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  • Greetings community,

    Welcome to the first iteration of #AskTravian. Do you have questions which you would like to ask directly to the Game Center? Then you came to the right place! Welcome to join direct dialogue between the Game Center and the community!

    How it works:

    From today till 14.04.2017 you can post one(1) question in this thread. Travian Team will gather all the questions worldwide and check out the most asked and/or most interesting ones. We promise we will read all your questions but we can’t promise we’ll answer them all. After that our tireless and inquisitive caravan driver Mark Atilius will go into an adventure at Travian’s HQ, kidnap the Product Director, lock him in the Treasure Room and force him to answer! If everything goes well Mark Atilius should be back to you with a nice video proof or written text of his adventure in just about 1 month!

    Please, keep in mind, that you can ask questions about gameplay, art, game design, game history, tribes, new features – everything!
    However, we don’t have option to answer base knowledge questions (How I can train more troops?) or discuss bans/complaints about staff. For those questions please contact Customer Service.

    We are looking forward to your questions!
    Your Travian Legends team

  • Do you think I've nothing better to do?? Villages to build, troops to make/kill, It's like you think I'm just sitting here making you money........Oh wait!!!!

  • I eould like to know why the game makes it so difficult to make Settlers and Chieftains. The game could go faster if it was easier to make these things.

  • I would like to know if there are really gonna be any new races added to the game? Got pretty hyped when I saw it on that one thread, but I can't know if its true or not :(

    Travian is like the only game I'm attracted to, so please let us know!

  • Why can't you implement things which makes basic daily admin of the game faster e.g.
    editing farm lists:
    - being able to switch a farmlist from one village to another
    - being able to mass delete farms(not the whole farmlist, but more than one farm in a list at a time)

    Editing Trade Routes:
    - being able to mass delete/edit/create trade routes in a village
    - being able to create trade routes to villages where you need to feed troops that are stored in other players villages - e.g. hubs. - I know there are pushing rules to get around, but I'm sure you can figure out something to work this out.

  • There is no point, you have no interest in what we have to say

  • What is the best strategy for EndGame in ROA? Victory points - region control - and population. How does it all work together and what is the best way to ensure victory for you and your alliance?

  • Why can't we see attacking and defensive points for Natarian units?

    Fewer com servers.

    This would be awesome. One com server every 6 months so there are more players playing on one server.

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  • Wouldn't be interesting to have weekly Team quests that need Team effort to be achieved not like ROA but with competition among the alliances and with pay back awards like +10% quicker army production in each account in alliance for 1 week?

    Al Capone (Chaotic War Lords/Immortals/Twelve Monkeys)

  • I can only put 1 thing? :O

    Dear Travian,

    Please make Trade Routes and Farm Lists easier to use.
    I like what @shadowkit and BlueberryPie said.
    We need to be able to manage Farm Lists and Trade Routes easily. These are Gold Club benefits, and as such, i believe you need to pay special attention to making them better.
    Farm Lists need to be able to change Village, and delete by selecting a few. This streamlines the use of farmlists.
    Trade routes get a bit tricky, i know, but I believe that a basic system can be established where the trade route recognizes that you have troops stored in another village, and then opens up a trade route option to that village, allowing on a certain amount of crop to be assigned.

    I.e. I have 100 ECs stored in a village. When i go to trade routes, i then see the village is now in my selectable villages option, but i am limited to only send 400 crop. (as ECs consume 4 crop, 100x4=400)

    I hope you listen to our request, we want people to come back to this game, and make it like the old days, when we had 10k people on a server.

    The Fluffiest One There Is!

  • I hope you plan on keeping at least one of the new tribes that you bring on the anniversary round.

    It would be ideal to see less .com servers & team quests implemented - but with a limitation applied to number of teams.

    Moreover, when will we see new resources (intelligence resources) developed more in this game? Such as a potential of gaining some magic effects for some attacks, that affect for a number of days a player attacked (inflicting a ''curse'' that inflicts negative effects as those from small fools - per example) which can be developed extra in - let's say University building (pre-req Academy lvl 20 / palace lvl 20 & town hall lvl 20) or an improved tournament square - in terms of weapons efficiency.


    Hear No Evil (CWL/Goats)

    Hear No Evil (Chaotic War Lords / GOATs) :wolf:

    respect for Wild, GoDz, IM, SGR, Gold, Infamous, REST, Dacia, AoW, MC, etc.
    Miss those good old pro players.

  • Why don't you invest to make a Travian mobile app? Playing it on my phone is simply too slow!

  • I last played Travian on 2010, after playing for around four consecutive years. Now I am back playing again, and I think this iteration is a very interesting opportunity.

    My one question is: why there is (almost) no female figure in the Travian 'caricature'?

    I do know we can make female figure for our Hero, but then I've never seen any advertisement, screensaver, banner etc. in a female figure. Some examples uploaded below.

    I am just wondering if there is any specific reason, or perhaps this could be considered as a suggestion.

    Thank you for this chance of asking.

    #AskTravian #GenderEquality

  • What is the best strategy for EndGame in ROA? Victory points - region control - and population. How does it all work together and what is the best way to ensure victory for you and your alliance?

    Char, noticed your question here. I'm actually playing on your server under the ign "Heisenberg".

    Feel free to drop me a message and I'm happy to answer any RoA related questions.


  • What if we had a server with gold crap disabled. Just Golden Club and Plus, those are fine. But nothing else, no NPC, no instant build/research. No +25% bonuses except those from daily quests.

    I'd also remove buckets actually. And tablets. And oinments. Or made them all not to be instant at least.

    Yeah, that would have been a server of my dream. And for many others I'm sure. So, I'm supposed to state a question I guess. It is "When?" :)

  • As a software engineer, I am curious about the underlying architecture of travian. Is it just a central database with in-httpd php processes selecting/updating the database directly, and a few "internal" processes touching the database for things like new spawns, adventure creation, etc? Or is there a central process with an API which the in-httpd php talks through to access the database? Or does the central process keep the entire game state in-memory? What's the shape of the thing?

    Thanks in advance :-)