[AU NZ] T 4.4 Changelogs

    • The production of resource fields is raised by 40%.
    • The cranny capacity has been raised:

      • Romans and Teutons: The capacity values at level 1 are 200 and at level 10 2000.
      • Gauls: The capacity values at level 1 are 300 and at level 10 3000.

    • New beginners protection:

      • The beginner protection will be longer as it was in T4.2. The exact time is not yet known. It will be included in the server information thread as soon as it's fixed.
      • No troops can be sent to a player who is still under beginners protection (this includes any type of troop movements: scouting, reinforcements, attack/raid).
      • A player can not send troops to other players when in beginners protection (this includes any type of troop movements: scouting, reinforcements, attack/raid).
      • A player can attack/raid Natarian villages and unoccupied oases even when in beginners protection.
      • A player now has the possibility to extend his beginners protection. He will get a infobox message before his beginners protection expires with the possibility to extend it. Once the beginners protection ends, it cannot be regained.
      • Its not possible to send resources while in beginners protection.
      • Also while in beginners protection it is not possible to accept or setup trades which are worse than 1:1.

    • Daily Quest System is now also available:

      • 10 different types of tasks, ranging from pretty easy to challenging, which players can do every day to get different rewards. The more points you collect from daily tasks the more attractive prizes you get!
      • The system tracks which rewards have been given and the player gets the remaining rewards in a random fashion. When the player has received all the rewards the system will reset them.
      • They are reset once a day (actually at 12:00 midday/noon server time). This counts for the rewards as well as the points you collected until the reset time. This means that you can collect the rewards again, but also that you have to gain the points again.
      • You need to actively collect the rewards BEFORE the daily quests get reset. Otherwise they will be lost after the reset.
      • You can collect a reward for each "level" (25, 50, 75 and 100 points). This means you can get up to 4 rewards per day.
      • Hint: You need to put 20 infantry or cavalry into the training loop in one go as 20 separately trained units won't fulfill the requirements of the respective daily quest.

    • Adventures / Items:

      • Water buckets are only usable once per day at a 1x speed server.
      • For higher speed servers this depends on the speed of the server:
      • (24 hours / (RoundDown (Speed/3) + 1)))
      • The item drop rates of adventures have been rebalanced:

        • Travian has now increased the amounts of troops and resources that can be found in adventures significantly, so players will be able to happily accept troops and resources even during the mid- or endgame.
        • In Travian 4.4 the number of tablets of law has been adjusted to the length of a server, meaning there will be less tablets at the start and the number will then increase gradually during the course of the server.
        • Bandages: Travian has now scaled their drop rate, so that it also takes into account the length of servers. The bottom line is that there will now be less bandages.

      • The number of maximum adventures has been adapted: the amount of adventures is set by the server’s length, so that there are always adventures available for you.
      • The appearance times of adventures have been modified.
      • Artwork: the maximum culture points a player can get from an artwork is reduced to 2000. In addition, no artwork drops for the player in an adventure in the first 14 days of the server.

    • Culture Points:

      • Every account gets 500 CP's at the beginning.
      • Celebrations: The celebrations have been modified as well to behave like artworks, this means you get the culture points directly after you initiated a celebration. After a celebration, there is a cool-down which equals the time duration a celebration had before. Furthermore a small celebration grants the culture points of the village where the Town Hall is located up to a maximum of 500, and a big celebration grants the account-production of culture points up to 2000.

    • Endgame:

      • 8 out of the 13 WW villages get new spawning spots, outside of the grey area. These villages also have 50% more defending troops in it.
      • After construction plans appear in the game, units in Wonder of the World villages will consume only 50%.
      • The servers will end when one of these events takes place, whichever comes first:

        • A player builds a World Wonder level 100.
        • The Natars, who will start building their World Wonder at a set amount of days after the server started, build their World Wonder to level 100. After reaching level 75, every Natarian warrior is needed, so there is no one left to attack competing world wonders which belong to any other player. At what point exactly the Natars will have built up their wonder to level 100 has not yet been decided.

