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  • A glass of wine, some chocolate and finally time for Travian :)

    Last update were 27 September. So what has happen the since then? Russia qual is in lead, level 87. That is 3.3 days left if no damages. Arabia level 86, not many hours after. Germany 85. Turkey and France 82. International level 78, the only server where the victory don't feel secured yet. at least 5 days more.

    How long until Final starts?

    Tournament pages says 14 days after last server has finished. That is 20 October but usually it takes 3-4 weeks so first or second week in November could be a fair guess.

    How many players can we expect in Final?

    2000 players from each server will qualify trough pop. If you don't have pop enough you still have the chance to be in rank 1000 in off or def points. In reality 2000-2500 players will qualify from each server.

    I predict a top on 12000 players which will fall down to 10000 after a month, when the weakest have deleted, and 7000 in the end.


    Tuomiopäivä from Ghetto, in cooperation with SAMCZ, Dacia and SW, is in lead. Will he keep it or not?

    Many hammers have been running but there are still some saved for a last hit. We haven't seen 1453, Turkey, hitting any WW yet. CheckerB, Arabs, is also believed to sit on a couple.

    Things can still happen on this server :)

    Tuomiopäivä, Ghetto, SamDcSW, 78.
    Oroniel, SAMCZ, SamDcSW, 76.
    Mermi, 1453, Turkey, 72. Lost 1 level as punishment for password sharing.
    dolongdao, Vietnam, 66.
    Valkira, PP, 61.
    The killers, HellasDT, 47.
    2ez4tm, Vietnam, 42.
    Lebowski, SW, SamDcAW, 38.
    quangn, Vietnam 15.


    Vietnam launched on Ghetto. Large Architect, WW supports and the WW itself was targets. The 3 real met walls, not much damage was done.

    Tuomiopäivä send his regards to Vietnam. "Ghetto doesn't need multi accounts, spies or even 500 accounts to send regards. Next time you should choose a weaker opponent like Hellas to succeed."

    Large Architect

    I have chosen the biggest hammers. There was also many small ones. 29 in total. Many had 2-3 chiefs with them but one thing I noticed was that many was unbalanced in the proportions between infantry and horses. One thing that fascinated me was that nearly no animals in the zoo died.

    WW support

    WW, not enough with catas to do real damage.

    Other reports:

    The ever going war between QuT and 1453 continues. 1453 killed a hammer.


    ND is superior. DM has fight bravely but are so outnumbered.
    Revenge, ND 87 ( it is a couple of hours later), 6 more WWs building levels 27-2.
    DM 0


    I don't think anything can threaten mambas WW. TG was attacked - by Insanity. Duck, my Swedish host started to build and was zeroed. Another swede, Chip&Dale, also builds on a WW.

    mamba, CerberBG 87.
    Zerbun, TG, 48, 21.
    Харизма, Выползни (Cerber) 31.
    Frees, VC+BS, 13.
    Chip&Dale, CerbeR, 9.
    Duck 3.


    One of TG's WW zeroed..

    One of TG's building plans is lost.

    Another report from the quad war.

    I got this report when I had finished todays update. A really nice one.

    A hammer was found as reinforcements in a village that that holds a "Magic Mill" The Russians have more poetic names, I suppose it is a diet.

    Duck WW zeroed by NS, I recognized Czech players.

    Puh, I'm refilling my glass, still have chocolate.


    From beginning the Itlians have ensured me they are only here to qualify. Most of them are simming, many accounts is yellow or worse. still they dominate the server. HUN, that is new to qualification in this shape, have had internal struggle and the SE HUNs and SW HUNs is now enemies. Germany has lost tempo from doing very well.

    Banda Bassotti, Italy, 85.
    Killer LT, HUN SE, 57.
    Deutschland, FF, Germany, 56
    Schwarzer Adler, FF, Germany 56
    Rio2o11, German, 51.
    Erácska, HUN SW, 49 supported by Brazil and Netherlands.
    Barracuda05, Bogyókák HUN SE 0, Conquered ww from triplice (BRL).


    Germany vs Italy no damages.

    Italy s LT (HUN SE)

    Italy vs FF (Germany)


    COF meta is superior. Poland have done best of the guests on the Turkey qualification. No one else have been able to continue to build on their WW in past servers.

    Karaca.s COF ZERO, 83.
    Pralka Frania, Poland, 66.
    Ehtiyar&Eva&Soa, TUNA, 43.
    ramu, ATATÜRK 35.


    COQ meta is prosperous. There might be hammers left that can hit them but I don't think it will change anything. Indonesians have been many enough to play a part. It must be a new experience for BAD to make so little impress on a server but they have had 777 as enemies the whole server.

