Introductions & Farewells

  • I’v decided that a year of Travian is enough for me. I started playing Travian last year with the first speed server at a time when there was nothing going on in my RL- I had a-lot of time on my hands. My first decent server being s4, which I have now finished and can at-least say I finished a full server lol. My most successful server being the current s6 and I really wish I could carry on playing, seeing it through to the end… however as many know and will have noticed, my activity has dropped the last few months and I now merely win wars via diplomacy- haven’t won a military war in ages simply due to the fact that I don’t have the time to organise them. I’m finding that im trying to make time for Travian so much that it gets to the point where RL gets neglected- and its for this very reason that I’ve decided to stop playing. I’ve learnt a-lot from the game and it has most certainly not been a complete waste of time. I’ve learnt that I am indeed able to lead, and am now doing so in RL with Youth Groups and Boys Brigades. I’ve learnt a lot about people, how some think, how to please ect- Diplomacy. But more importantly I’ve made some great friends- friends with huge variation lol who I'll def be keeping in contact with!

    Yes I have a-lot to say thankyou for, but im not going to go through each and every single person or I'll be typing till next year... literally! Will mention a few though.

    First and for-most the members whom I’v played with on s6. Before the server started I asked 21 people to come play with me on s6, following a plan I’d devised. We were a team like you’ve never seen before, that helped each other no matter what, each and every single one on skype- you wont believe the amount of spam that they have been able to keep up for the last 6 months lol- even before the server started! Unfortunately we lost quite a few of the 21 but filling their shoes were some truly magnificent people… you know who you are. Thanx guys, you’ve been with me all the way giving me 110% support and really making the server fun to play! I will continue playing the account (NPCing wheat mainly) until I’v spoken with my Sponsor and we’ve decided on a new owner- will be speaking to you all still over the next few days so not quite yet saying good-bye to you don‘t worry.

    Secondly I would like to thank all the players whom I’ve had the privilege of playing with over the last year, both friends and enemies. Very first two friends being Snake and Dlrow. Snake being the Beta tester who taught me most of what I know and the reason for me seeming so much more experienced at the start of s4 than I actually was- not sure if that was a blessing or a curse lol. Dlrow who I’v always been bouncing idea’s and plans off and having constant competitions- also Co-leader of the very first Lords alliance on s4 and a great friend. Xwing for sharing with me a few of the secrets to a successful alliance and giving me the idea of a pre-organised alliance which started of my Leading of Alliances. Jammy who I amazingly met in-game before I met him in the forum lol- he shared loads of wisdom about the game with me at the start of s4 and beyond. GodofPain for bringing out the best in me when pushing me to the outer edges of the map on s4. It was due to this that I have the successful game play I have today. Flood- lol we’ve had some great fun! Going from being the of worst enemies to having friendly competitions, I wish I had the time to dual with you on s4 as was planned- would have been very humorous if nothing else lol! Azrael- you saved the alliance on s1 when taking over the leadership- a Leader and player very much under-rated! Beelzebub- I’ll def keep in-touch, you’ve taught me a-lot and I’ve enjoyed our conversations- sorry I can’t help out on the up-coming s1, but I wish you all the best! Lord Indianz- Sponsored me on s6, buying all the gold for the account and also contributing to the s2 account- the whole alliance was built around the fact that he was able to provide my account with bottomless gold, so all that’s happened has been largely due to him.

    I know I haven’t mentioned 1% of the people I could and probably should, please accept my deepest apologies but the list is too extensive! I will remain around for whats left of the holidays if anyone needs to contact me, however for the majority of you I bid you Farewell.

    Chris (L.A)

  • well this my final post

    Good bye, good luck and God bless you all weather you belive in him or not


  • im back and hopeing to make new friends and during my brake i have learnt to spell.

  • Hi,I'm here through a series of random and some what hilarious chain of events....the US wishes me dead:D

  • Well, lots of talk of established names leaving, here's a self-introduction from a semi-noob just entering....

    It took me 400 years and 3 different email addresses to get activated here and in the end it still didn't work and all came down to Laika sorting me out and getting me activated, so thanks for that.... what's with the activation emails not arriving? A technique to keeps noobies out of the forum perhaps?

    Anyway, nice to be here, I'm playing on UK2, UK3 and about to restart on UK4.

    Playing from Madagascar, really...

  • Hello,

    I am Psycho... I'm new here... migrating over from the forums. Hopefully I can jump straight into the action here and become a forum regular :) The aussie forums are great (and way to easy to moderate ;)) but they are too... dead most of the time. I doubt that's the case here so I should enjoy myself.

    I'll be playing UK4 dualling with gilli247... hopefully he can uphold his reputation without me dragging him down too much :p Well thats me in a nutshell forum wise... I'm sure you'll all get to know me personally later!

    P.S go join over on there is already a british invasion going on... but I don't care - more members = good.

  • the reason i suddenly returned is because i just came out of hibernation

  • Thats it im leaving i should have nether made a comeback i will come on sometimes but not all the time

    i hate i lost all my posts.


  • so i will just go on my forum from now on

    i will leave on monday at 12am

    i will still go online for a little bit not alot tough.

    have all your fun with out me travian is better with out me even laika will agree

    i may be the joker but i am not joking.


  • Oh i'm leaving as well...some time in November or December in 2012...plenty of time to fill the new sections with spam

  • Joes, you said you were leaving, then made up a date and time, You're like danny db leaving :p

    Dannys already back, and already banned again.. think Joe will come back a few weeks later and then go again then come back?

  • erm hello, I am chelsea alex and i am a 14 year old girl in spain, but i am english, so hi :)

  • I wanna reintroduce myself.

    I've been away for like six weeks and everything's new and scary! I feel like a noob.
    And all my posts are gone. That's almost a years worth of spam.
    And my ideas guide got deleted! *sniffle*
    So anyway, hey, I'm Rob, I'm a student, I love dougnuts and things that beep.

  • How do you do?

    I'm relatively new to the game and new to the forum. Joined S6 to learn and am giving S4 a proper go. Have given forums a wide berth for some years but this community seems nice (from what I've read) so hope to become part of it!

  • I am brooky121,
    I used to be brooky, but my computer broke and stuff.....
    So now I finally have it up and running again, all my accounts are deleted and I can't get into my forum account,

    so hi everyone.:)