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  • Qualification drawing

    The call to battle finally arrived and planning can begin for real.

    We have the same hosts as previous years. International English and International Arabic, Russia, Germany, Turkey and France.

    There are many domains and 12 are invited to dedicated servers. Which twelve differs a bit from year to year.

    The ones that wasn’t chosen in the first unofficial lottery are welcome to International on .com :)
    Last year .com was exciting and eventful from beginning to start with many unexpected turns and Greece won after a turbulent endgame.

    I look forward to see what happens this year :)

    The Arabic server is primary for the domains in the Middle East. Here we have a very strong ally that usually dominates the server. Their opponents chose to play on .com last year.

    Group A: Host - Russia. Guests: Czech, United Kingdoms and Baltic. No one have ever been able to threaten Russia on the home server. The guest needs to cooperate if they wants to achieve something and not split over the whole server. The Swedish ally Def&Dest played on this server last qual and ended with nice rankings.

    Group B: Host - Germany. Guests: Brazil, Hungary, Netherlands. All countries with experimented and hungry players. Diplomacy is the most important tool here if you wants to win the server.

    Group C: Host – Turkey. Guests: Poland, Chile, Taiwan. There are always a lot of wars going on on this server. Guests will not have it easy here either. After several years of chaos, Turks have begin to cooperate and did good last Final. There is a rumor that TP will return to the Tournament. If so Turkey might have a surprise coming. But of course their sheer superiority is heavy weighting.

    Group D: Host – France. Guests: Indonesia, Portugal, United States. France have the upper hand here but they have lost a past qual to Ukrainians. US is an unexpected guest and I think many of them prefer the .com qual, but we will see :)

    China, Thai, Vietnam wasn’t among the 12 chosen this year. They played in different metas in Final. Will they chose .com and find new friends this round? And what will Dacia do?

    New constellations is a good base for an entertaining Final :)

    A question often asked is where it will be easiest to qualify. There are three different ways to qualify: by pop or by off points or by def points. 4-5 villages is enough on most servers or do as I did last year – I killed animals from my one-village accounts and qualified by off points :D It didn’t work on the Turkey qual – as I said – they loves to fight.

    This year I will try to find accounts that are willing to host me on the different servers and only hold my own account on .com. I have enough of qualification medals (chuckle).

    I look forward to meet both old and new friends!

    Edit: China and Taiwan is the same I'm told this morning.

  • Before start there is a lot of hyschhysch and we all are so curious about who will play where. I've ask some leaders for interviews and here are the first ones. Enjoy and happy reading!

    Razor COF X, one of the leaders of Turkey (and also my host on the Turkey qualification).

    My questions:

    1. Turkey did well last Final. For the first time in real cooperation and fighting Russians. What are your thoughts about next Final?

    2. What do you think about the start field?

    3. You have Poland Chile and Taiwan (China) as invited guests. What do you expect from them?

    4. Anything you wants to say to the other qual servers?

    Razor’s answers:

    How we will do will be decided in the qualification , because there are 2 another Turkish groups like COF. First Turkey alliance will play at the same group as COF and its alliances but in the quadrants + - , COF will play at + + quadrants. And DİRİLİŞ MARAZ will play on International com with nearly 400 players.

    Alliance Turkey includes ADAMUS and Anti-COF alliances (many of them were defeated in national servers against COF) and many of the players are all old players from 1st qualifications.

    It is too complicated to comment on for now. As COF X leader. I dont want to conflict against Turkish players , but if they want , we are going to answer it... I hope It doesnt happen...

    I heard about Poland, they have respected players containing TP alliance... I haven’t heard about the Chile & Taiwan team too much. But I expect that to have new alliances with them. At least we have great Diplomats :D

    Group A ; The RUSSIAN Group. It is too clear that Russians will gain too many tickets over there ,

    Group B : We have a lot of friends over there like German , Hungarian friends. I hope they will be successful.

    Group D : This is a different group. I have never seen something like it before , I will be interested on that server too...

    Maliah Dao from Vietnam

    My questions:
    1. I’ve seen Vietnam participating in the Tournament for some years and always with high rankings but we don’t know much about you. Can you tell us about your ally?

    2. What do you think of this years start field?

    3. You are going to the Germany server. Why did you chose that one?

    4. Will you cooperate with Turks again in next Final?

    Maliah Dao:

    1. We are a group of players from Vietnam. The last two qualifiers we have started to build ww, our def was approximately 20m with the accounts Zajzaj and Hungbig in top of the qualification (2015 and 2016 ). Our allys that regularly attend the Tournament are r@tos (VNteam), t@p, VN@FINAL (VN-FINAL), ....
    In addition, there is another group that also won the high rankings but has not the same goal as us.

