Gettertools - Basics Guide

  • So I always have players asking me what gettertools is for, and being confused on how to use it. I haven't been able to find a nice simple guide to give them, so always have to explain each time. This guide is really for myself, that I can simply refer players to in future, but I'm sure other alliance leaders will find it just as useful!

    What is Gettertools?

    Gettertools is an entirely legal site created especially for Travian players. It is totally free to use and is used by all alliances in modern day Travian. There are numerous useful tools on the site that will help you in different aspects of the game- when you have time, have a look, you'll be surprised at what's available! If you are viewing this guide, it's likely because you are new to the game, and your alliance leader wants you to join Gettertools and update your troops info. Probably the most useful feature of gettertools, is the troop tool. With this feature, players are able to easily and quickly, upload their account and troop information, which the leaders of the alliance are then able to view. Leaders are able to view everyone in the alliance's troop information and at a glance know who has the most troops, catapults, at what distance etc. With this information they are then able to plan offensive maneuvers, among many other things.

    So, the next few steps will show you exactly how to do what your leader will ask you to do on a regular bases. Once you are familiar with the steps, it really takes no longer than 20 secs to do, and helps your leaders a lot!


    First things first, you will need to register.

    Update your Trooptool.

    After logging in, go to the trooptool feature and select "My troops".

    Scroll down till you come to this view:

    It is then simply matter of following the instructions!

    Update your troop information every few days, or whenever there has been a drastic change (such as having attacked or defended and lost a few troops), and you will help enable you leaders to lead you to the best of their ability!

    Adding Duals.

  • Account Holder Instructions
    1 - Log on to gettertools.
    2 - Go to Account -…uk.5/21-My-account#stab=0
    3 - Go to Duals -…uk.5/21-My-account#stab=2
    4 - Set as Dual Primary Account (1st). You will then be given a dual password.
    5 - Give password to Duel.

    Duel Instructions
    1 - Duel repeats steps 1 to 4, but in step 4 set as Dual Secondary Account (2th, 3rd).
    2 - In-put password.

    Both accounts will now be linked & only one game account will show up in trooptools. Troop count can be updated by either player with the Troops section being linked to both accounts (e.g. player 1 changes troop count, changes will be seen on player 2's account too).

  • Quite a guide there :) "register, then click trooptool and follow the instructions, done!"

    You probably want to add, that in order to join the alliance's group, you will need to follow the link provided by your leader. And the two most common ways of updating troops, either manually adding them in village by village, or copy pasting from the troops section in account overview.
    Also minor things such as scouts counting as offensive troops for a higher total number of troops etc.