Introductions & Farewells

  • I'm off. I might come back in a few months, or i may come back in a few weeks, i may even not come back at all. Either way, i'll lurk for a couple of days (as that's how these things are done) so if any of you guys wanna chat on msn, I'd be happy to give mine over a PM.

    Good raiding to you all, King Gary :)

  • ok im partley leaving just the forums though as i have been busy i will still be on main game just not forums as much i will be on fourms mondaypart tuesday and thursdays on other days you will see a pig fly before im back onor untill i have done all collage work

    even in the deepest darkness
    they shall always be light

    even in the brightest light
    they shall always be darkness

  • Back for a little while, so be nice :P Damn, it's not Travian that's addictive, it's this forum stuff :mrgreen:

    @ Richard, well up for a night out soon. You been to The Office yet? £2 for a double whiskey ;)

  • I think it's I good time to say I sort of leaving, as seen as I'm quite useless round here, it makes me feel kind of... surplus at the moment, but I'll probably return. Gosh, I miss everybody, making a list id a bit mean, but, Saffy, Asrue2, Despise, Gouranga, FunnyFace... I miss you loads. Please nobody go because I left (though I doubt it will happen) because then you'll have no chance of winning me back - not, to say, that you'd want to. I'll check in from time to time, but to be honest, I getting a bit... depressed. I read way to many books and I've got to get back to eating more again before I starve myself.

    Bye bye,
    (I'm not gone yet)

    Anna, Garnet, Ruby, or whatever else you want to call me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I feel that it is time for me to leave Travian for good. I have grown to dislike... no, to hate this game as it interferes more with real life and sometimes, it seems I cared more about it than my girlfriend.

    I have had my highlights but ultimately, this game gets pathetic after a while, especially when you see players looking for pathetic reasons to zero others, supposedly good alliance leaders getting the hump over a short sentence with the words "suggest" or "advise" in and bascially friends turning into enemies within the space of a few hours.

    I am remaining on servers 5 and 6 as a favour to some friends on there, the rest of the servers can go hang as far as I am concerned. I am sick of the rubbish I got in this forum: well done people you killed my enthusiasm for role play and my love of this game.

    I can leave S5 at any time, quite easily and have a friend carry on, most recently we started dualling; me for the message side and building, her for the military, so either way, it wouldn't be hard for her to carry on.

    With the exception of a few people, this forum is possibly the worst place for me, as I seem to get so many negative comments from people here (mainly S1 area) that if it was Propaganda, the USSR would love it.

    But to those who are still hopelessly in denial that Travian can be saved, I have a little figure for you; A liberal government has a better chance.

    Farewell Travian

    Former Multihunter, Travian US
    Former Forum Administrator; Super Moderator; Moderator; Travian PK
    Former Moderator and Supporter, Travian IN

  • Ok for once I am actually going to be leaving the forum. A few people (not looking at DF or Laika) have made my life uncomfortable behind my back and it isn't really fun anymore to justify staying so bye all.

  • I'm off now for unfourtunatly 2 - 3 weeks depending on how my mocks go,

    If I do come online then please shout at me repeatatly to get off and go and revise! I am going to try and completly not even go on this site until my mocks have finished, that way I won't be tempted :D



  • ok im partly leaving just the forums though as i have been busy i will still be on main game just not forums as much i will be on forums Monday Tuesday and Thursdays on other days you will see a pig fly before im back on or until i have done all collage work

    ok when I said I was leaving for just a few days well now i will be leaving for a month or 2 but will still be on game on server 1 most and server 2 now and then

    even in the deepest darkness
    they shall always be light

    even in the brightest light
    they shall always be darkness

  • im leaving trav for 3 weeks as im going on holiday for three weeks (florida yay!!) anyway ill be back soon enough :D

  • I am back form like a 3 day leave, stupid decorators in my room >.>
    sooo, what did i miss?

  • Well, the time has come for me to bow out of the forums, hopefully with some grace. Last time it was all catapults and alliance politics. Not pretty but I guess many of us have been there. This time, it's just the right time.

    If I'm honest, I can't say I will stop playing this game. It has something few others can claim, I just don't quite know what that is exactly. Maybe it's the fact that despite its flaws, people encourage you to stick with it, show you the way, even defend you to the last should it come to it.

    Maybe it's the fact that you can and do meet people from all walks of life, all with opinions and approaches that make you look at your own and even question or change it. That has a value all its own.

    Or could it be that something so apparently simple is in fact profoundly complex and appeals to those with the imagination and determination to make it work. The sort of people that create and inspire. Yes, I'm talking about you people :)

    I don't know. What I do know is that I've enjoyed almost every minute of it till now. The fact that I became a legend was and will remain one of those memorable moments. But I am not the stuff of legend. That accolade belongs to others.

    I've already named many of those that have earned my respect elsewhere on the forums. It should be pretty clear by now. Don't forget that many of them make this place what it is on a voluntary basis. The fact that you can apparently say and do whatever you like is no accident. You forget that at your peril folks.

    If I've offended anyone, I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise. I'm not always as subtle or easily understood as I'd like to think.

    If I've helped anyone, pass it on. That's what makes this place work when all is said and done.

    If you think Travian is just a game, you're probably right. But it's a unique one and you don't have to look too far to realise there is a lot more to it than that.

    One last thing. The name. It's p-h-a-e-d-r-u-s. Faydrus. Got it? Good. (No, that's not an ego polishing exercise.)

    If you find yourself out of ideas with a thousand Romans knocking on, give me a shout. I'll see what I can do.

    But like I said, I'm no legend, so if a three legged dog and a small cohort of anti-war protesters show up it's got absolutely nothing to do with me...;)

    Have a good Christmas folks. :)

  • My bag is (almost) packed... and it's (slightly) overweight... but I'm leaving to the jolly land of Frogs today!

    I had my bag perfectly packed, and then Mum and Dad gave me my Christmas presents, so I've got to fit a bit more in...

    But it's getting there :)

    I should have internet, but apparently it's not working yet.

    Don't forget about my blog... it should be updated quite a bit :)

    *hugs and kisses*

    /me over and out.

  • After being called a spammer by someone who was supposed to be a friend then I think it is time that I left, since mt posts count annoy him so much :'(

    bye lovely people it has been great the time I have spent here

    ali :(

  • leaving
    reason: someones giving me a hard time and wont leave me alone when im trying to have fun! and is doing things that I find annoying because I did something which isn't breaking the rules or doing anything WRONG

  • I'll really leave...i don't want some annoying Corporal charging down the AWAC and demanding to know why his Commanding Officer is playing on an internet game...instead of monitoring the radar.

  • Now for my full full time return as I have a new pc which means i'm here more than ever so you better get used to me being around again. Woo christmas

  • Howdy all

    Just thought I would say hi and introduce myself.

    I'm Dan, I'm a noob!