Hide hero: Only two options?

  • As there are only two options given for Hero to either HIDE or ALWAYS STAY WITH TROOPS, it is not enough. There should be, at least, third option where Hero may defend capital even if the troops are set to evade in case of an attack.
    I find the defenders are at a disadvantage as attacker can attack with Hero alone but the defending hero can only defend if it is there as a reinforcement or troops must stay with it.
    My point is that Capital is set to evasion to prevent its attacking army/troops from dying in an attack but Hero should be able to stay and defend all by itself.
    Kindly, consider adding third option; HERO WILL DEFEND VILLAGE ALWAYS. This option may even be a gold club feature.
    I think it is a must have FEATURE to be included.

  • You have ''Always stay with troops'' for that.

    OK, I am confused now!
    Troops are set to "Troop Evasion" and Hero to "Always stay with Troops"
    What does it conclude? Will the Hero stay with Troops and evade attack or Will Hero stay in Capital and defend the capital?