• Hello Everyone

    During the merge the threads in the "Politics & Diplomacy" section did not maintain themselves in the different embassies and were all dumped into one area.
    Rather then delete them and start new I felt that some of them could be saved from help by you all.

    So if you can please leave a post in the threads specifying what server each thread is connected to then I can go through and put the appropriate label on it to make it easier for you to find.

    Really appreciate the help so that we can save some of the last threads you all had going.

    Templar Knight

  • Right now I think they are going to go with the labels.
    You can set it so you only see certain labels or all of them.

    I can understand what you mean though and will pass this on as feedback. :)

  • I like to follow most servers on and off here on the forum, even if I'm not playing so - I'd end up having to sort the topics all the time, according to whether I just want to read for the server I might be playing, or for other servers that have my interest. From what I could tell, you need to change what label you want to see every time you visit the sub-forum - they didn't stay, which means you have to do it every single time you visit the forum. But maybe I did something wrong :?