World Wonder Game

  • The world Wonder starts at level 50. You may increase it up or down twice a day. You can once your clock passes 12:00 AM, midnight, and once your clock passes 12:00 PM, noon. There also needs to be at least one post from another forum member in between. If 24 hours pass without a post of someone else, you can build/destroy a level again.
    Please follow the rules of the forum, as this thread is on this forum and should do so. BTW, my judgment is final. No arguing.

    The person who gets to 0 or 100 first gets to name the new WW.


    List of the Past World Wonders:

    Destruction Count: 43
    Completion Count: 39

    Original: Completed at 10/20/2008 by TravPlay
    Mt. Travian: Destroyed at 12/12/2008 by Legion
    Unnamed (first): Destroyed at 12/13/2008 by Mbstokem
    Shenaynay's WW: Destroyed at 12/31/2008 by Zingoleb

    Zombies Ate My (World Wonder): Completed at 1/13/2009 by Shenaynay
    Unnamed (second): Destroyed at 1/18/2009 by Fortress
    Little Kid WW: Completed at 2/3/2009 by Superpickle
    WHARRGARBL: Completed at 2/14/2009 by Valynor
    Vote for Valynor: Completed at 2/20/2009 by Brahma
    Unnamed (third): Destroyed at 2/27/2009 by Brahma
    Unnamed (fourth): Completed at 3/8/2009 by Valynor
    Mafia's Hill: Completed at 3/21/2009 by Bou
    Unnamed (fifth): Completed at 4/3/2009 by Kamikrazy
    The Village: Destroyed at 4/17/2009 by Kappa
    KGB Wonder: Completed at 5/18 by Valynor
    The Valynor: Completed at 5/29/2009 by Rair
    (。>_<。): Completed at 6/18/2009 by Killers
    Unnamed (sixth): Completed at 6/28/2009 by Kamikrazy
    Two Posts in a Row: Destroyed at 7/3/2009 by Rair
    Crushed by the Nail-Tailed Fox: Completed at 7/11/2009 by King Tim II
    Mrs. Evil's Birthday Palace: Destroyed at 7/18/2009 by Soy Sauce
    Unnamed (seventh): Completed at 7/29/2009 by Killer X747
    Killer's House: Destroyed at 8/6/2009 by Akor.
    Rocky the Giant Stone Block: Completed at 8/24/2009 by To Be Somebody
    Unnamed (eighth): Completed at 11/2/2009 by Theironcladlad
    Akor's Crumpet: Destroyed at 11/14/2009 by I own u
    Akor's Crumbs: Destroyed at 12/7/2009 by Akor

    Conic Tower: Completed at 1/5/2010 by Chris Parks
    Chris Parks: Destroyed at 1/16/2010 by Akor
    New Worldwonderania: Completed 2/22/2010 by Akor
    Mafia HQ: Destroyed at 3/22/2010 by Cheddar
    The Fail Win: Completed at 4/15/2010 by Vash
    The Vash: Destroyed at 5/20/2010 by Akor
    Nameless Statue: Destroyed at 6/29/2010 by SilentLarry
    Tracker's Sim City: Completed at 7/16/2010 by JuliusCeasar
    Statue of Valy-Jesus: Destroyed at 9/22/2010 by Constellation
    Simmer's Playhouse: Completed at 10/11/2010 by Summer
    George Carlin's Stand-up Stage: Destroyed at 11/19/2010 by Doog
    An Igloo: Destroyed at 12/7/2010 by Akor
    Summer Vacation: Completed at 12/25/2010 by 3NT

    Unnamed (ninth): Completed at 1/23/2011 by Hunter
    The smiley face with its tongue sticking out: Destroyed at 2/18/2011 by Mouse-Keyboard
    Unnamed (tenth): Completed at 4/5/2011 by 3NT
    Unnamed (eleventh): Destroyed at 5/9/2011 by 3NT
    Unnamed (twelfth): Destroyed at 11/21, after almost being finished, by Toucan

    Harry Potter's Empire: Destroyed at 2/8/2012 by Hunter
    Obama: Destroyed at 3/28/2012 by Hunter
    Belladonna: Destroyed at 6/26/2012 by Hunter
    Unnamed (thirteenth): Destroyed at 9/17/2012 by Smallp0x
    Cactus: Completed at 10/17/2012 by Ech0

    The Wonderbolts: Completed at 6/12/2013 by Akor
    A Mystery: Destroyed at 8/8/2013 by Cute