    • Hero’s resource production per attribute point doubled.
    • Rally Point changes: We added some more filters to the troop overview. Also it is now configurable on how many entries are shown.
    • Trade routes are now allowed to Wonder of the World villages and artefact villages within the alliance/confederacy.
    • Selling items: The following items an be sold in stocks of 5, 10, 30 or 50: bandages, cages, scrolls, ointments and tablets of law.
  • Please be informed that the following issues are known and will be fixed as soon as possible:

    • Daily Quests: Raid unoccupied oasis: no trigger quest if hero has cages but there are no animals
    • Daily quest: Displayed time for the daily resets are shown the opposite way when changing to different zones
    • Daily Quests: recruiting a friend to game does not count to fulfill daily quest
    • Quest doesn't trigger achievement correctly with multiple actions per second
    • Tasks - Battle 09 : Quest doesn't trigger after a bid on an auction
    • Culture Points production is shown in residence for villages on grey fields
    • Items: Misplaced popup after clicking on stackable items
    • Waterbucket: Date and time in LTR the other way round.
    • Internet Explorer 11 - Hero: Doubleclick on item leads to message "invalid transaction".
    • If player destroys village he also conquers it (if chief is in the attacking army)
    • Increase amount of defending Natarian troops in WW villages outside the grey area: troops not yet increased.
    • Marketplace: Deactivate “Trade routes” without deleting it.
  • The beginner's protection lengths are as follows:

    1x speed servers:
    Beginners protection basic: 5 days
    Additional days on request: 3 days
    Culture points granted at the beginning: 500 culture points

    3x speed servers:
    Beginners protection basic: 3 days
    Additional days on request: 3 days
    Culture points granted at the beginning: 167 culture points

    The beginner protection basic value is extended based on the server age. The additional day on request amount however stays the same all round.

  • Bugfixes

    • Daily Quests: The displayed time for the daily resets now changes according to which timezone the player chooses.
    • Marketplace: It was possible to send resources to a wrong village by not typing the full name in the destination box. Fixed.


    • Mobile optimization: The gold-usage-confirmation dialog is now better positioned.
    • Mobile optimization: The village list now has some bigger items so that they are better usable with touch devices.
    • The villages in the grey area now show "0" as culture point production.
  • Bugfixes

    • Culture points: Village Overview: Layout error shows wrong CP amount of village in grey area. Fixed.
    • Culture points: CP production is shown in residence for villages on grey fields. Fixed.
    • Daily Quests: It is possible to gain multiple rewards at the same time. Fixed.

  • Bugfixes

    • Hero Consumables: The dialog for the number of used items was misplaced in the lower right corner. Fixed.
    • Daily Quests: Recruiting a player didn't count for the "earn gold" of the daily quests. Fixed.
    • Marketplace: Accepting better offers than 1:1 is not possible during beginners protection. Fixed.
  • Bugfixes

    • Culture points - Accounts: The cp's received by every new account are not fix anymore, they now have a formular which also reacts to the speed.
    • Alliance: Reports: If you change your active village while in the alliance report view, then the reports were not shown anymore. Fixed.
    • Daily Quests

      • Rewards: Your Grain Mill reward from the daily quests will now only be receivable if you have the specific requirements. If not you will get a message which is closable so that then the reward can be collected later.
      • Players can't reach 100 points. Fixed.
      • Adventure: Quest doesnt trigger when the hero dies while doing the adventure. Fixed.
      • Oases: Raiding an empty oases with a hero who has cages equipped did not trigger the daily quest. fixed.

