiar with at all. It had some really nice features that I hope will remain in some way in the upcoming version of the server as I've understood that it's unlikely to come back without any changes to the gameplay.

    Please keep in mind that these are my reflections and that some things simply are my impressions and not facts. Thanks everyone involved for an interesting server, both allies and enemies! It has been fun :)


    I really like the forwarding feature. It simply makes sense and brings in more options for teamplay.

    With similar reasoning I think the regional system giving a lot more players access to artefacts and added incitements for fights throughout the server is really good. It was a pain trying to hit through all those architects/confusions. The larger gold users are heavily benefited there.

    In a similar fashion merging with gold is pretty ridiculous in how fast you can build up a hammer and by-pass the resource costs for great barrack/stable or merging for resources. Only benefits the larger gold users though. I think it's sort of balanced on this type of server as major hammers for natar clearing and ww hits are not necessary, it's mainly how fast hammers can be rebuilt by merging that is obnoxious.

    Both merging and artefacts have the capability to give an account more resources in exchange for splashing gold unlike the NPC feature. (By merging with gold you can train at the pace of great barrack/stable without paying the extra resource cost. Several diets/boots also result in more resources.) I think some sort of limitation should be in place to make this more balanced towards the majority of players.

    About the actual server

    First things first, congratulations to TM. You were quite clearly the strongest and most well prepared alliance for all the things that mattered the most for winning the server. You leveraged your position of being pre-formed and having a team with many good accounts into an early lead in the VP race.

    From what I've understood you won the early battle with BA for some regions which likely played a large role in your ability to get a sizeable lead against them. Similarly you took Argentorate and Mogontiacum from us in Lords A before we were ready to really fight back in any way. In that sense your offensive capabilities did what it had to do. Although I think your strongest characteristics as an alliance was your ability to continuously settle new regions and quickly rebuild most of the damage you took.

    From an outside perspective BA looked quite similar to TM at the start, although a slightly weaker version. BA also came here as a pre-formed alliance and much like TM settled new regions at an impressive rate. I think allying with BA to make the VP race an actual race all the way was the right move as neither side was strong enough alone. There were several factors playing a part in our shortcomings, but we fought well together and there were days it looked realistic before we ultimately fell short.

    I think our main issue in Lords stemmed from the Meta consisting of separate alliances that never quite overcame that and really became one entity. I am not entirely sure what the main reasons were, but I think we had enough good players in Lords to be able to compete - in theory. Strong leaders and structure don't fall in place over night though and as often is the case, we didn't manage to fulfill our potential.

    Lords D was probably the group who had it the roughest from the major alliances, but they remained all the way to the end and contributed with as much as they could in terms of hammers and regions. That's very respectable in my opinion and I believe many teams would have quit in their position. Lords W on the other hand had a quite easy ride through the server. They ended as the largest of the original Lords wings and quite likely had the most troops in our Meta. There were mainly a couple of defensive accounts that stuck out and did a brilliant job.

    For Lords A I'll say that it looked very bleak all the way up to somewhere around Christmas where it felt like we were under a lot of pressure from TM. We lost both Argentorate and Mogontiacum fairly quickly without putting up much of a fight. The Brick should have cred here for being the only consistent leader to remain from the tough time all the way to the end. Without a single solid reference point for the alliance I don't think there would have been much left. Instead we did a strong team effort and for the second half of the server we handled ourselves well.

    Throughout this server we have been called a lot of demeaning things by various people. It would have been easy to give up, but we hung in there and turned things around. I think some people who have played in pre-formed alliances for too long forget how hard it can be to go through the progress of building an alliance from scratch and building up trust for one another etc. Considering our performance for the second part of the server where we walled several TM hammers and made good work offensively - I can say with certainty that I am proud over our progress and our performance! While some other people that have acted like bullies should take a moment to think about their own actions.

    It's fine to play in a pre-formed alliance and it's fine to be proud over your own alliance, but don't forget your humility. We're all people trying to enjoy this game on our spare time.

    Murx was without doubt the strongest team offensively on the server. I can't remember the last time I saw an alliance call "white flag" on the forum. Unfortunately their defensive side of the game remain quite untested as they weren't a realistic contender in the VP race and teams focused their efforts elsewhere. As I can't possibly know whether the ban of Irrsinn was correct or not I'll simply say that it was unfortunate we did not get to see Murx attempt to take Segestica from Lords W. It would have been very interesting to see how Lords would stand up to that and to see Murx' attacks.