    2. This year's qualifiers are on fewer servers , I think it will be more exciting, the competition for final tickets will be more fierce as more players come in a group.
    However, we from Vietnam will have trouble if Travail Games does not open the gold loading port of VTC (a popular gold gate and usually used for vietnamese players that don’t have VISA). If the TG supports the VTC gold reloader, our players will be more dedicated and join more crowded to the Tournament.

    3. We chose Germany for many reasons, in which the most prominent reason was that Germany played very enthusiastic, good players, brave, fairplay and good organization. We want to figth and study

    4. The continuation of federal cooperation with Turkey in the future: for us federalism is based on the principle of equality, mutual benefit. Good cooperation but imperfect coordination will not be good for the parts, so this will be considered when requested!

    (P/s: I'm only temporarily represent some of the vietnamese teams during preparation, after which the Vietnamese leader will direct our players.)

    Emerik (Teutonic Steel) a Dacia leader

    My questions:

    1. One of the most asked question is where Dacia will play. Can you tell us?

    2. What do you think of this years start field?

    3. Russia was very strong last Final. Will it be possible to beat them this year?


    1. Dacia meta will not play qualifications, not Dacia from last 2-3 years anyway. Many players I know avoid getting involved with travian during the summer or if they play they rather choose a speed server for some quick fun rather than a serious tournament server. I do have a group of friends and we are going to play qualification server on COM / international other Dacians might follow other leaders and try to have some fun in France group I heard, but nothing major.

    2. First of all I must say I am a bit disappointed that Romania is out completely from the draw / not in the group of 16 countries selected to play in Qualification groups . As far as I know, Dacia (Romania) was one of the main teams of the tournament in the last 5 years and we always come in the Finals with hundreds of players. Maybe countries like Indonesia, USA, UK might have more players on national domain, but in the Finals they dont' even exist ! Very strange decision , but not the first one from TG :)
    This year start field is not much different from last year, an active player will surely qualify for the Finals regardless of the group he chooses to play, but i guess the best fun will be on Russian server, on Arab server and at last but not least, on com/International.

    3. Russia was indeed very strong last time and if they play like they did the last time, I don't see another team capable of stealing the win from them. But last years tradition say that Finals always have a different winner the following year so we might witness a big surprise .. maybe the first ever arab victory ? Turks have been a big and nice surprise in the last finals but they still have a long way to go before winning a tournament.
    Anyway, Ru team comes in the next Finals as favourites , again.

    Ekaterina (promter) International

    My questions:

    1. You are known as promter and you have played the Tournament for several years. Which qualification servers do you usually play? Which is your favourite and why?

    2. What do you think of this years start field?

    3. Which countries do you think will play on com?

    4. Your plans for Qual?


    1. I usually play com servers. And those are my favourite as well. It's always an exciting pattern of different nations. It makes the server more interesting, but also tricky to play. I refer not only to the gaming side, but also to the multi cultural aspect.

    2. It's an interesting mix. I would especially like to observe the group C with aggressive teams of Turkey and Poland. If so happens they start in the same quad, it's going to be hell of a battle.
    The group D on the other hand is quite opposite with the three deff oriented teams. However, without much local wars one could expect record size wwks by the end of the round, which are always pleasure to watch.

    3. Hard to say now or maybe not everything can be announced just yet ;) Based only on the information openly posted I expect to see some of the arabic groups, some russians, possibly greeks, and of course a usual international team.

    4. As I have no doubt that everyone on board of our team will qualify, I want just a nice, clear, and active game (or at least as clear as it is possible with the overwhelming amount of those annoying bots). I don't make any plans for the end game yet. We will see how well our team does through the early and midgame.

  • Hey , Safiren , very nice work ! Thanks for the interesting observation of common qualifications. It is always very interesting to read such things , especially connected with tournament.
    Unfortunately, there is no interview from Russians.
    What do you think guys , will Ru Team become the best again?
    I recommend you to post this theme in ru forum also , cuz there are a lot of active people there.

    Regards :)

  • Hey , Safiren , very nice work ! Thanks for the interesting observation of common qualifications. It is always very interesting to read such things , especially connected with tournament.
    Unfortunately, there is no interview from Russians.
    What do you think guys , will Ru Team become the best again?
    I recommend you to post this theme in ru forum also , cuz there are a lot of active people there.

    Regards :)

    Thank you :) I'm waiting for some more answers, no one from Russia yet, but hopefully it will be sooner or later.

    I had my Corner on ru forum for some years now I'm back on .com. Half of them was polite and the other half snarled at me for not being able to write in Russian ^^ They know where to find me if they are interested.

  • Turkish speed has just end. Tournament beginning time is just perfect. Turks are coming very strong. Probably at 60th day everyone will accept the winner :)

  • Turkish speed has just end. Tournament beginning time is just perfect. Turks are coming very strong. Probably at 60th day everyone will accept the winner :)

    Last year I heard the same about Turkish , one of them wrote in Russian forum about their great plans and power , but...
    They were suppressed and dismantled by Ru Team very easily :D
    Let's talk about real things , no chance for Turks against Russia -.-

  • Turkish speed has just end. Tournament beginning time is just perfect. Turks are coming very strong. Probably at 60th day everyone will accept the winner :)

    It is very interesting. Are you coming from TÜRKİYE Alliance?

  • Peti from Hungary

    A new ally to the Tournament – and that is why the answers is so short.

    My questions:

    1. Can you tell us about your ally. For how long time have you played the Tournament? Who have you cooperated with in the past?

    2. Your thoughts about this years qualification servers?

    3. Your plans for the Germany qualification?

    4. Who will you cooperate with in next Final?

    The answers:

    1. Our alliance is brand-new, with the current team, this is our first try.

    2-3. Our main objective is to have fun, and bring out our best.

    4. Its too early to decide who to play with, as of now, we are concentrating on the qualy.

    Gonef from Poland

    My questions:

    1. There are many that look forward to your return to the Tournament. Why have you decided to participate again?

    2. I read your post on your forum. You are already planning for the Final?

    3. What do you think of this years start field and what do you expect from the Turkey server where you was invited?

    4. What can you tell us about your plans for qual?

    The answers:

    1. Two years in row we played polish servers when we were playing like "Polish Cup". We were fighting with each other and it was a lot of fun. After last server there was an idea to try something new and play together this time. I'm very optimistic. This time we won't play as TP. We play as something new with a lot of smart heads to play with.

    2. Of course we are planning and we have a whole server to try some ideas.

    3. I'm very exited about this server. United Turks? That's something new to me. I've been watching the last TT and they did well. Im curious how it's going to look like. China - I remember China players as a really nice people, so I'm looking forward to see them again. Sadly I can't say a lot about Chile. I don't know them at all.

    4. Not much. It's a secret ;)

    Makaveli from France

    My questions:

    1. France was unusually quiet last Final. What happened?

    2. What do you think of the combinations on the other servers. Someone that looks especial interesting?

    3. Who will you cooperate with in qualification/Final?

    The answers:

    1- France has previously experienced one of the most tense server qualification. This in fact causes several players to leave. And so we were on the final with fewer players and quality players. So my team and 2 other FR chefs work more on something other than a purely FR team.

    2- I will try to talk about each server before giving you my opinion on which one I think is the most interesting.

    -International English server: We saw that the Arabs had entered this server last year and brought a challenge to the beautiful Greek team HellasDT, but Arabs were not as strategic as they could have been facing the Greeks. Arabs may come come back with more manning and more cheats to win the victory without mentioning that other nations risk going there and also avoiding their original server.

    - International Arab server: I think there is not much to say about this one.

    - Groupe A: I do believe Russia will end up being alone there and teams like Czech will go to group D or International unless they already discuss with a particular nation.

    - Group B: It will gain on diplomacy. It is true that the Germans are going through a difficult period and are having difficulty finding their team but the challenge may be reversing the trend to try to do something from their server.

    - Group C: I has the potential to be the second best qual server if others work against turkey who has the number and start to get along to play a less worse game.

    - Group D is definitely the qualif server who might offer more game. I'm not just saying it because we are playing there but it's because of circumstances. Emerik told us there will be some Dacia, maybe with Ukrainians? Maybe Czech will go there as well because I don't see them staying in qual against Russia with the internal problems they are facing.

    At the end, i will throw my coin for D > International > C for the most relevant servers

    3- We are playing with Greeks (not HellasDT) and Danes, who are leaded by Natassa and Thomas respectively. There might be others teams but it's not confirmed for now.
    For sure we will do everything to dominate and win the group D and I challenge our opponents to give their best because they will need it.

    For the final, let's wait and see :)

  • beyoc from LOL-FR (France)

    My questions:

    1. As I have understand not all French allys will coopeerate in qualification. Why have you chosed to go alone?

    2. What do you think of the combinations on the other servers. Someone that looks especial interesting?

    3. Will you cooperate with others in Final?

    The answers:

    1/ That s true, this year french team will not play together. Last year we try but it was a disaster. We have played the tournament alone and have a lot of fun so maybe we are made to play alone. LOL. Last year we begin as a coa and finish as a team, maybe this year we begin as a team and finish in a coalition. Who knows.

