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  • You did inspired me to spend two solid hours on doing that, I give you that :D but here what i got:
    (it's the sum of all the accounts and villages within the alliances and overall alliance pop, the alliances are taken from top 50 only)

    Dacia+SW --- 383 accs / 5970 villages /4006155 pop (don't forget here the fact, that dacia first fought with SS, so their union is also belongs to the late midgame)
    CS+AA+some balcan wings --- 229 / 2934 / 1873853
    SUM --- 612 / 8904 / 5880008

    Hellas --- 204 accs / 2730 villages / 1864533 pop (pretty compatible in number with the original attacker of greeks, balcans)
    arabs --- 48 / 640 / 439811 (looking at the map I see not all bots are in the alliances and there is a smaller wing with large accs but out of the top 50, so the numbers here are lowered)
    VN --- 350 / 4231 / 2874840
    SUM --- 602 / 7601 / 5179184

    As you can see, from the number of the accounts it's nearly 1:1, both in the early game and now in the end. Yes, the midgame was at a certain moment not in favour of Hellas, but they found their way to VN to balance that. From the size of the accounts, you are right, the total values are larger in Dacia+balcans case.

    Let's have a look at those "few" others who are not with Hellas.

    Ghetto+Rise+RoG --- 154 / 2137 / 1351893 <------ from the perspective of attacking Hellas this group belongs to "others" as i don't recall seeing them running any opp on greeks (correct me if i'm wrong)

    Turkey --- 290 accs / 2840 villages / 1728754 pop
    QuT+Hippo --- 108 / 1584 / 1059977
    Italy, Hooligans, whoever else is in the top 50 ---- 59 / 766 / 511309
    SUM --- 611 / 7327 / 4651933

    And finally the percentage (again not of the server, but of the top 50)

    Group 1 (Hellas+friends) --- 32.99% of villages / 31.89% of accs / 32.97% of pop
    Group 2 (Hellas's enemies) --- 33.53% / 37.36% / 37.43%
    Group 3 (Others) --- 33.48% / 30.74% / 29.61%

    And i wouldn't be going as far as saying that "not with" means "against". In such way I can say QuT and Hippo are not with "others", so entire server is against them (wanna a terrifying math on that? :p )....

  • Ok,

    I did a detailed analysis on current META- Alliances, here are the results of the status in current End Game, on top 60 alliances, between Dacia & Friends and HellasDT & Friends. In short,

    - ..Dacia & Friends are 749 Players with a total population of ~7.4mil and
    - ..HellasDT & Friends are 606 Players with a total population of ~5.4 mil.

    If we remove Ghetto & Friends from Dacia & Friends and Vietnam from HellasDT & Friends, as they were not part of them up until End Game..

    - ..Dacia & Friends were 592 Players with a total population of 6mil and
    - ..HellasDT & Friends were 257 Players with a total population of 2.3 mil.

    That's the basis of my previous statements: More than double Players, almost 3 times more population.. with attacking plans from Dacia & Friends against Hellas almost every 2 days since Mid Game, sometimes simultaneously from 3 alliances at the same day, amazing.

    If anyone is interested to see what happened up until End Game, accurately between HellasDT & Friends and Dacia & Friends up until End Game, let's analyze defensive and offensive points.. Although it can't be 100% clear/ accurate as both META-Alliances lost troops elsewhere, I personally believe that we'll see that even with half the number of players and 1/3 of the population, HellasDT has approximately equally defensive points as attacking points of opponents..

    If that is true, then.. half the players of HellasDT&Friends -when under performing, the truth is- equals Dacia&Friends, at this server. Basically this server should have been over already and you should have won it by a landslide.

    Don't get me wrong, I think DACIA will win and I wish we play every server as opponents ;) Looking forward to your comments.

    PS) Excel file with relevant statistics taken today 4th October 2017, is available for review, if needed.