    -boodil , part of boovana.

  • I had every intention of waiting until the finish to post. But reading forum I can see some monkeys (whether just trolling or genuine) saying some things I do not believe to be true or reasonable.

    First of all i'll talk about Murx. For the record. If TM had not made a deal with Murx to cease attacks we would have lost the server. No doubt about it. Did I want to have to do it? Certainly not, communicating with murx would have to be the least enjoyable experience I had this round. Some TM'ers (such as Fiki) would have been ok with losing a 3rd straight server. Another 'honorable loss', against overwhelming numbers so to speak. Dont get me wrong I am happy with TMs past performances but I was sick of having the least deserving side win, through nothing but sheer numbers.

    Anyone who believes TM could have 'survived (which is the correct word to apply btw)' are mistaken. Murx took from us Treverorum, Carthago, Argentorate, Tarraco and had started work on Nemasus. What I do is analyse the numbers, the trends and the zones. It was looking bad for TM, very bad. Despite reaching a 10k VP lead at one point it would not have mattered.

    In regards to the 'war' against murx. It would have been nice to have been in a position to properly duke it out. 60 of TM Vs 23 of Murx would have been far closer than it unfolded without the distractions of BA and Lords every 3rd day. On dual landing days we had 60 hammers landing in a max 2-hour window. On murx only landing days (which was every single day) it was 20-25 odd hammers. Time and time again we made major walls only to see the hammer we were chasing land somewhere else. We had many times where we built 5 major walls specifically to catch an attacker only to see the real land on a player who could not be bothered to report the incomings. Murx attacking variation was great, their timings were great, a truly gifted offensive output.

    In regards to the bans/vacation. I can see the reasons for vacation and can respect that. I do believe however that you were all well aware of the rules that travian must be played with an unmodified browser and any deliberate changes deserves to be dealt with. I do believe most players agree with you that 1 single person should not have the power to be investigator, jury, judge, punisher and appeals judge all together. The seemingly mandatory 23 hour wait per reply is simply ludicrous. The only way to deal with a ban (which is so wrong its laughable) is to put together a ridiculous reply like this one.

    Dear MH,

    I see that I am banned and I would like to apologise and plead guilty on all counts. Although I do not know what I have done wrong, I plead guilty regardless. I would like to request any form of explanation or evidence, however I know that none will be provided and I apologise for being silly enough to request it. Despite not knowing what I have done wrong I promise to never do it again and again I accept all responsibility and punishment.

    We have no other option.
    Everyone who has to deal with MH.

    In a word. Lazy. Lords 'threw in the towel' not even a third of the way through the game. At the point they conceeded they could not compete for the win they had over 220 accounts more than anyone else with 8 more controlled zones than anyone else. All it would have taken is 2 hours of genuine planning. Pick a main wing, shuffle players, zero or chief own ally towns that needed to be handled to shift regional control where it needed to be. BA would have fought TM. TM would have continued to fight BA. Murx would have also fought TM. You could have been a genuine contender to win this and actually achieve something to be proud of. Only yesterday did your sides even bother to officially confed up. Lords W still lists confeds that do not exist anymore. I see no pride when I look at Lords, simply a collective of lazy players, trying to make big hammers and win the easiest way possible. It takes some sacrifice to be able to compete for a win and clearly nobody in Lords was prepared to do so. Sacrifice some time to plan. Sacrifice settling/chiefing yet another village in Aqueila/Segestia etc where you already have over 120k pop to move to a zone where you need the pop. Lords no doubt have a lot of good people, a lot of good players. They simply had no good leaders and it showed.

    Take away Golderon and the mighty Lions become barely more than kittens. Having to resort to leadership endorsed use of multis to boost zones. Having to resort to being gifted zone after zone after zone by allying up with more and more accounts. Having to resort to getting defense shipped in from far away safe NE and SE regions to defend. BA are a very good side. Their best players I have said many times are very very good. BA were just beaten by a better prepared side this time. Another server with a different set of circumstances could well have seen the opposite outcomes. Ive always said TM core and BA core about even and still believe it to be so.

    Congrats to TM, you win this server and most of you deserve respect.