    2/ For me qualification server are not really interesting, you just have to finish it to qualify so I don't really look at the other servers but we always watch what is happening in the russian qualif. Maybe cz can do something interesting. One thing about the qualif. I don t understand why there is only 4 country on each, where are Romanian, Vietnam, Italy...that is weird.

    3/ Maybe but it is a secret.

    Nick (Nikita) from RU-team (Russia)

    My questions:

    1.There is a lot of rumours that some Russians will chose to play on another qual. What do you know about that?

    2. What do you think about the qual servers? Due to combination of drawn domains - which will be most interesting?

    3. Is there any other domain that have a chance to beat Russians in next Final?

    4.Tell us something about yourself and your experience from the Tournament.

    The answers:

    My name is Nick , I am a member of "Ru Team" (CerbeR/BAD/GM)
    Speaking about the plans for qualification , i heard that some alliances from our team are going to play in another groups (BAD for example) . CerbeR will choose ru domain . I know , that group A will be one of the most interesting , because there will be a lot of independent and strong teams from our country , which doesn't like "Ru Team" (their leaders) .
    We face some problems in communication with each other , our forum is full of wars and e.t.c , That is why independent Russian players decided to unite and organize new teams , because they want to prove , that "Ru Team" (CerbeR, BAD, GM , VICTORY) are not the kings of travian :)

    Speaking about the servers , I have my own point of view:

    Group B:
    It is difficult to say something , I didn't hear so much about Brazil and Netherlands... But I know , that Germany team has nice history and Hungary players are not a present also :) Germany vs Hungary , interesting to look)

    Group C:
    Last qualification our team had such guests as Chilie and Poland. No one of them didn't show anything at all... I don't know what happened with Poland , but last 2 years they are weak :(
    Speaking about Turkey... of course everybody understands , that they will win. Final 2016-2017 was really surprise for me . I was the member of "GM" . The whole server we had a war against Turkish players. I didn't expect such rebuff , moreover , Turkish were one of the leaders at the beginning... But "Ru team" demonstrated their power , skills and experience and the biggest part of Turkish team was smashed...
    But , never the less , they played nice )

    Group D:
    I can see there only France and a little part of US players. But Taiwan(China) has also some chances... it was interesting to look at them in championship :)

    Speaking about chances of other domains... hard to answer this question , because last final was too easy for us. Arab , Turkey and Romania didn't have chances at all.
    If , "Ru Team" will solve some problems (in policy of our players) , no one can beat us.
    But this game is really interesting . And every final has its own unexpected things. Maybe , Turkey or Arabic will become a real horror for us next final... will see :)

    My experience in tournament is wide. Every time I am waiting for it , because there are a lot strong enemies there :)
    I would like to see something new next final... for example ,very strong team of Chilie or Brazil :D
    Something like that )
    Also , I know that my message will be read by a lot of players from US/UK.
    I want to invite you in group A . We are really waiting for United Kingdom . I promise an interesting game :)


    Safiren: Can you explain this? “and Hungary players are not a present also “

    Nick: I heard , that Hungary has its own team with skilled leaders... 2 years ago they took part in Qualification in Russian domain . They looked very nice , some of them really brought us some problems.

  • 1) some sort of nikita fron 90s show (her name is nikita https://s-media-cache-ak0.pini…5b43de58c3c60eb703a45.jpg ) is not a leader of any of "ru team" alliances, so dont believe most of stuff it says.
    2) there are no BAD anymore, there are only BA_

    D from BAD is gone.
    so dont use the name, which is wrong.
    3) if you want to pretend like spreading "information" at least ask someone who knows more than mere delusions, at least check your ,,intel" in more than one source.

    5) hail hydra

  • It will show up when qual starts which changes have been done. And why shouldn't an ordinarie players view not be as interesting?

    After all they are a bigger group then the leaders ^^

  • Are you fool? It's a question.
    How can you say something if you dont know anything at all ?AT ALL?
    What kind of nonsense did you write?

    1) Nick is Man's name
    2)THERE WERE , THERE IS AND THERE ALWAYS WILL BE BAD [Enola] !One of the strongest Russian teams. (D from BAD is gone , wtf? :D)
    3)I am officially one of the members and representatives of Ru Team , my information is 100/100 right.
    4) you can tell everything u want , but no chance for everyone next final.