Tell me a story & win some keys to closed beta

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  • The forum merge drove me nuts as I struggled with various new aspects even though I had some clue on what to expect.

    To vent my frustration I am going to give away 5 pairs of keys to the 5 best(according to me)
    Travian stories I read. This story can be about something screwy you did or something odd you saw playing Travian.

    Let's keep it clean and hope to see some great stories.

    Each winner will receive 2 keys.
    These 2 keys are for the closed beta test server where you will be allowed to play 2 accounts with your pair of keys.
    I will then send you the keys to your forum account.

  • I don't know if you have more keys to give or if i can participate as a french player but i will try to tell you a short french story -with my bad english :( -.

    It was a year ago, we were a dozen of olds members of a same alliance and some news contacts and we thinked about the possibility of infiltrating all the most important alliances on the server to win without a real existence before the last day.

    So, we decide to execute the plan and, move after move, war after war, handling after handling, we put our members in the most importants circles of many alliances. At the end of the server, we convinced all the major alliances to give a world's wonder to our agents and we finally maked an alliance in the last day with all our members and world's wonders.

    At the end, we won the server without any problem, just with many adjustments of our initial plan.

    « On ne doit jamais laisser se produire un désordre pour éviter une guerre ; car on ne l'évite jamais, on la retarde à son désavantage. »

    [ Nicolas Machiavel ] - Le Prince

  • All my good stories are about other games, not this one. That kinda dents the whole "tell a Travian story" thing.

    I can say that I always get placed next to some hot-shot who thinks the server belongs to them. Every single time I start a server there's someone in my grid that insists that he's the best and he'll destroy me no matter what. Then a few weeks to a month later, he's gone and I'm still there.

    In fact, I just had that happen on the US RoA server last year. We were in the same alliance at first, so we started talking. He quickly moved out of the alliance (I moved out too, 'cause it wasn't going anywhere), but we kept talking. He insisted that the decent 15c near us was his and only his. He actually did hit top raiders, so he had that going for him. But that was where it stopped. I took the 15c first and he threw a tantrum. He attacked with everything, did no damage, I followed him home, destroyed his offense. Later I chiefed a village from him too. He then mysteriously disappeared leaving his villages as nice, ripe farms. Didn't even say goodbye. :(

    I don't know why I attract these people, but I seem to get at least one, if not more, in every server I ever play. I've come to expect it. I always outlast them too.

    PS: I don't need any keys. I already have two and am enjoying the beta quite nicely (Veteran privilege ftw). I just felt like sharing. ^^

  • Once he registered on a game called "travian". Who would think he is still playing it 6 years after ? or maybe 7 ? He can't even remember...
    He started on french servers but quickly went on moroccan servers, he had great time and mainly learned the game there. He also became addictive. :love:
    Then moroccan domain got shut down, and merged with french one. So he went back to french domain for sometime, had fun too but something was missing.
    Meeting new people was really his thing, he went on indian domain, started over again, made some drama (he also liked it), had really good time on those servers. But what ? Indian domain got shut down as well, and merged with australian one. So he mooved to australian domain, met some new people, made some drama (once more). :saint:
    And that's pretty much it for him, after all he went back again on french servers for the qualification servers, mostly because it a during summer and no studies during that period :thumbsup:

    Overall, this guy plays the game for his own entertainment. Some people get borred of Travian, he doesn't. Over the years he made friends, he discovered cultures, he traveled in his own way...