What alliance bonus should be upgraded first?

  • What should an alliance upgrade first 14

    1. Commerce (4) 29%
    2. Philosophy (4) 29%
    3. Recruitment (3) 21%
    4. Metallurgy (3) 21%

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    Question; In your opinion, which of these bonuses should alliance upgrade on the first place?


    Please leave your comments in the thread. If you were an alliance leader, what would be your choice & why?

  • Off course, it would be Recruitment :smile:

    Commerce is useless at the beginning of the game :D , Philosophy can be compensated by buying artworks, lastly Metallurgy is very important but the early benefit of Recruitment way more than the early benefit of Metallurgy, it will be more effective at mid and late game. Therefore, it leaves us with the most logical option for first thing to upgrade; Recruitment