    Only some of BA truly deserve respect. Just not the leaders who endorsed cheating. Just not your number 1 pop player who was banned and punished for multi-ing. Much respect to all of the rest who fought within the rules until the end and never gave up. Who continued on hit after hit after hit.

    Will talk about TM another time.


  • Dave, my friend...

    Kris was banned... and in 2 days was unbanned, if the harsh MH decide he can continue to play, who am i to not let him?

    And about imaginery multis... how many of them join to BA and how many BA players was banned with them?... I will say you ZEROOOOOO!!! And why you think me or someone else from leadership have something common?

    Best Regards,
    Regular player.

  • First and foremost I want to thank my duals, platzi and Angel, it was the biggest pleasure to play with you. You took over most of the account planning and raiding and allowed me to spend time bossing people around, having cheerful (and not so cheerful sometimes) chats with others. You are the greatest teammates I have ever had, always supportive, dedicated, knowledgeable, and platzi is, no doubt, MVP of the game. Love you.

    TM defense team
    My favorite skype room of all. Anja, platzi, Sarcy, Laura, George, Mike and Zaid – you are corner stones of my game, always rational, calm and willing to work at the hardest times. Nif, Dan and Pratik - thanks for helping and cheering up for us. Special thanks to Marc for the time he spent analyzing reports with me, it turned out to be most calming activity. And of course to Angel for coding little tool for defense team which we all found awesome help.
    To all our defenders – thank you, I will not name names because I’m afraid to forget someone. Below is the final of defensive points table which speak for itself (cut at top 100 a couple hours ago, already some changes))
    1 ChamELEon 1754171
    2 Tuak & Rakia 1258536
    3 Funky Monkey 624778
    4 Swindler 615531
    6 Livvy 537921
    7 Stars 520133
    9 NoName 445818
    10 vigilante 443575
    12 DKNY 349511
    16 invisible 301856
    18 crazy 290353
    20 Mithrandir 281508
    22 Zita 279410
    23 Dargo 267731
    24 al capone 263719
    26 Dragon Monkey 251651
    29 Innuendo 230979
    31 ruthless 210635
    32 Old Dogs 195564
    35 Puddington 186287
    36 batal 179127
    38 Wild Fire 175127
    39 Martian 173648
    42 MilikBersama 165068
    47 BlueberryPie 146516
    49 JackRude 133696
    50 marvis 133555
    51 Cainam 133511
    53 Looney Tunes 130679
    56 trplayer111 121927
    59 Zombie 114125
    60 Bill15914 109958
    61 Kublai 103927
    62 vinituu 101245
    64 Hiccup 91598
    68 Macabre1 89614
    72 ars 84550
    81 Ambi 77473
    84 Dragun 75490
    92 Anton 69984
    94 high tower 69252

    To our snipers: Sarcy is the queen, hands down, but many worth mention: Mike, platzi, anja, Christine, Vova, Zintis, Haywout, Cainam and everyone else who tried.

    Chloe and sitters, crazy and Mithrandir teams – thank you for stepping up and covering scouting. I know we lack scouts, the account that was planned as main scouter did not start the server due to real life issues. Hopefully next time we will manage to organize it better from the start.

    Noname, Invisible, Mithrandir, Harambe and al Capone – thank you for building good amount of your own defense on the top of your hammers, feeding standing and freeing our hands at least to some extent.

    TM (including the wing) is finishing the server with about the same number of defensive points as all other alliances in top 10 combined.

    I have to admit that my self-esteem as head defense coordinator is at ground level despite of all the points mentioned about. Barely any hammer that went solo ended up alive, but we did not wall as much as I would like to see during organized operations. Zaid’s call on which we walled 3 hammers, defense of WildFire capital and couple of underdefended but right calls on Tuak&Rakia in Carthago are all I remember as more or less satisfactory defense against Murx. BA/Lords we walled 1-3 on almost every op and several late/early/solo travelers, but as percentage it does not feel good either. I don’t count last run on capitals, it was too obvious to miss. Highlight of last weeks were two sniping nights on which we killed 6K catas first and 4k catas next time. I wish we concentrated on sniping earlier. Defense of Monkey Nuts village in Carthago was the best defensive action of whole server.
    Mithrandir account was cursed. Honestly, I have no other explanation for all mistakes that were made defending them. First time, against Murx, we should not try to safe both villages and use both hammers for that. Looking back I still don’t understand what cause me to make that call and why everyone accepted it. We would lose one of mith’s spawn hammers, but second would be alive and sound. Last BA run on their capitals – you tricked us, without even knowing how you did it (which only made it worse), even with limited damage due to lack of catas.
    As I said, my self-esteem is very low so I looked for something to compare our experience with. We had about 75 attacking villages reported on some days in February, some of them were chiefs follow ups, and very rare we saw clear fakes (i.e. not hammer village attacking). I believe it’s fair to say we had 60+ hammers landing on 80 member at most many days and 30+ on easy nights. 240+ targeted villages, 3-4 on average per account. I spoke with several OC/DC from different servers. The highest number I got was from finals – 60 hammers on some ops against several hundred members meta. “Normal” good meta would usually have 20+, 40 max, hammers running on full 3-4 wings and nobody can recall 4 weeks non-stop run. I know there are defensive coordinators better than me, looking forward to see someone successfully defending such ambush. Hopefully I will learn something and it will heal my wounds.

