Merc speed bug

  • Gaul merchant speed, according to the docs, is 24/hr.This should mean a merchant can travel three times to a villa 4 squares away. Therefore, an hourly trade route to a villa 4 squares away x3 (ie 100/100 to 104/100) should run every hour.

    It doesn't.

  • Maybe the merchants need a few moments to have a beer and a sandwich before setting off on a 3x run again?

    Does it run alternate hours? Interested to know what the reason for this is too.

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  • Perhaps something to do with them only arriving back exactly at 0 seconds of the hour, and not 59 seconds of the previous hour? sounds stupid, but we all know that means it's probably the reason.

  • It does run alternate hours and yes, it's probably because they arrive at :00, not :59 but whatever the reason, their speed is not 24/hr. :)

    it is. They start at 0 seconds of the hour and end at 0 seconds of the hour. That is exactly 3600 seconds passed to travel 24 fields.

  • Nope, it's 3601. You either count the 0 at the beginning or at the end but not both.

    I was obviously showing the German way of thinking :oops:, curse you and your wisdom!

  • No official response? Anyone would think the network fell over in the middle of the week. :)

    /me can do you a good deal on a high-availability pair of F5 load balancers. ;)