    Kisscool, COQ, 79.
    BadBoys, COQ, 77.
    Rhaken, R I, 74.
    caps, FR[ai]SE, 49.
    3 Kamis, R I, 42, 1.
    Meurs Lete, FF, 10
    Marcus Seh, COQ, 7.
    RocknRolla, 777, Ukraine, 5.


    I got confirmation from Indonesia. They conquered he second building plan from BAD.

    And so the only that is left is to copy this to my Corner in Travian forum.
    I forgot to eat my chocolate..

  • Time to go for tonight's duty, I have a lot of reports so it will take a while before all is posted. I'm not sure I will be able to do all tonight.

    Thanks Birkina :)

  • Is it only week 16? Or have I lost a week somewhere? It feels as an unusual fast qualification.

    On International we are waiting for a train from Arabs and Vietnam to hit on Tuomiopäivä's WW and we still haven't seen Turkey attacking any WW.

    WW stats just now:

    In the meantime lets take a look on statistics.


    Vietnam has rank 1 and 2 in pop, rank 3-5 there can still be come changes. 3000 gold is awaiting. Rank 6 and 7 are close. You have still a couple of days to chief a village or two guys :)


    We have Vietnam in top here too. Archon on rank 10 sent me reports, with end so near it's high time to use your hammers.


    As Archon is from Turkey the natural target is QuT.

    But the war isn't one sided. I've been in QuT ally chat this round but mostly they post ingame reports that I can't see.


    The ally Hooligan have 3 of the 5 most successful defenders.

    The largest villages

    Heroes - and we recognize names from the other lists.


    And I missed Top 10 doing this...

  • WW stats 57 hours left.

    Players Top 20



    Villages, no new records this round.

    Heroes. Level 859!!






    And obviously I forgot to save alliances..

  • WW stats 57 hours left.


    TG steels the large architect from VC-BS

    Players Top20

    It's a bit strange to not se WW holders on the first ranks here any more. But I think its nice that defenders now has the chance to win gold too.

    A swede on first rank :)


    I don't think WINter have been simming..




  • I'm sorry but you have to wait for Germany to tomorrow. It will take too long time to check all reports that I've got and it's working day..

    And Turkey and France..

  • Tonights reports


    Very nice hammers from checkerB (Arabs)


    Mermi has leading WW. Oroniel also got hit. Reports when I'm home again.

    And running to work

  • I am reading your post and basicly i am not sure we played same server
    First of all i would like to say that meta tha i am in charge (S&G,A,!!CS!!,AA) newer team up with Dacia. We were in fight with hellasdt from day 1,why they decided to fight against you as far i know its about some old wars but not my fight,did we ever had any coordinated action? i would say no.
    In that war HELLASDT agains (S&G,A,!!CS!!,AA) you had some good start at begining and after that your every action on us ended "none of the attackers troops returned" you had a team of 4x60 players thats 240only in hellasdt i am sure that more then 100 can say that is zero poped or at least heavily damaged. Only 1 time you caught our grup that had 3 players only(krejas-kuhari-dario).
    I cant say who do you call "core member" but i am preety sure one of core member was fame95 who is deleted at least he count him self as core leader with all those "proud member of hellasdt" in his profile.
    Long story short most of this server hellasdt was nothing more then a punching bag

    s1-mkova741-Fyn-pnk s2-mkova741-block5
    s3-mariok741-!!ddt!! s3-mali medo -SC

  • Much has happen during the day. WWs have been in top and fallen down.

    kova741, !!CS!!, told me that they tried to kill abo nourah's hammer (report above on Ghetto WW) by conquering the village but when they landed he had only 1 village left. I checked getter and it was true. A lot of hard work done that day ^^

    It couldn't have been easy to keep that hammer alive when running but due to the numbers they made it.

    1maxman1m checkerB told me that most of those troops was built with a small fool and a trainer borrowed from HellasDT.

    Oroniels WW was also hit. Vietnam showing up their WWKs. Down 15 levels.

    A smaller hammer found it's way to Mermi WW, 1 level down. Different time zones. I got it 18:33 server time.

    A last check on WW list shows Vietnam/Hellas WW in top followed by Ghetto/SamDcSW on level 78. Mermi/Turkey 77.

    And Valkira continue to build peacefully. You never know. If there is enough of hammers still, she might suddenly be on top :D

    I missed to add this reports. S&G and !!CS!! vs HellasDT:

  • Germany WW. No important changes but most WW's have had their share of visitors.