    Nightmoon: Completed at 2/24/2014 by Jason_Kroeker
    Math: Completed at 8/2/2014 by Neran
    Geogria: Destroyed at 8/22/2014 by Mouse-Keyboard
    Hell: Destroyed at 12/16/2014 by Mod Gauss

    Gunter: Destroyed at 1/19/2015 by Mouse-Keyboard
    Sunnydale: Completed at 5/24/2015 by Mouse-Keyboard
    Doge: Completed at 7/31/2015 by Rokchick
    Wollagerrie: Completed at 12/30/2015 by Rokchick

    Sandcastle 403: Destroyed at 2/6/2016 by Rokchick
    Humpybong: Completed at 2/23/2016 by Mod Dark Tower
    Shangri-La: Destroyed at 3/14/2016 by Rokchick
    Rokermania: Completed at 4/6/2016 by Rokchick
    Huh?: Destroyed at 5/6/2016 by Battle
    KnaughtRox: Destroyed at 5/30/2016 by Mouse-Keyboard
    Harrenhal: Destroyed at 7/10/2016 by ArabChuckNorris
    Masjid al-Haram: Destroyed at 8/28/2016 by Luissss
    P0xRok: Completed at 10/04/2016 by Mouse-Keyboard
    The Great Lighthouse of Alexandria: Completed at 11/11/2016 by The Burninator
    Valhalla: Destroyed at 11/28/2016 by RokChick
    Antipodes: Destroyed at 12/24/2016 by Eric Rasputin

    Rasputin's Haven: Completed at 1/7/2017 by Mouse-Keyboard
    This Land: Completed at 1/21/2017 by Rokchick
    Delicious blend of SSB: Destroyed at 2/6/2017 by Rokchick
    Kangaroo Poo: Destroyed at 2/25/2017 by н-υ-п-т-ε-я
    Wensleydale: Destroyed at 3/29/2017 by н-υ-п-т-ε-я
    Pulse Bloodsucker: Destroyed at 5/20/2017 by Carni
    Gotham City: Completed at 6/24/2017 by Eric Rasputin
    Gridlock Fort: Destroyed at 8/3/2017 by Eric Rasputin

    The Hippie Junction: Destroyed at 2/1/2018 by Happy
    Big Ben: Completed at 2/23/2018 by Trickster


    Hall of Fame

    • Travplay, Legion, mbstokem and Zingoleb. 1 Completion/Destruction.


    • Valynor. 3 Completions.
    • Akor. 2 Destructions.
    • Kamikrazy. 2 Completions.
    • Brahma, Rair. 1 Destruction, 1 Completion.
    • Bou, Fortress, I own u, Kappa, Killer X747, Killers, King Tim II, Shenaynay, Soy Sauce, Superpickle, TheIroncladLad, To Be Somebody. 1 Destruction/Completion.


    • Akor. 3 Destructions, 1 Completion.
    • 3NT, Cheddar, Chris Parks, Constellation, Doog, JuliusCeasar, SilentLarry, Summer, Vash. 1 Destruction/Completion.


    • 3NT. 1 Destruction, 1 Completion.
    • Hunter, Mouse-Keyboard, Toucan. 1 Destruction/Completion.


    • Hunter. 3 Destructions.
    • Ech0, 5mallp0x. 1 Destruction/Completion.


    • Akor, Cute. 1 Destruction/Completion.


    • Jason_Kroeker, Mod Gauss, Mouse-Keyboard, Neran. 1 Destruction/Completion.


    • Rokchick. 2 Completions.
    • Mouse_Keyboard. 1 Destruction, 1 Completion.


    • Rokchick. 3 Destructions, 1 Completion.
    • Mouse-Keyboard. 1 Destruction, 1 Completion.
    • ArabChuckNorris, Eric Rasputin, Luissss, Mod Dark Tower, The Burninator. 1 Destruction/Completion.


    • Mouse-Keyboard, Carni. 1 Destruction/Completion.
    • Rokchick. 1 Destruction, 1 Completion.
    • н-υ-п-т-ε-я. 2 Destructions.
    • Eric Rasputin. 2 Destructions, 1 Completion.


    • Happy. 1 Destruction.
    • Trickster. 1 Completion.

    To get on this list, break the rules when I'm sure you know them multiple times. That, and Bella's on your case too (for now). Just know that despite the direction you are going, I don't appreciate cheaters.
    Dirty, Illiterate, Cheating Dumdumnoobtards List:

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