New forum feedback and sugestions

  • HQ have stated that the server embassies will remain in the one place with tags used to denote specific servers.

    To put it bluntly, the new forum completely sucks. And I know that it isn't your fault m.hudson and meme. And I know that the few of us that ever did post in the embasies bemoaned how dead they were. But some of us did try, and did get a little enjoyment out of them.

    Using server tags just doesn't make and sense. And the tags don't seem to be sticky. But having to then filter by time period? Really?

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  • Considering that the lack of user friendliness of this forum is not going to be fixed and most of the chat of my most used domain is now dead here, could someone please point me to the actually usable alternative where all the discussion went. Thanks

  • I have to filter my server every time I log into the forum to see the diplomacy section, this is tedious. Am I missing something?

    If this is not fixed then I don't think there will be much point using the forum anymore - as if I cannot be bothered finding and maintaining the embassy sections, then I know no one else will be bothered reading it (and I was the guy who maintained the WW thread)...

  • Yes it seems that way which is why i provided a list of prefiltered urls for each server

    We have requested multi select for tags

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  • Would it be possible to shade the background of quoted messages in peoples comments as default? At the moment the quote box is fine but as the backgrounds the same it becomes less obvious its a quote. I imagine this would become more confusing once people start making alliance analysis tables and the like due to the similarities of a table in someones comment and the quote box.