    If you have an off army that you think belongs at the Travian Hall of Fame, let me know! We keep records from 2008 until today, from x1, x2, and x3 servers, for the main 3 tribes, made from either capital or non capital.

    Most recent army: T4.4/ X1/ Svelto Converter - Battle reports Travian

  • that's only a coincidence :D

    I always say that :D

    не вступай в переписку с врагами,тебе потом будет жалко их убивать!(с)

    за расстановку знаков препинания,ты будешь гореть в аду)(с)




    Роял Флеш

    Черная Радуга



  • Stop spreading rumors and come with real facts.

    Every year for the past 5 years you sayin' the whole server is against you, you pathetic every single time.

    And when you were in our ally, you were also saying the whole server is against you... Anyway. Kisscool isn't spreading false rumor, he's just giving a few informations about what everyone know vecause none of you guys can keep any secret :)

    Will be funny when Russians and RI will realise you allied both of them to make them war each other the whole server long and making Fraise be the only ally left with no real ennemies ahah

    Frx5et x3: Miguel88(CNS)|Gwerim, FREE_Hell (FREE)|ToxiCø (GNM)

    FRS3&6: Kingone(PM)|Sharky(WESTFAR)

    AUx: [TK/SST/YAMATO lead] Skyline, Chubb, Centurion (2013-2017); 2018: Artic Monkey(KNIGHTS)

    Quals: 2013-2015: Skyline-Ru ; Draugr (-Ru*) | 2016: Error 404 (REN Q) | 2017: Magnes (COQ) | 2018: Error 404 (COQ lead) | 2019:bDraugr (Poilus lead;UOLLAS META)

    TT: 2013: Skyline (ZI.~GØS~) | 2014: Draugr ($G0D$-FR) | 2016-2017: Viagraah 404 !; Marcel (COQ)| 2018: Draugr (Poilus lead;UOLLAS META)

  • No secret when there are no secrets to keep.

    I don't who you are trying to fool with that.
    Make your facts straight, we did no diplomatie all server long. Why would we fight russians ? We should have because ukrainians asked us to ?
    They had no pretention for the win and were far from us, so no point to join your fight and moreover we don't hate russians or like them either. Coq has always been jealous from russians cuz they can not get to their level, that's a fact.
    About indo, if decision would have only been made by me, fraise would have play with them since arti, but it's not.
    I understand it is hard for you to keep up since you only play once in a month on your accounts.

  • Funny fact when we know your only aim with Fraise was to play only with french players against the only aim who are russians... (Oh, and the COQ leaders ofc.. Speaking about being jealous, when you come from COQ and then try to create your own META with the hidden aim to be better than COQ ahah). Now look at the very same guys a few months later, saying that Russians aren't their ennemy, and hoping to play with indonesians just because your only weapon is to make friends to get us down.

    You often say that COQ complains about being alone against everyone. But thanks to this point of view we adopted, we're capable and prepared to fight the whole server, and i think that's why you don't get rid of us :). You can't be surprised by anything if you're a move ahead from the others ;)

    And i just wanted to clear something: we do not play to be better than someone else. We play for the game and we play it for the fun. Russian can be bettter, we don't care. Indo can also be better, we don't care. In fact that's really good for them. But we grew up and the time we wanted to be the best among all is past (yeah, you know, teenagers ideas ... :rolleyes: ahah ). We just have some nice fights and fun. At the end, we're just playing the game.. Then no matter what happen, winning or loosing, we did a really good round to my mind and we got nothing to regret :)
    I just hope you guys can mae it clear in your head and don't regret some of your actions from this round (i mean it in general, not just only Fraise)... ;)

    Frx5et x3: Miguel88(CNS)|Gwerim, FREE_Hell (FREE)|ToxiCø (GNM)

    FRS3&6: Kingone(PM)|Sharky(WESTFAR)

    AUx: [TK/SST/YAMATO lead] Skyline, Chubb, Centurion (2013-2017); 2018: Artic Monkey(KNIGHTS)