    I guess now is good time to talk about Murx deal. I know I have no obligations explain myself but I want to. I heard many times that throwing white flag does not worth it for the win. It was not about the victory. I was physically unable to continue at such pace myself and morally incapable to see the defense team members and our dedicated defensive players in such misery. Frankly, at some point I did not care if we win or lose and was looking for a way out of the situation other than shutting down the browser and stop playing. We lost the battle. Murx is great team. These are facts. We only choice was to admit the facts publically in exchange for sleep and normal (-ish) life for our members or not. It did not even sound as a choice for us in leadership (well, after I yelled at the person who suggested it (sorry and thank you) and after I slept on it). The only fact that is missing from the statement because Murx insisted on removing worlds “and the rest of the server” is the part that BA/Lords played in it.

    TM leadership
    Dave and Buli, my dear comfortable B.E.D., TM leadership is by far my favorite of all leadership chats I have ever been in. Absolutely drama free (except my occasional outbursts which did not fly far), continuous respect to each other, informative and constrictive at all times – these will stay with me forever. We divided responsibilities before the start and I don’t recall any serious argument, leave alone a fight. I have tremendous respect to both of you and hope our paths will cross again.

    (to be continued)

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  • TM alliance
    Thank you very much for the trust you have to leadership, your dedication, skills and effort. My heart goes to our small accounts on the south who got hit most, but you stayed till the end, kept rebuilding and contributed greatly for the victory. Same goes to accounts in Mogo. I can only imagine how hard it was for Zombie and Jack Rude to come day after day and rebuilt after hits. Thank you all again. Batal account deserve special mention, their capital was trashed twice, they kept playing, were active in defense room, actively sit 2 accounts all the time and maintained active hammer. Best pick from the map.
    TM is finishing the server first with good margin on all counts, population, offense and defense.

    I already mentioned a couple weeks ago (i.e. before Murx vacation) that the statement above is true even if we make a cut at top 23 players, with exception of population which we lost to Murx.

    TM offense team
    We have great offensive accounts and good number of people capable of planning. Unfortunately, all of them together did not have enough time to plan operations as frequent as we all wish. Buli, keiron, Zaid, Ahmed, Ice, Haywout, Marc – big thanks for stepping up and spending as much time as you possibly can for planning.
    Mithrandir. Here goes the hardest topic of all for me. The biggest hammer on the server, numerous capitals trashed, highest rate of participation in the ops. Not much defense met on the road and offensive rank does not reflect the contribution to the alliance. I know there was a dream for multi-hammers account in hot zones. I know I killed that dream with my mistake (not) defending them on the first Murx op. if I believed that first Murx target would be that obvious, we could easy cover both hammers (and Noname hammer in the same area as well), if I did not make wrong last minute call about defense with both hammers, the server would be different. They wanted to go on Murx earlier but we decided to secure Pictavium for sure first (here goes again lack of frequency of our ops), that would change the server as well. Alliance expected miracles from them, they failed to prove they are gods. So it’s official – Mithrandir team are not gods.
    Ruthless, Kublai, Trplayer, Bigpig, NoName, early game tyrionL, Dargo (I wish I found a way to sabotage finals, Emerik), Monkey Magic and S&B, al capone (most hammers on the TM account), invisible, batal, Dragon Monkey, Monkey Nuts, Ambi, Harambe, Lazy Monkey, Macabre, GeoDip and all mainly defensive accounts with their beloved toys – I hope you had fun. And yes, I miss DW too :)

    Lords deserve “most improved” award for sure. Maybe next time
    A few reports (some other posted already in other threads) are below, possible not the highest point of the hammers mentioned and definitely not all noticeable hammers, I don’t have all reports.
    boovana, my favorite of all Lords and 3 more hammers
    Raelag…f,45719672b08,4571970f1c1 note rams

    BA, our old foe
    Glad to see you back and thanks for interesting intense server. I think most interesting reports are posted already. I truly admire your "fight till the end" attitude.

