Introductions & Farewells

  • Unfortuantly I am not going to be posting in this section anymore. Over the past few weeks/months this section has become a very unhappy place, there seems to be a snide comment included in every post. If you don't like someone keep it to yourself or speak to them so you can sort out your differences, there is no need to post it in a forum post, so everyone knows how you feel, it is just basically bullying. So I shall only be posting when answering a question due to my role, and in the debate and RPG section, as these are the only places free of this behaviour.
    A special thanks goes out to these people:
    Chloe: well what can I say about her, she is just the nicest person on this forum by a mile.
    Dragonfyre:She lives in Norfolk so she must be brilliant
    Horse:She makes some very entertaining posts, and she is a very good debater
    Tifilka:Every single one of his posts has made me laugh

    There are many more, but these are the names that poped into my head first.

    I shall only return to this section if it gets rid of this bullying, or some of you come up with really really good reasons as to why I should stay via PM

    Good day and God speed

  • Im back after my mega extended break, Jammy noticed, anybody else? jammy i would give u rep but they took it down litrally as i clicked the button

  • I would like to announce that this evening will be my last on Travian forums for a while. I may be back sooner rather than later, but we'll see...
    There are a lot of cool people on here, I'm glad I've met (well sort of) so thanks you - whoever you are :P

  • Back from my holiday :)

    My account has been thoroughly screwed over so I might give up.

    Some questions:

    Supporters are blue now?

    Wheres all my reppy? :P

    But it's good to be back.

  • im back was nackerd coming home i did think i would come home a couple of days ago but no.

  • hi everyone! im chris and ive just joined up. so thats my rather stunning intro......

  • Hiya, I'm back after a little trip to Canada to see my pretty much good-for-nothing Dad.
    How are things?
    Anything changed?

  • Hullo everyone,

    The time has come for me to say goodbye. Well, kind of; I'm not leaving Travian completely.

    Time for some justification... Things have got busy in real life (yes, shudder at the thought); I'm going through the process of applying to universities, I'm in my last year of A-levels; the workload is hardly light. I simply don't have time to do everything I do at the moment, and I've had to think about what needs to change. Unfortunately, Travian's had to go.

    The changes are pretty much as they seem: I'm no longer Multihunter, or moderator. I am staying as Ex Crew on the forum, but I don't intend to stay on the forum long-term - my time spent on here will decrease rapidly over the next few days/weeks. I am, however, staying on IRC, so if you miss me that much you can always come on there and bug me. Nah, you know I'm always happy to see you all on IRC; I just wish more of you used it more often!

    So effectively, I'm now just IRC crew, if you want to give me a title at all.

    I've met a lot of great people on this forum, and it'd be a shame to lose contact with all of you - if you want to keep in contact outside of Travian then send me a PM with your MSN and I'll add you (assuming I know who you are). I'm not going to do a "thank you to so and so, for doing this" because I'll never be able to cover everyone and everything - I don't want to miss people out. But I just want to say thank you to all of you; you've made my time here great fun and I am truly grateful for that. So yeah, thanks.

    One final note, and one I feel I have to say: I've been there, I've done it - being Travian crew isn't easy. Next time you go to flame a mod, or make a multi, just think about the extra work you create, and give some thought for the poor souls who spend their own time trying to make Travian a better place for you. Also, a thanks to the crew wouldn't hurt once in a while - it's something that rarely happens, but maybe send an IGM to your Multihunter just to say thank you, or PM a mod after you see they've done something to keep these forums a friendly place, just to show you appreciate the hours they spend volunteering here.

    Anyway, thanks everyone. It's been fun. :)

    Over and out,


  • Ah well, as I've said in chat, I won't be around on here, or the chat any more.

    I clearly underestimated A levels, and am falling behind already, and distractions like this don't really help.

    It's been nice knowing you all...

    (I'll still be on s2 and skype though)

    EDIT: Joshyyy's goodbye pwnd mine. :(

  • i wil be spending less time on here than normal, due to a lot of reasons...

    1 Freinds, well sorta, have found me on here, and now i am even more ridiculed for it than i was previously, cannot take it anymore..

    2 time sharing, i have been playing a lot of games, Fable 2, Halo 3, etc and i have not been on as much any more..

    3 School life, now i dont have A levels, but my school work etc has been dragging me down and also i have been down a bit with bad moods etc, and going on here isnt helping, i dunnno why it just isnt..

    4 Normal Life i have recently been busy with other things, again such as gaming, school, but aswell as house work etc, building work, and travian is loosing it's appeal to other things, well the forums are any way, i lost the urge for thegame a month or so ago.

    5 People, i have been thrown into " The depression" and i have not come out welll for it, i have also seen countless people ranting on on wrong topics, and being completly wrong about things and knot admitting it, and general annoyance of said people, also the new admin, i am not saying Laika or Taulph are doing a bad job, but it is the settling in period and i wont be looking forward to it.

    Goodbye, well sorta, i will be on much less because of the above points, so you arent getting rid of me yet ;)


    EDIT- Oh i almost forgot, i will be on skype and msn frequently, but i suppose i havent been a huge fan of IRC, but i will be on the previous ones the same amount, so catch me on there if you need too.

  • I am sad to say that i am having a break from travian till my sats are done so i willgo on it sometimes but not all the time so till next time good bye :(

  • Kthxbai.
    Forum = fail.
    Game = fail.
    People = some epic, some not so.
    Life = busy.

    See you ladies around.
    And rlyrlyrly, I mean it this time.

  • i regreat ever saying i am ever having a break if i say that again i should be banned sorry travian

  • I'd just like to say after about 1 1/2 months of absence I have come back. Just to tell you I won't be posting again for another month or so after Wednesday.

    Thank you for cheering.

  • Welcome back Steve! *cheers*

    I, too, have returned - I told you all I would, don't look so shocked :p

    Any fruit baskets or sugary treats are welcomed...

  • I am here again!
    I've been to France for a bit, in a loveely hotel in Nice. Lost my phone though, so I got the Nokia Blackberry :) It's a bit bulky though.

  • I'm pleased to announce my full time return to the forums as my laptop is being fixed, so unfortunetly im back here again with you guys.

  • I've decided to also make a full time return instead of just for two/three days like I intended, I am mainly here to get the ideas section back on track. I read some of the latest and the're awful.