Introductions & Farewells

  • Nope, you're not getting rid of me just yet :p

    This is a thread for anyone who is joining or leaving the Travian community and wants to introduce themselves or say goodbye. Please keep it to intro/farewell messages and not general chit-chat.

    Thread will be periodically cleaned.

  • I know I said I was leaving, and haven't really left lol... but due to some recent (and annoyingly stupid) news I'm going to be leaving properly.

  • Well, this is where I leave you...again...

    I have been on this forum a long time now, I have seen it change and many important point in its history. People have come, gone, come back again, but the forum changed after 2007. I know you've heard it before, but it did. Before Christmas, you could get banned for having over 1000 posts, now, theres tens of users that have more. You could get into major trouble for asking already answered questions, not any more. The influx of, pardon the expressions, "noobs and spammers" has really hit this forum hard, and therefore I take my leave.

    I'm gonna be old-fashioned and give a list.


    And a few others I may have forgotten. Good luck, and goodbye

  • Hello the world of Travian. My friend and I both decided to join together. I must warn you my friend, for reasons known only to him and his Doctor, has called himself Mildred! We both live in our own little worlds so this might get a bit confusing!

    We are very friendly simpletons and nice ... or am I lulling you in to a false sense of security!

  • Hey,

    I doubt anyone remembers me but I'm waiting on the next server so I thought I'd say hi.


  • Hmm.. My computer seems to have decided to hibernate so I may be off a while, shame :P

    On if I'm at dads, library or brother lets me on his laptop

    Can't keep me from the internet muhaha

    Otherwise, potential semi goodbye

    Oh and I'm leaving my ingame accounts to rot now, might give them away ^_^


    And I'll do coolio peoples list just in case I'm dead a while, everyone seems to and never leaves haha

    So people I find funny or worth a chat..


    Can't think of more now haha, being kicked out the library in 2 minutes, byebyes :P

    And when I get back someone explain whatever happened to sigs =o

    Mucho Man Loves x

  • [Edited]
    ok, i have posted like 2 leaving posts, this one is for real

    I will be on form time to time to but in
    But i have left due to problems on the RPG forum

    EVERYONE!!! especially Ali, Blackrainbow, Desmond, Jammy, Dan/Velvet

    people i have no love for[sorry]:
    Mikey ninja
    Chloe [joking...or am I? nah... joking]
    Sypchic [love you really evil person =D]

  • This ISN'T a leaving post but I may be off for a while should I end up having to go with my mum for a holiday in Japan.
    Otherwise, I'll be doing babysitting.

  • hey guys

    wel i'm leaving i cba to deal with the forums(its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring now)

    i might do the odd post every year or two

    but cya

  • Hi
    Looks like my travian days are over, i have cut down onto 1 server and now have given up the rest, the reason for this is its my final year in school, and i need to study... bla bla

    i had some good times, and some bad...
    thats all see you guys in like a year or so...

    im still playing on speed though...

    cheers to all, even enemies ;)

    ~Broomer~ :D

  • Same for me, i need to study so quit travian, but i still like to come on the forums, infact ive been using the forums even more since i quit

  • hi everybody,
    I'm Trang, from Viet Nam
    Nice to meet all of you.
    I hope that we will be good friends

  • I may play you again some day :)

    Thank you to everyone who has helped me and just everyone who's played along side me.
    Everyone on this game thank you :)

  • I will be quting travian for a few months you dont know me i know but i have played for a long time now so
    BYE EVERYONE:):rolleyes:

  • I’d like to make the most of this section by saying I’m back from my ban but more importantly:

    As most of you will be aware I have been given quite a few bans and points on my account recently. Along with that I have lost my ability to use the forum as much as I have done in the past. So thus it will come as a welcome surprise to a few of you that I have decided to leave the forum. Unfortunately the forum has this pull, which brings players back, but I am taking mental measures against that. I am even going to put it on my block sites list so I cannot access it. I will check every month or so but what is there to say really. I can still be contacted by PM or via my email (, so if you need to contact me please so.

    Like everyone else has put there is a huge list of people, who I feel have positively influenced my time on the forum, I could put up but then the page would stretch down for a very, very long time so I hope you know who you are. Anyone who has given me advice or just done or said something really funny well you’re the kind of people that kept me on the forum from since before Christmas; and I thank you very much because of it.

    On a totally opposite note a lot of my bad reputation points and bans have come from
    disagreements with a few members of staff which I don’t really want to mention too much; but good luck staff you’re going to need someone else to ban and annoy all day long. So Ha. For those players who I have flamed and annoyed I am very sorry but I’m gone now so feel free to post your noobish ideas and cause other people frustration, as I’m sure most of you will. I’m sure someone will come along pretty quickly and take up the job I used to do.

    I am also going to mention the atmosphere of the forums as many people who have left have also done. I am sure quite a few of you old-timers will agree with me in acknowledging the fact that this forum has lost most of it’s welcoming, happy and interesting feel. Some still remains and it will stay that way until everything from the beginning goes, which might happen soon. But I hope that D’ can help make the forum a nicer place again. (A bit of advice though, maybe the reputation feature could be improved.)

    Goodbye All


  • I'd like to make a big long goodbye post about how I love you all I'll never forget you and how I wont let go jack and all that crap. But truth is im only away for 2 weeks in sunny spain, woo. I'll try find some internet. If I do i'll probably come on travian alot more than I should.

    Peace Out Gouranga