WW Plans & Spawn Village s

  • 1. WW Building Plan Spawn Locations
    Tournament finals 2016 was big mess for all but one alliance. Russians took all WW Building plans. It was indeed nice strategy but aftermath of this is going to be bad for Travian. Lots of heavy golders quitting now and word is that they are not coming back 2017 tournament. All players who played with their alliance in hope to build WW and win were devastated.
    What we need to do
    Scatter WW Plans across whole quad such that there will be plans starting from 0|0 to +/- 200|200.
    This will achieve 2 things.
    1. Every quad will be able to get plans and build their WW. With multiple WW racing each other, end game will be interesting.
    2. Having Plans spawned at inner coordinates, other players who are not at center can also help and try at WW plan capture. Thus More fun for everyone.

    2. Spawn Village
    Start game progress is very slow from average players point of view. Before they try to develop themselves, they get raided. They can't even shift to other location due to lack of resources. Only option left is quitting.

    Everyone should get spawn village with all level 10 fields or 1-2 level 10 field of each type.

    This will enable small players to defend themselves or to move to other area.
    Raiders will get better chance at looting more resources.
    This is make things a little more interesting for everyone.

    I am hoping a positive reply from Templar Knight & Travian guys.
    What do you think. Please support.

  • Thanks a lot for such a nice n positive reply.
    It will be so much better if these things get implement in upcoming tournament qualifier 2017.

  • Please, add this randomness to the Unique Arties spawn too. Everyone in the big metas are now dropping villages at 50 radius to catapult those arties. It's no more fun, specially for all those random quads who never secure any unique arti.
    All the strats of the game are becoming common knowledge. We need something new, why can't travian be more like Valve and Dota 2? They keep changing the stats of the items and heroes - such that the game is never the same again. And every year new strategies evolve. Little changes make the game different. Let us players figure out how the changes will affect the game and to take advantage from it.
    I'm not asking for some major changes, but have you seen gauls offensive capabilities? Or their disastrous start game settling for that matter. Teutons are the strongest starter, and yet also the strongest off bonus. Romans are the second best starting tribe, with second best off power. Gauls are the worst starting tribe, with worse off power (starting tribe = settling power of v2).
    Like would it hurt if gauls instead of 35 resource/troop carry 40 resources/troop and instead reduce their movement speed from 7 to 6 fph? They'll become as good as romans at settling with this little change (without speed nerf, they'll become better than romans so it's necessary), and you could instead increase their settler training cost to equal the romans with the additional granary cost too ofc. And players might consider to try out the gauls off again with this little change if it does not mean losing the settling powers.
    This randomness could be real fun if TG decides to listen to the players that know the game with the stats. Clubbies bring 60 res per bag, and their total cost is 250 res, they take 4 trips to pay back their invested resources. Romans legs carries less, travels slower, and costs more, making it to take 8 trips for ROI. And phalanxes take 9 trip for ROI with equal speed and almost half carriage and bad off power.
    So this is my idea - can TG make a council of players that player the game to monitor the strategies and make the game more fun by introducing some new stats and randomness that would not require you to program from scratch but rather just change some values. Does not always have to be balanced changes, Tournament finals clearly requires the off power to increase. Else the wonder that passes the lvl 20 cannot be lowered anymore. A simple change of the off troops attack stats after the release of the plans when the defense consumption of the wonder is reduced to half, would make the game easily fun again.

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro