Forum User Guide

📝Farewell to Forums📝

The forum is currently in read-only mode that will last till July 07th, 2021.

You will find news and all relevant information about the game in our Travian: Legends blog.
For live conversations and interaction with the community join us in official Travian: Legends Discord server.

    To get access to your profile settings, you only need to click on your name on top right of the screen.

    If you click on MY PROFILE you will get redirected to your profile page, which is visible by other users.

    Here you can have an overview of your profile. If you want to edit the information in it, you just need to click EDIT PROFILE

    You will be redirected to the the profile user field and you can change the content of the ABOUT me section, add your Birthday date, your IRC nickname, your gender, and so on.

    If you want to change the settings of your account you have instead to click on ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT in the drop menu.

    You will be redirected to the account management, and on the left side you have different menu which will allow you to fully personalize your account.


    • Account Management – here you can change your password, username and email) – Please note: you can change your nickname once every 6 months.

    • Avatar – you can use a Gravatar or upload your own avatar.

    • Signature – you can select the content of your signature


    • General – here you can select the Language settings (check below for the Multilingualism feature explaination) – the stayle, how do you want to forum to look like (how many conversation, post, messages, thread per page), the watch list (select if you want to put automatically thread you start or reply in the watch list), the timezone, and your country flags.
    • Friends – here you can set the settings for your friends list, or if you prefer you can block ingoing friend requests.
    • Privacy – here you can select who can see what in your profile like the content, the messages, and yorur friends.
    • Notifications – in this section you can decide which kind of notification to receive and how


    • Notifications – here you can view all the received notifications
    • Followed Users – here you can see the list of all the followed users
    • Blocked Users – here you can see the list of all the users you have blocked
    • Friends – and here you can see the list of the people you added as friends and accepted your request


    The multilingualism option provides you the chance to see more than just your community but all the others. To access other communities you can enter your profile “General Setting” and check more countries.

    The Language field select in which language you’d like to see the interface (please not that some language still have the interface in English).

    In the Multilingualism you can select all the languages/communities you want to be visible in your forum. For example if you select only English (UK) you will see only the posts of the UK community. If you select English (UK) and English (US) you will see both communities, every thread will have the flag of the community it belongs to.

    The other difference if you select more than one community is that you will need to choose for which community, you are starting a thread.