    • Adventures: Players received one more cavalry troop as a reward than they should. Fixed.
    • Traderoutes: If you send resources to someone in your alliance and this player has an artefact in this village then in the report you are the sender and also the recipient. Fixed.
    • Trade routes are still being started on a banned account. Fixed.
    • Trade routes: Routes to an artefact villages within your alliance still start even when the artefact has been stolen. This is now fixed because all traderoutes from within the alliance to this villages will be removed from the depending players traderoutelist.
    • Confederacy forum: Its not possible to delete posts or threads of the other alliance. Fixed.
    • Culture points: Natar WW villages in grey area still produced culture points although they have been conquered by a player. Fixed.
    • Natars - Artefact villages: the villages did not get deleted after the artefact has been conquered. Fixed, they now get deleted.


    • Mobile optimization

      • A lot of pop up dialogs in the game had a tiny closing button (the "x") which made it hard to push. We enlarged it.
      • LowRes Version: The navigation on the map was realized by a "crosshair". This is now changed to direction arrows which are located on all 4 sides of the map.
      • Clicking on a heroes item once shows the info, the second click uses the item. With that method, its now possible to see the description of the item which was before hold in the tooltip which was not reachable with a mobile device.

    • Beginners Protection

      • It is now possible to send troops to own villages while the player is still in beginners protection.
      • It is now possible to send resources to own villages while the player is still in beginners protection.

    • Trade routes: Players would like to be able to deactivate trade routes without deleting them. Implemented. There are checkboxes now to deactivate/activate an existing trade route.
    • Village name: A single quote is changed to a blank, when it is used in the village name.
    • Starvation: Troops starve with a timestamp in the future. Added an advanced logging here.
  • Bugfixes

    • Turorial: first step is not solvable if you have no claypit on the needed level. Fixed.
    • Skip Tutorial: Collect Reward not possible if a Rallypoint exists. Fixed.
    • Villages in grey area dont produce CPs.
    • A small celebration in a village in the grey area give that village the cp's that it would produce.
    • A big celebration gives all the cp's from the production of all villages (including the cp's that the village in the grey area would produce.

  • Features

    • Daily Quests / villagelist: Those 2 boxes switch places when a player has more than 20 villages.
    • Beginners protection: Added a popup for the confirmation of the prolonging.


    • Mobile optimization - Hero items: When you use an item the dialog jumped to the top left of the page. Fixed.
    • Culture Points: Information about enough culture points is wrong during and after feast. Fixed.
    • Daily Quests 04: Winning an auction subtracts 5 points from overall score. Fixed. The coders also fixed some other stuff, so the daily points should be working properly now.
    • Main building - Demolish - Firefox: Using the "complete construction immediately" while demolishing it leads to freezes of the timer and the popup for the confirmation does not appear. Fixed.
    • CP production in grey area:

      • Villages in grey area dont produce CPs.
      • A small celebration in a village in the grey area give that village the cp's that it would produce.
      • A big celebtration gives all the cp's from the production of all villages (including the cp's that the village in the grey area would produce.

  • Dear players,

    One of the features that we presented on our Birthday special and that was chosen by you to be carried on to our new T4.4 version is the change in the Endgame: the Natars now compete with you to be the first ones to build their World Wonder to level 100 and end the server. Up until now we haven’t told you when exactly the Natars would be able to finish the server, so now it’s time to share it with you, together with some further adjustments to the times the artefacts and construction plans are released.

    Advancing and growing became faster on T4.4, thanks to these changes from previous versions:

    • Increase of 40% in resource production, which means building structures and collecting culture points faster
    • Daily tasks, that give rewards you can use to expand your empire

    On top of that, changes in the Endgame make it easier to support a larger defending force:

    • Trade routes can be set to deliver resources from alliance and confederacy members to the World Wonder village
    • Only 50% crop consumption for all troops in a World Wonder village, after the construction plans are released

    Due to that, we decided that together with setting up the times for the building of the Natarian World Wonder, we would shorten a bit the release time of the artefacts and construction plans. We’re proud to present our new formulas:

    100 days ÷ server speed = artifacts will be set up
    200 days ÷ server speed = construction plans will be set up
    250 days ÷ server speed = the Natars start to construct their World Wonder
    24 hours ÷ server speed = how long it takes (in hours) for the Natars to increase their World Wonder by one level

    And what it actually means for normal and speed servers (all times are from the time the server begins):

    X1 speed server:

    • Artifacts released at 100 days
    • Construction plans released at 200 days
    • Natars start building their World Wonder at 250 days
    • Natars finish building their World Wonder at 350 days (give or take 1 day), if no player manages to build a level 100 World wonder before that

    X3 speed server:

    • Artifacts released at 34 days
    • Construction plans released at 67 days
    • Natars start building their World Wonder at 84 days
    • Natars finish building their World Wonder at 118 days (give or take 1 day), if no player manages to build a level 100 World wonder before that

    We hope you’re ready for this new challenge! :)

    Kind regards,
    Your Travian Team

  • Features:

    • Player invites player: Restrict the rewards to only for hired players playing on the same server.
    • Footer: Added a link to the gamerules.


    • Mobile optimization: map: the arrows for the map navigation are missing. Fixed.
    • Natars: the Wall level was built to fast and too high relating to the server age. Fixed.
    • Adventures: The 11th adventure always dropped nothing. Fixed.
    • Servertime: Switch to summer time caused daily quest reset issue. Fixed.
    • IGM / Notices: Added an error for the player when a too long text was entered.
    • Finishing all "world" quests caused the system to show "17/16 quests done". Fixed.
    • Speedserver: The return time of restored troops via bandages didn't scale according to the server speed. Fixed.
    • Culture Points: information about enough culture points is wrong during and after a celebration. Fixed.
    • Statistics: Alliances Best Defenders tab got the wrong description title. Fixed.
    • Artworks: The tooltip for the amount of CP is wrong if you have villages in grey zone only. Fixed.
    • Main building - Demolish: In Firefox "complete construction immediately" leads to freezes of the time left and no pop-up to confirm. Fixed.
  • Features

    • New default balancing settings for artifacts/construction plan and terminate server:

      • 100 days / server speed = days, when artifacts will be set up
      • 200 days / server speed = days, when construction plans will be set up
      • 250 days / server speed = days, when Natarian main village will start to construct his Wonder of World building
      • 24 hours / server speed = hours, when Natarian main village increases their WoW for one level

    • Quest Achievement logging: Removed an unnecessary logging.


    • Natarian villages outside the grey area didnt have more defending troops than the other villages. Fixed.
    • Oasis: It is not possible to over counquer your own oasis. Fixed.
    • Rally Point: Incoming troops: The returning troops from raid/attack/reinforcements were only shown to number 10 although when there were more. Fixed.
    • Quest & Tutorial: Economy Quest: Collecting the grain mill reward level 2 does not trigger when a grain mill is in the building queue for level 1. Fixed.
    • Building: Marketplace: Send resources: Old coordinates disappeared if you switched to another village. Fixed.
  • Features

    • Email change:It is now not possible anymore to change the email address while the account is in deletion.
    • Natars: New village names for independent Natarian villages have been implemented.
    • Hero: Items: If you have more than 1 horse it is possbile to sell your first one. But this one will be sold to the system and is not visible for another players.
    • Profile: Players are now able to change their names. If you have under 50 population then its free for the first 3 times. After that it will cost 50 gold. Also the name change is under the same
      restrictions (i.e. Blacklisted, already taken etc) as when you choose your name while registering.
    • Oases:Added an option to occupy an oasis in the "attack oases" menu.
    • Infobox: It is now possible to remove some of the infos from the infobox.
    • Plus Account: If a player has an active plus account then the golden coin animation is stopped.
    • Added an Internal Fix for the database update routine.
    • Gold: It is now possible to demolish a building instantly using gold.


