• As the server is warming up we are able to gain a better perspective of what is taking place.

    From the start there has been one single alliance that has beyond a doubt shown the best organised approach to the server. Filling up their wing fast enough to have a clear picture of the road ahead, while at the same time picking their members with some care, DIOB have shown us the ideal way of starting a server.

    In the mean-time, the rest of the server was caught on the back foot. MFH and Be were stuck in the middle, battling each other with neither gaining an upperhand fast enough to get ahead and challenge DIOB.

    Dynasty emerged a bit too late and most of the experienced players had already been picked up. I'm sure they've learned a lot from the experience and their players are no doubt looking forward to a new RoA server to put this newly gained experience into practice.

    Be leader Trouble ran into some difficulties two weeks in and handed over leadership to Mr Arrogance, who straight away started talks with MFH. Within 3 days a merge was taking place, leaving us with Eagles Flying High. A combination of Monkeys Flying High and Blue Eagles.

    Be was a new alliance to the scene, while MFH are old hands who usually play small and tight, never merging. They did the unexpected though and merged. With EFH now on the block, DIOB are legitimately challenged, both in quality of play as well as in the victory point challenge.

    Last night DIOB launched the first large scale offensive against EFH. Both alliances have a lot to take from this, but without further ado, the report:

    DIOB had faked the players' cropper very well, and they attacked using their speed artifact, so clearly EFH did not have enough time to put in a wall of defense in either the 15c or capital which at the time was still a 6c.

    Enough waves were sent to wipe out the capital, so something had to be done. As shown above, no alliance would have been able to defense by putting up a wall. So EFH can take confidense that they were able to cut the waves effectively. Obviously they'll need to work on their defense numbers though.

    DIOB did well in that their offense players were willing to stop all their raiding, which would've been a combined cost of aprox 10 mill res not raided in that time. They did well in their times, managing to place all those waves within 10 secs- and on both vills though one set was only fakes. They have obviously met their match though and will need to work on their offensive skills if they wish to truly enforce their dominance over EFH.

    Either way, this server is set up spectacularly and we're set up for an exciting time. How will EFH respond? Will DIOB try again and improve on their performance?

    Stay tuned :ahoy:

  • Regardless of what future holds, I'm happy that we have a great and strong enemy. That's what makes the game fun :)

    Great job chris and everyone for nice defense responses.

  • I can comment on why the offensive was launched. The targeted player has been regulary provoking our players with fakes, so we decided to show him how to do it properly.

    1 second cost us 8 waves of catas, but since it was our first offensive mission, I think we'll do it better next time.


  • And here I thought it was a random target simply because it's a war game and we're your competition lol. Was also our first proper defensive challenge... will see who improves most next time :)

  • I love the narrative you are giving the server LA, this is the first time I've experienced anything of this quality. Really makes it exciting to follow the twists and turns the server might take in the future when the wheels of war keep turning faster.

    Now I'll sit back, take a sip of Vodka and go back to farming :8).


  • And here I thought it was a random target simply because it's a war game and we're your competition lol. Was also our first proper defensive challenge... will see who improves most next time :)

    A war game? I thought it was sim city now days

    P.s LA is a turk :p