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  • Arabic hammer was average.Vietnamic hammers changed server status. She was really beautiful.

    lol 500K clubs and 130k TK 20cata avarage (fully trained by fool arti only ) , and 280k axeman and 115 tk and 44k ramps avarage and 430k clubs and 93k TK avarage also with 18k cata oki and most trained by fool arti and last hammer 350k clubs and 75k TK avarage

  • Both the arabic axe hammer and that VN roman hammer were pure beauty. Sorry, I'm not fan of club hammers, but respect, if you did all thsoe with only fool arti!

  • Vietnam has made great strides in this battle and Vietnam thanks HellasDT and CheckerB for helping Vietnam win.
    Trungapc ( leader VN2 )

  • congratulations for the victory...
    Mighty ZEUS was on your side cause HE didnt want me to lose the bet i made with Nalluka... :)

    fallen angel

    may ZEUS help us all

  • You guys are completly wrong. Dacia had no WW. We lost nothing

    it was not real Dacia :D
    lol tell that Dacia not support czech ww

  • International as last server ended today. dolongdao for Vietnam got the WW to level 100 at 5:09.

    I asked my end game questions.

    1.Congrats to your victory! Are you prepared for the Final?
    2. Which ally (not your own ally/meta) will you remember from this round?
    3. Which player have been most impressing ? Fighting spirit ,Teamwork?

    Duc Lee/Vietnam:

    1. Thank you! We are not prepared for the Finals at the moment, because some of our leaders plan on retiring after this victory. I hope, they will change their mind and lead us to another victory.
    2. The unforgettable ally for all Vietnamese players will definitely be CheckerB (an ally with players from Arabs). Without their help we wouldn't have won this server.
    3. There are a lot of them, so I do not want to spam The Corner with those countless names :)

    With a little change in the first question: Your opinion about the server? are you prepared for the Final?

    Jchym/ SAM CZ:

    1. After a long time an interesting server. I enjoyed it a lot.
    2. Definitely DACIA.
    3. From the entire server, certainly Emerik. From my alliance, I would like to thank all but most of all those who cared for the construction of wonder:
    Mamuš, Oroniel, Hyperion, Sabatina, James , Torka and Monies.

    Miko [Tuomiopäivä]/Ghetto:

    1. It was quite competitive. A lot happened in 4 months, biggest thing happened is that Ghetto was born and we built a group to the finals so yeah, we are ready to kick some Russian butt. You will see organized Ghetto from the start there.

    2. Can I mention many?
    First of all big metas were disappointment here. VN had some beautiful WW hammers and also some coordinated attacks but thats it, I think all of us will remember their multi accounts and maybe spies, at least in our alliance. Having 4x more players and still needing spies and being proud of it (Message: VN sends their regards), idk what to say about it, no respect.
    Hellas: I think everything you need to know is in Ghetto's profile. I recommend to stay away from them. We were first timers and it seemed to be good offer to play with them but arxontas stabbed our back. I don't think know if it was even a difficult choice, he must be used to do so.
    Turks: Nothing against them, never talked with them that much neither played with or against them but having 2 small trainers and unique one and no def in WW also no WWK. That was a big surprise for me.
    !!CS!!, S&G, A & friends: Most positive alliance/meta in the server. Their operations against Hellas were impressive, also the last one against VN x5 architect was a good one, unlucky you didn't get that. I don't know what to say, you were the best meta in qualis, congrats.

    3. Promter I guess. Leading alliance alone and having same troubles as me, selfish players etc. I feel you :D

    ekaterina (promter) QuT:

    1. Your opinion about this server? Are you prepared for the Final?

    <<< I guess the server was quite usual for an international one. Same problems, same achievements, and almost same teams. Have to say, there was much less cheating than the previous round or rather much fewer bots))) And yes, I'm getting ready for the finals. First thing to do is to get enough sleep I guess.

    2. Which ally (not your own ally/meta) will you remember from this round?

    <<< I assume most logic would be to say, me and my team will remember the Turkish meta. We fought through entire round with barely few days of a calm time. TheTturkish team showed great attacking spirit with quite a nice performance. We were pretty exhausted in the end and of course low on units, both defensive and offensive. I maybe won't make a mistake saying it was for Turks the same. I'd also like to add some justifying words towards Turkish team who was accused in the end in not having wwks. Well, they would have wwks if they didn't use them on us on a midway of the game. And they would have a good bunch of them, trust me.

    3. Which player have been most impressing ? Fighting spirit ,Teamwork?

    <<< There were a lot of names in my head, also some of my guys. Especially Sherlock Holmes and Iglis. Both of them lost per two hammers in dramatic circumstances and yet they both found strength to go on and play a great game.