    • Rally Point: Filters: Incoming troops: returning troops from raid/attack/reinforcement only show to number 10 even when there are more. Fixed.
    • Quest: Collecting the grain mill reward for a grain mill in the second village didnt work correctly if the player already had a building queue running. Fixed.
    • Natars: The village outside of the grey area should did not have an increased amount of troops. Fixed.
    • BeginnerProtection: some code optimizations.
    • Quest Achievements: removed some unnecessary logging.
    • Password change: optimized logging of errors.
    • Database: The logging table for the trade routes has not been filled. Fixed.
    • Payment Feature: Auto prolonging: Plus Account is not extended automatically when user is offline although it is checked. Fixed.
    • Quests: Achievements: Removed unnecessary logging.

  • Features:

    • Cookie encryption has been improved.
    • Security Improvement: The generation of the registration codes has been improved.


    • Hero: Status in main UI is displayed wrong if the hero assists a village/oasis. Fixed.
    • Account Creation: First login generates too long village name that can't be entered as a destination for an attack or trade route. Fixed.
    • Beginner's Protection: Map: Send troops link is active even though noob protection is still on. Fixed.
    • NPC merchant: NaN is shown instead of resource numbers if a player traded resources over and over again. Fixed.
    • Map: Highlights in choosing flags (ally, player) are missing. Fixed.
    • Reports: Miscellaneous: raid reports appear in the report tab when choosing "newer" and "older" reports. Fixed.
    • Artifact: If you loose your active artifact and because of that your bigger cranny artifact becomes active, the bigger cranny effect was not calculated for all your villages. Fixed.
    • Marketplace: Natars: If a deleted players village transfers to a natarian village, the offers in the marketplace are still active. Fixed.
    • Village name: It is possible to hide the village name with a special character. Fixed.
    • Account Deletion: player: it is possible to delete the account and change e-mail adress at the same time. Fixed.
    • Payment: Voucher package shown wrong in some domains (i.E. RS and RU). Fixed.
    • Map: Oases: Google Chrome: The popup of an oases has the numbers for the resource percentages misplaced. Fixed.
    • IGM Blacklist: Blacklist doesn't consider all BB codes. Fixed.
    • Exchange: Changing gold to silver takes 50 gold no matter what you wanted to change. Fixed.
    • Artefacts: The recalculation of the bigger cranny artefact caused an eventjam. Fixed.
  • Bugfix

    • Hero: Items: If a player has 2 or more horses, he can "sell" them for 100 silver. But they are not in the auction house, they get instantly removed and the player receives 100 silver.
    • Artifact: Bigger cranny: artifact caused eventjam. Fixed.
    • Player recruitment: Deleted duplicate entries were shown ingame and counted for the limit. They will not be shown anymore.
    • Profile: Rename account: Using the rename function it was possible to use the same name for the account as the used password. This is not possible anymore.
    • Profile: Auctions: Even though a player changed his name, in the auctions was still the old name shown. Fixed.
    • Hero: Attributes: If your hero level exceeded lvl 100 the experience bar was not working correctly. Fixed.
    • Fixed some code errors.
  • Bugfixes

    • Village: Main Building: Demolish: Villages didnt get deleted when being demolished completely. Fixed.
    • IGM Spam Protection: Messages by ignored users reappeared after the ignored player deleted his account. Fixed.
    • Truce: Sometime truce doesn't work. We now implemented an automatic restart of the eventsystem shortly before the truce should start.
    • Achievements: The text for the rewards in the Popup were wrong. Fixed.
    • Battle Report: The report stated that the attacked village has been completely destroyed which is incorrect. Fixed.
    • Village: Name: Editing the village name did not work. Fixed.
    • Profile: Players will only see their personal set language in every other players profile. Fixed.
    • Game end : Gold transfer links have not created. Fixed.
    • Rally Point: Send Troops: Not possible to send troops between account´s villages at all. Fixed.
    • Quest & Tutorial: Tips: Tips reappear even if you switch off the tips. Fixed.
    • Hero: Oasis: The hero gets lost when he tries to raid an oases while being equipped with cages. Fixed.
  • Features

    • Player: Profile: We now prevent players from using specific arabic UTF8 characters in their account name.