    In a well timed operation Germany and Hungary (SE) attacked Banda Bassotti/Italy, both the Large Architect and WW. There is many many reports here, a lot of smaller hammers compared to those we've seen above on International but never the less did their job. It wasn't enough to put Banda down from the throne but a nice operation.

    The architect was attacked just before the hits on WW.

    There wasn't any treasury?

    The wall is finally down

    The last def dies

    Artefact is conquered

    Bigger hammers arrives. Notable is that every hammer has a fair amount of rams

    Time for chiefs

    and the village changed owner

    It's time for attacks on WW to land.

    First a scouting

    First hammer arrived too early, the only flaw I can find in this operation

    Time to tear down the wall

    First hit on WW

    Time to hunt great warehouses

    The wall is down

    A last hit on WW

    An attack on the building plan

    And a lot of Italian alliances got def points

    Thank you all that have contributed with reports! It wasn't easy to decide which ones to use.

  • WW stats

    No changes

    Players Top20







    Defenders, a lot of Polish allys..

    Top 10 week 16



  • WW stats, a change in the top. Badboys has now the lead.

    I got reports from Indonesia

    COQ trying to kill a hammer village

    COQ hitting Rhakens WW

    Statistics Top20



    Top10 week 16



  • Converter - Battle reports Travian -TG- just lost a WW to Chip&Dale [CerbeR] 8)8)

    Russian server.

  • - Whether this server is competitive or not, no-one complained from our side, I apologize if this got misunderstood. It's just a game for all of us and personally I believe HellasDT members enjoy it the most, now that almost all other other players on the server is against us, it's quite an honor that DACIA (arguably the #2 in the world team), who had lost from HellasDT in the past, had to team up with more than half a dozen of teams in order to face us :)

    I'm not usually keen on commenting and even more, I don't like to spam in an Info-corner. Yet the very saying "almost all other players on the server is against us" was pretty much a false info and just made me laugh hard.

    First of all, you're forgetting entire NW. And I haven't noticed any player in the NW being part of all-against-Hellas-team. But then probably you think players in here are doing nothing (wouldn't be the first time on your part).

    Second, it's hellas, not Dacia, who has confeded the largest coalition of VN which includes over 380 accs within the top 50 alliances (not counting how many accs are beyond that line). And what Hellas got? 200+ accs? Not to mention arabs with their countless bots... And who is on this evil, bullying poor hellas team? Dacia with their 200 accs. A randomly gathered SW alliance with two wings (no offence, SW, you did great for a get-to-know-each-other team) - 100 accs. And the eastern CS coalition with 250 accs.

    Allas! We're coming to an almost balanced equation (minus arabs in the boonies) ... I won't go to the subsequent blahblah why the only thing hellas did was defending (and far not always a successful one). I guess it's up to their leader(s) to think about it.

    Now, back to the corner.... Saf, as usually, neat and informative!!! Thanks!)))

  • Thank you for your message Mr. Slow ciliatus.

    Again I have to state in advance, that this message should not be mistaken as a complain, It's just commenting on International server and its statistics.

    Regarding which team is better (HellasDT or Dacia), it's hard to say, as they're alliances with different wins/ results/ history. My personal opinion is that when Dacia will win -at least as a leading alliance- the Pre-finals 4 times, they will be better team than HellasDT and when HellasDT will win -at least as a leading alliance- the Finals 2 times, we will be better team than Dacia.

    I hope everyone agrees that discussion about previous servers, is another topic.

    Regarding this beautiful International server and total alliances, naps, etc.. what ever statistics we analyze, it should be considered as over-analyzing as now there are META-alliances, it's the End Game and quite a lot has happened.. My current personal assessment in top 40 alliances,

    a) Dacia & friends is ~800 accounts with an average of ~15 villages per account. Important Note: all of them were directly or indirectly friendly from Mid Game at least, since they were all attacking HellasDT.

    b) ..HellasDT & friends, is ~480 accounts with an average of ~13 villages per account.. Important Note: half of them (VN) became friendly at the End Game only.

    c) Rest alliances (Turks & rest) are ~340 accounts with an average of ~12 villages per account.

    Based on the above, and always taking under consideration that this is a rough estimation based on International Top 40 alliances only, Hellas & friends are ~29%, Dacia & friends are ~49% and rest are ~20% of the population, especially when we take under consideration that Dacia & friends have bigger accounts, on average.

    This should lead us to the logical conclusion that since at least 50% of players is against HellasDT and 20% of players is not with HellasDT anyway, "almost all other players on the server is against us", sure, it's not 100% accurate, it's better to state at the moment that "most of the server is against us" and wait to see remaining armies where they'll hit, so that we make a final conclusion.

