Mods vs Members

  • Another simple game. Members count like the count to 1,000,000 game, basically no double posting and count by 1 each time. However if a mod posts, it sets it to 0 automatically, so you have to get to a certain number before a mod comes and smashes it all to pieces! Your goal will get progressively higher, so to start off easy, you just have to hit 20, should be easy. If you get that, the goal will increase by 10 each time, so once you get 20, start again and get to 30 (if you can! :P)

    Go crazy! (I can't really start know...)

    EDIT: Mods, be nice and don't ruin their fun too quickly lol (so don't worry too much Leon)

    EDIT2: Thus far, members have achieved the relatively small aim of 20. They are now chasing 30 as their new target xD

    EDIT3: Surprisingly, 30 was swiftly reached...mods were slacking tsk tsk

    EDIT4: Sigh we switched off and they reached 40

    EDIT5: They reached 50:mad:

    EDIT6: I've completely lost track, but it's some ridiciulous number by now.

    EDIT7: The highest point reached so far has now been confirmed as 301, so the new target is 310

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