    Last part will have to wait till tomorrow, I have a party to attend ;)

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  • I lost one piece of TM wall of fame while copy/pasting yesterday :mrgreen:

    TM expansion
    Dave is the one responsible for our spread on the map. Original plan was discussed by leadership but we did not have any detailed outline after Pictavium other than “there is a lot of potential is Spain and England” and server long analyze and planning was done by him pretty much single handedly. Not everyone got it from the beginning, it took a few village cataed before all members understood – you absolutely cannot and should not settle or chief as you please without asking. Tough love is not my strength, this is the trait I envy – tell people direct what they did wrong and get catas rolling.
    Special thanks to Caio for our first night of the server, releasing accounts one by one (gosh everyone was itchy) and assigning destination croppers. I have feeling next server we will have much harder time picking a crew to settle Pictavium. One word for you – boonies….
    TM got first three croppers settled. NoName won the fight with DW in Medio and Tuak&Rakia and Chameleon followed with much farther settled capitals. Val&Evan from T&R have special place in my heart. They were part of premade team but this is their first server with TM, they came in with humble “we are noobs, teach us” attitude and you see the results. Outstanding defensive numbers, big part of alliance population, dedication and effort. Thank you.
    The thing I want to say about life on the first week – don’t raid with your settlers…..
    And once again I want to express my gratitude to our accounts who were repeatedly hit and rebuilt. To accounts who settled "useless" villages all over the map. To those who cataed their own village after a region was secured. Not as much fun, no glorious reports but this is big part of the victory.
    Expanding an account on ROA is different from regular servers, most of us love to build a cluster and even those who does not still don’t go 400 away from their capitals. A lot of planning on account level, different set up in villages, many other things. Once again for TG – merchants are not up for that task. They must be faster.

  • Murx
    Full disclosure: I have strong negative feeling toward them, as much as I tried to shake it off it does not go away.
    Murx is, as we all repeatedly said, elite, very skillful team with good organization. Great planning, great execution. Putting 30+ hammers (correct me if I’m wrong, we lost track of reports) on the field between 23 players is for sure an achievement. Offensive planning is undeniable strength, not sure if I can find a team that will plan and execute 15 operations within 4 weeks. We did not see much on defense, but I have reasons to believe it will be good as well. This, for example, was gathered within 3 hours in Trever.
    Great team, but not something we have not seen before. Pretty much every meta I played for, if cherry picked, would be able to find 8 offensive accounts capable of landing all their waves within seconds, even tightly timed, participating in every single op with very low rate of mistakes. Zeroing capitals with 20+ waves landing in one second is relatively common on com servers, finals and ru domains, for example. Don’t remember seeing such thing here. Yes, architects, but still. Equal number of dedicated defensive players is also not that hard to field. Godz and PPG are first who come to mind as examples.
    I wish it was one on one and we could settle the question if you really have skills to support your arrogance. It was not. The only one on one action was the operation in November. I have no desire to go into discussion who ended up on the top in that op, but as result Murx backed off from attacking TM for 2 months.
    Nonetheless and once again, I want to praise your for your skills, dedication and teamwork. I do believe having such elite team with strong attitude toward fair play is good for the game.
    However I’m not so sure that combined with your arrogance it’s still does more good than bad. You have been bullies of this server. You provoke and insult. Your goal is to beat others till they break. You cause physical pain. You come to the court to show your arts with a ball, go for the ball aggressively, never mind how much you hurt opponents who have hands tight as they need them to put the ball in the basket. All that for pure fun of reports, not for a win. Some of us lost their long terms duals and many relationship were damaged as outcome of your actions. I treasure people and this is the part I will never be able to forget.

  • Thanks for taking the time to write all that, Ele.

    *Swindler has lost a hero, does anyone know where it is?