    PS) I'm more than interested to create a more detailed (and therefore more accurate) comparison between META alliances with more parameters for International server, so who ever is interested, please PM me.


    If you have an off army that you think belongs at the Travian Hall of Fame, let me know! We keep records from 2008 until today, from x1, x2, and x3 servers, for the main 3 tribes, made from either capital or non capital.

    Most recent army: T4.4/ X1/ Svelto Converter - Battle reports Travian

  • I don't know if you are counting Ghetto/Rise/RoG/IKEA to Dacia & Friends because I have to say we had nothing to do with them in the middle of the game. To be honest we had a deal with arxontas about NAP and offensive operation together so you should not count us to Dacia.

    Fact #1: I'm better than you

  • Russia is in lead with mamba/Cerber on level 99, will finish tomorrow at 8:30 server time, which will be... 6:30 com time.

    Arabia is next, REVENGE/ND, level 98, and will finish 3h? later.

    Turkey, Karaca.s/COF ZERO, level 95, 27h left with level 96 is done.

    Germany, Banda Bassotti, level 92, 45 hours.

    France: Kisscool/COQ, level 87 75h. And here we have a new WW in top. Reports below.

    International: # WWs on level 83. Tuomiopäavä/SamDcSW was first to level to 83. Dolongdao/ DAI_VIET come next and Mermi/1453-WW ~1h 20 min there after.

    I had a chat with the new top WW holder o France, Kisscool/COQ, and he also shared reports from todays events.

    Safiren : Thanks for reports :) So what do you think, do Indonesia have enough to take you down too?
    Aymeric-Kisscool: when you see the reports... you can think that Indonesia have lost a lot of WWc so ...
    Aymeric-Kisscool: and i think this - :D
    Now we will see if they have other WWc , but when we spied on all their accounts, we don't find other ^^

    Safiren:Your opinion about the other allys? FRaiSE, 777, BAD.
    Aymeric-Kisscool: There are other ally on this server ? :D No I'm joking :p
    So about fraise, I think they had a well organized start but since the release of Building plan we don't see them anymore.
    About 777 and Bad , they don't come to win this server so they are not really our enemy but it is are two good teams.

    Safiren : Any other ally that have caught your eye for their play style?
    Aymeric-Kisscool: At the beginning of the server, we have a hard fight with Nordwind but after that they relocate ^^
    At the moment we know that fraise help RI with def on Rhaken's WW.

    Safiren : Have you decided with whom to cooperate in Final?
    Aymeric-Kisscool: not yet , we have proposition but we want to finish our server first

    Safiren : Have you had a winning WW before?
    Aymeric-Kisscool: No, for me it's my first time ^^

    Safiren : How does that feel?
    Aymeric-Kisscool: A lot of stress :D but it's good stress.

    Safiren : Something special you will remember about this server?
    Aymeric-Kisscool: this last 24H :D when you know that WWc are coming and you just have to wait ^^ that's veryyyyyyy long ^^
    Safiren : lol, yes
    Aymeric-Kisscool: I know that's my account but we are a lot working on it ^^
    Safiren : I hope you have made it without password sharing ^^
    Aymeric-Kisscool: only sitting ... that's horrible to every time change account.

    Safiren : Do you have duals?
    Aymeric-Kisscool: Yes I have one.

    Safiren : which two players have impressed most? An enemy for fighting spirit? An ally/meta member for teamwork?
    Aymeric-Kisscool: the first name that I have in mind is Gagarine a fraise player. I'm HC def of my alliance and I never managed to catch her :D It's pretty frustrating but i like it ^^
    All the account Badboys ! They did a really great job with their WW. and all my mates from HC gallia!

    Safiren: Thank you very much! A pleasure to talk with you :)

    I also had a chat with Lanaya from R I and asked a few questions.

    Q1: You have fought well. Are you prepared for the Final?
    Q2. Which ally (not your own ally/meta) will you remember from this round?
    Q3. Which player have been most impressing ? Fighting spirit ,Teamwork?

    1. Well actually for final, Indonesian will come full team than this qualification, however we haven't decided going to which quad and going to join whom.
    2. We actually will remember Russian better than COQ, even though COQ is winning. COQ doesn't really give us a good fight until now, they have been in peace since the beginning, but the impact of their troops doesn't as impressive as the Russian.
    3. Fighting spirit might go to Fraise and Indonesian, most of them are new to qualification, so they just started to enjoy and feel the beat.


    BadBoy's WW

    Kisscool's WW

    I have a feeling that I've forgot a report. If so, plz remind me!