[COM80] PTR/RoA UPDATE about server issues

  • Hello To All Concerned

    From around 10 AM till around 03:30 PM server 80 experienced problem with the event system.

    What happened?
    Development updated the event system to run more stable. In addition, Sysadmins setup a SSL test and those 2 reacted in an unexpected way. This in turn caused the event system crash/jam.

    Action taken for players....
    All troops lost from starvation at the start of the event jam till it was over have already been restored as of this post.

    This is the main reason for running these PTR servers as they are for testing of the new features and fixes implemented to help keep the game stable and moving forward. So from time to time things will crash, stick, bug out and flat out drive you nuts but that is what testing is all about. These servers are very unstable and anyone playing here is aware of the risks involved. Remember it is your feedback and discovery of bugs that will bring a much better game to the general servers and to the rest of the Travian Community.

    So enjoy the server for what it is and have fun as it is a chance for you to help shape the game we all love.

    Be cool and see you at the next issue 8)

    Your Travian Team

  • The following fixes have been implemented on TS80

    * [fixed] when you started an adventure, it was immediately gone, even when you canceled it. The adventure will now be gone when your hero completes it.
    * [fixed] some players had a broken page when they opened the "members"-tab of their alliance.
    * [fixed] on ROA servers, the description inside the treasury was wrong. It now shows the proper description

  • The gold fee is the same on those servers as on any other, though. Doesn't really seem fair, does it ?

    Move on ! Circulez : y a rien à voir

  • As far as I've seen in a post somewhere, the Fee is indeed the same, but you get double the amount for that specific price. I'll add a port/edit if I can find the initial post where that's stated.

    I believe the information was in this topic, but unfortunately we're no authorized to see it anymore. :D

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