    However, the most impressing for me personally was a young leader of Ghetto, Miko. They are a new team here and yet they managed to perform extraordinary for the newcomers. One can see it in their defence points. After last weeks of WW race I'm quite sure the large share of their success is his achievement. I do hope he will keep his energy, team oriented mind, and resourcefulness through the finals!

    - And now good night! :D

    And with that my mission have ended for this round. I have counted qualified, it will get its own post. I haven't used all reports I got the last days, sorry.

    All in all it have been a fantastic round and I've learned to know many new players. I look forward to talk with you in final too :)

    A special thanks to my hosts on the different servers, you made my work a lot more easier :)

    And now I move to the PreFinal Corner. You are welcome :)

  • Congratulations to vietnam and HellasDT
    They did a great job

    When is the Final?

  • Some late answers arrived today :)

    Trình Triệu (dolongdao) Vietnam:

    1. The international server which we are playing are extremely awesome and dramatics even in the final minutes. Many teams which do not have the official positions in any group stage have joint together and made an exciting server with many equal forces. In this server, we still see there are many big teams and wonderful players with great skills and strategies. I think that if everyone in this server can join as a team, we can become a big force which anyone will be afraid in the final round. At the moment, there is no preparation yet but i believe that we will find a way to contact and connect to each other in order to play toghether in the final. Hope that it will work.

    2. I am impressed by CheckerB, they play very well with canons and help us in destroying other WW. Besides, Ghetto has an annoying way of playing and they play drastically although we has made a lot of things to make then less stronger since the beginning.

    3. I am not impressed by any individual because this is a strategy game and everyone is important. And I believe that everyone playing in the MetaVN and allies is the best. :D
    On this occasion, I want to say thanks to all Vietnamese players and allies who have made an exciting round. And I also want to say thanks to everyone on this server has played for their own purposes and made an extraodinary group stage. I hope that teams will find a same voice and official connection in order to have an best final ever.

    Mermi (1453) Turkey (Google translated)

    1- I believe that we will reach a bigger success with the Turkish friends in the group D. I think this server is too tired to rest in the finals. I wish success to friends who will do all the labour.

    2-Which ally (not your own ally / meta) will you remember from this round?
    All units are good in fight, congratulations to all because of the labour they have given. We have seen exciting players.

    3. Which player have been most impressing? Fighting spirit, Teamwork?
    3-1maxmax1 4 wow army out of a true leader union was the last to come to us. Vietnam was gone, we were able to build it no surprise. Promter has a nice fighting game style. The most impressive ones in are in my opinion the Dacia Union with a sign of good operations.

  • The last ones....


    1. Your opinion about this server? Are you prepared for the Final?
    <<< I am more then happy what my team showed, like I said it is first time we all play together and I think we made big influence on this server, honestly I am not so happy because final is so fast I would like that players have some time to rest.

    2. Which ally (not your own ally/meta) will you remember from this round?
    <<< Definitely Dacia they played aggressively like there is no tomorrow and I like that kind of style.
    On the other hand HellasDT was biggest negative surprise, I expected more from them as they were 3 years in row winner.


    I am very satisfied with our placement. PP have played Tournament many times and we always have had a cooperation with Arxontas78 and HELLAS. But before start I talked with Kova and we agreed to have a cooperation ( !!CS!!, S&G, A, AA and PP). We agreed to not build a WW. Because of that PP don't had a confed or NAP with HELLAS this year.

    PP stayed in the centre and fight against Meeseeks (and they disappeared), then Faguette and then many members went to Ghetto and Rise. And PP continued to clean those players in our area. Mika ( Tuomiopäivä ) wanted a NAP with us but we didn't want that.

    PP had a deal with ITALY ally to not attack each other but not with Ghetto. Its not cooperation we just had the same goal. Italy took a WW in the middle of my villages and I say to Lucky10: That is my WW villa, and she give me a WW. I asked Kova if he and his ally wanted to help me to build this WW and he didn't want to because I'm a roman and without an architect bla bla bla... Then Kova needed a artefact, The trainers great talent, and he agreed with Ghetto so Ghetto gave him a artefact and !!CS!!, S&G, A, AA coalition sent defense to Ghetto WW.

    We took a 3rd BP :D And PP just try. I love my players and they are good friends. I am very disappointed at the coalition !!CS!!, S&G, A, AA because we played together on our servers many years - but: this is a game. Isn't it?


    Congratulations to Vietnam for the victory!

    abujyad M..G..M ND Arabia

    1. Congrats to the coming victory. Are you prepared for the Final?
    <<<Thx . about the final yes we are completely ready.

    2. Which ally (not your own ally/meta) will you remember from this round?
    <<<There is no particular alliance that I will mention in this round.
    It was a very easy tour for us.

    3. Which player have been most impressing ? Fighting spirit ,Teamwork?
    <<<There are a lot of players I do not want to mention some of them and forget others.
    So I will just say all the heroes of the ND.