    • Rally Point: Attack: Catapult: Queue: Building any building type is not getting finished because of catapult attack. Fixed.
    • Newsbox: The countdown for the account deletion timer is not deletable anymore. That way players don't think they stopped the timer by deleting the newsbox entry.
    • Treasury: Inactive artefact of the fool is shown as active to other players. Fixed.
    • Rally point: Crop consumption of troops doesn't consider artifact effects in some cases. Fixed.
    • Rally point: Oasis: Troops: Displayed return time for supporting troops in an oasis is different between villages. Fixed.
    • Attack: Catapults: Stonemason's Lodge was not the last building that would be destroyed by catapults. Fixed.
  • Features

    • Notification/warning for players if the NPC-trade feature will be applied to a village it was not started from. Done.
    • Space between the "ignore" and "send message" button - so that I do not accidentally click the other. Done.
    • More specific messages in alliance news - so that players can distinguish between "player left" and "player was forced to leave" an alliance. Implemented.
    • Option to see the alliance internal rank of alliance members in the alliance overview. Done.
    • Option to see the alliance tag on the crop finder result page - so that I do not need to open every single player on the map additionally. Done.
    • Option to highlight special villages of a player in the players profile to increase awareness to other players. Done. Capitals (old) and villages that have a world wonder building or an artifact have that information shown now.
    • Polished the village statistics table. Column width was modified to avoid line breaks.
    • Polished the player statistics table.Column width was modified to avoid line breaks.
    • Polish the hero statistics table.Column width was modified to avoid line breaks.
    • Additional link in the Payment-Shop to show the players all our payment-options - so that new legal requirements are applied. Done.


    • Resources: Production Overview: Crop Balance: consumption of own troops reinforcing second village are shown in oases. Fixed.
    • Hero: Adventures: Fatal error when hero gets report of "failed adventure". Fixed.
    • Rally Point: Farm List: you get a white page if you have to many farm lists in that village. Fixed.
    • Profile: Language flag: new registered accounts have Romanian flag as default flag, no matter which country. Fixed.
    • Player: Map: Second Player: Beginners Protection: Second village: Send troops button is active on the second (or third etc.) village, even if the to be attacked player still has beginners protection. The according error message appears on the next page. Fixed.
    • Gpacks disappear and cause missing images. Fixed.
    • Statistics: General tab has 2 entries for one date. Fixed.
    • Registration: Map: Village spawning points can exclude some sectors. Fixed.
    • Registration: Map: improvement of spawning point selection to make it saver. Done.
    • Account settings: Change account name: changing account name leads to fatal error. Fixed.
    • Market: It is not possible to send resources while in beginners protection if you use the icon. Fixed.
    • Market: Sending resources with active beginners protection cuts the warning message. Fixed, except for Safari browsers.
    • Market: wrong error message: If you are in beginners protection and try to send 0 resources to your second village you get the error message that you cannot send resources while being in beginners protection. Fixed. It shows the same message now as if you try to send 0 resources.
    • Player: Login: Removed UTF-8 characters in arabic worlds prevent all players from login who used those characters. Fixed.
    • Rally Point: Attack: Catapults: If the catapult target is destroyed, then the Stonemason's Lodge is not the last building anymore that can be destroyed. Fixed.
    • Alliance: If you have only the right to change alliance description, then you can't change alliance internal overview. Fixed.
  • Features

    • Player: Auctions: Level 2 and Level 3 horses can now be put in the auctions IF the player owns 2 or more horses.
    • Gold Shop: Voucher: The usability when using a voucher has been improved.
    • Gamworld: Registration: Midgame: the registration will now automaticly close when the midgame artefacts are released.
    • Alliance: Forum: Add better transparency on why the posts are not deletable for own survey posts.
    • Map: The markings on the map which show the relations of the players/village are now better visible.
    • Village: Resource fields and buildings now show if they are actually upgradeable by showing a green ring around their level.

