Discussion Thread for "TONS OF NEW FEATURES"

  • As long as it's not based around ROA then it should be good

  • Sadly an aprilsfools joke, cause it all seems interesting! :)

  • Sadly an aprilsfools joke, cause it all seems interesting! :)

    yes because lets face it, the updates dont mention how they can rob more money from us so surely its a fake.
    Quiet funny that whenever they mention of doing something good to the game, it turns out to be a joke.

  • Quote

    Some of you might have checked the calendar so yes, we will admit it......

    There is one statement in this thread that is fake.

    I vote for this one =)

  • Probably the five tribe thing, probably the rewards for our pre-invited friends when we play together a new server...

  • The five tribes thing being fake would be sad seeing as they know it's the biggest reveal, and it's kinda what they need to bring old players back to the game.

    That said, when do we find out which is fake? Do we have to wait till Sept 5th :'(

  • We will begin by relaunching the Travian website: A new, responsive design, that will adapt to your smartphone, tablet or computer is just around the corner. We cannot wait to show you our new page and are confident you will like the new look.

    False. This requires you to have Devs that actually know how to code, and for you to pay them instead of just stuffing your pockets.

    Edit: Come to think if it....

    We ... are confident you will like the new look.

    Yeah, this has to be false, 'cause you really don't care about your player base either.

  • If you want to encourage discussion, please reveal the false statement, Im not going to take a chance and discuss something that turns out to be a joke.

  • Any news?? you're playing with my feelings :(

    "La excesiva riqueza de vocabulario suele encubrir pobreza de pensamiento"

    Siempre EPC!!!

  • Hey,

    Yet, we will not stop there. We love our forums’ friendly community but it is time to give this wonderful place a new look and the functionality it deserves, so we are going to relaunch our forums as well as our website.

    This is the one i think is fake. It is unnecessary in my opinion. The new graphics do not need a relaunch, just a bit of editting.