    Quals: 2013-2015: Skyline-Ru ; Draugr (-Ru*) | 2016: Error 404 (REN Q) | 2017: Magnes (COQ) | 2018: Error 404 (COQ lead) | 2019:bDraugr (Poilus lead;UOLLAS META)

    TT: 2013: Skyline (ZI.~GØS~) | 2014: Draugr ($G0D$-FR) | 2016-2017: Viagraah 404 !; Marcel (COQ)| 2018: Draugr (Poilus lead;UOLLAS META)

  • Once again i don't know if we are playing the same server. Fraise never aimed to play with only french, my alliance got more foreigners than french people, as i told you make your facts straights before posting. You clearly know nothing about the subject you talking about.
    My point wasn't to say if russians were my ennemies or not. I said we had no points to fight a coalition who doesn't play the WW and is 300 square from us lol (seems logic for everyone but exept for you), they did nothing to us, we did nothing to them, that's simple.

    You can't be surprised by anything if you're a move ahead from the others

    What a lame sentence, at least your ego is going well.

  • Russia finished this morning as expected 8:30 local time. And guess what? A big surprise when I wrote to mamba and asked for a comment! One of the guys on account is Igor that I met on com qual 2014 as leader for a Bulgarian wing in DI meta.

    But the first surprise was when the sitter answered my pm, it was Chip&Dale, a Swedish player, holding a WW himself just for fun.

    Igor on mamba /CerberBG

    1. Congrats to the coming victory. Are you prepared for the Final?
    -Thanks, I will forward this to the people as all of us fought and deserved to see lvl 100. Tbh - I want to have some rest and will think about finals later on.

    2. Which ally (not your own ally/meta) will you remember from this round?
    - Well - we had fun with $ (who integrated with Candies) killing their troops in the oases.

    3. Which player have been most impressing ? Fighting spirit ,Teamwork?
    - May I have several winners here? ) noob, Franziskaner, KalinaMalina and russo turisto.


    Thanks to my host Duck for letting me check statistics from their account.

    Arabia was second to level 100 at 10:26 local time. I have no answer yet.

    Turkey is next and will finish around 9 local time.

    The COF leader of COF meta.

    Me: Are you satisfied with this round?
    The COF: Last tour, we fought Vietnam. And we were very tired. This tour was strong and comfortable. I'm hopeful ...

    Me: Which ally (not your own ally/meta) will you remember from this round?
    The COF: - It is not clear.

    Me: Which player have been most impressing ? Fighting spirit ,Teamwork?
    The COF:- both. "Backstreets boys" and "antonina" are my favourite actors. But there are many players in the back.

    Germany will be next, level 96 now. That will be tomorrow evening.

    France, level 91, Saturday morning.

    Which leaves us with International that as last year keeps us unsure about who will win. Vietnam is in top again. Ghetto lost their wall earlier, I think they might be building it up. We are still waiting for the last hammers to show up. Level 87, at least 75h left so not before Sunday.

  • you aren't in fraise anymore so speak about what you know :D
    Like we can see fraise wwc with all Ri wwc , that's only a coincidence :D

    Fact is RI had small skirmishes with fraise for a few months already and eX0Tiic is the only one who are willing to coordinate in an attack ops with RI. It's up to your own judgement whether eX0Tiic alone can be considered as fraise as a whole or not.

    Another fact is, RI had wars against BAD, fraise, COQ, portuguese alliances and even LA at some point in the game (albeit sometimes it's in a smaller scale). Whereas COQ had NAP with LA and fraise at earlier stage of the game, and later with BAD (how else BAD can get a ww inside COQ's territory and not lose it in 1 day if they don't have a pact). Shouldn't we be the one who cried that the whole server is against us?

    P.S: We'd like to see how it would turn out if COQ had fought BAD inside their own quads ;)

    Hammer hasil sharing 1 buah anta kecil dengan 3 id lain dan kerja keras Icad si perkutut.

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