    New feautures for the Farmlist

    • It is now possible to add villages to the farmlist from the map.
    • It is now possible to add oases to the farmlist from the map.
    • Creating a new farmlist now happens in a popup, and not in a new window.
    • Editing a farmlist now happens in a popup, and not in a new window.
    • It is now possible to rename a farmlist.
    • Adding a village to a farmlist now happens in a popup, and not in a new window.
    • It is now possible to add farms from a report.
    • Error message occured instead of expected behavior when adding (0|0) to the farmlist.
    • Wrong tribe icons were shown.
    • Village: the colour of the button "Add to farmlist" has been modified.
    • Removing an entry from the farmlist caused the map to reload. Fixed.
    • Villages: Farmlists per village now need to have a unique name.
    • Button "Add to farmlist" now tells the player when this village/oasis is already on another farmlist.


    • Multilanguage gameworlds: You cannot send IGMs to accounts with arabic names. Fixed.
    • Attack: Catapults: Wall was destroyable by using only catapults. Fixed.
    • Oasis: Wrong color of "attack icon" when occupied oasis is on attack. Fixed.
    • Player: Beginner's Protection: Map: It was not possible to send troops to the second village because of a disabled button. Fixed.
    • Player: Beginner's Protection: Map: Send merchant(s) link is active even if noob protection is on. Fixed.
    • Player profile: Implemented additional informations can override display of capital. Fixed.
    • IGM: Wrong layout if header is longer than 61 symbols. Fixed.
    • Rally Point: Troop movements: Outgoing troops are not sorted correctly. Fixed.
    • Battle Report: Says that attacked village has been completely destroyed, even though it was the players last village. Fixed.
    • Battle Report: Notification about destroyed village is missing. Fixed.
    • Registration: Conditions for closing a gameworld are wrong, the gameworld now gets closed when the construction plans spawn.
    • Map: Send Merchants: Link is missing under certain conditions. Fixed.
    • Several self deletions fail or cause event jams.
  • Features

    • The old Travian game worlds will close their registration automatically - so that new players do not create accounts there. Done.
    • Players will not be able to use specific Arabic UTF8 characters in their account name - so that it is possible to use all usernames in links
    • The buttons "archive" and "add to farm list" in a report have similar behavior - so the player is not confused by differing properties. Done.
    • It will now show the player his progress to gain access to the auction-system - so the player knows how far he already is and gets motivated by his progress. Done. Instead of "you need 10 adventures" it shows now how many adventures you have done and a progress bar.
    • There is change in the way start adventures are chosen - so the start adventures are more balanced. Done. Noticeable change is e.g. that horse, cages, troops drop within the the first 5 adventures now. Silver and book of wisdom drop within the 6-10th adventure.
    • It is possible to see time information in hero tooltip - so that I see at a glance when his next event will be. Done.
    • It is possible for the player to enables/disables the coloring system.


    • Quest: New Player: Questmaster and "Welcome"-popup missing at start of game, you have to reload the page. Fixed.
    • Quest: World_Quest's can't be completed. Fixed.
    • Quest: Tutorial_13 "Heal hero": Step triggers without usage of item. Fixed.
    • Player deletion: Error in account deletion function. Fixed.
    • Farmlist: Create new list: Input boxes overlap to the right. Fixed.
    • Farmlist: Edit raid: Changing farmlist for a target, while editing, will result in a copy. Fixed.
    • Farmlist: No reload after editing a raid. Fixed.
    • Farmlist: Return (Enter)-Key doesn't submit formular. Fixed.
    • Farmlist: Reports: Editing or adding to farmlist via report icon does not work properly. Fixed.
    • Farmlist: Switching through lists with same target doesn't work. Fixed.
    • Farmlist: Village popup: Information about existing target on one farmlist can be misleading. Fixed.