The Closed Beta Test Server [your story for keys thread]

  • Hi,

    I want to try new tribes and i want to test Egyptians in Defensive Attributions. Because i always play to do deffence. Maybe Egyptians will be my first option instead of the Gauls.

  • I'm a hungarian player and I'm playing travian since 2009. I'd like to try hun and check the new features. I'm very excited, please give me a key.

  • Templar Knight would love to see some creative stories, come on people!

    Templar Knight would love to see some creative stories, come on people!

    Templar Knight would ... would he? Maybe it is really Marleen :)
    Okay let me get my fingers working

    In a far away land where polar bears and wolves and all creatures of the cold roam freely, even in the midst of the very short summer,
    Sarcy had cried herself to sleep because the key she had been given for the beta server no longer worked - it was for pre-registration only.

    Even when she awoke from her slumber she was still very very sad and her tears and anguish continued unabated.

    How was she going to learn about this version?
    How would she continue to help her team mates with her sniping and passion for defense?
    Would she be forever lost to those who have depended on her?

    Please, pretty please, may I have one?

  • hey, there is the reason why i want play for new tribes:
    I always playing for deffence and i saw that there is some good defence troops which i want to try

  • Hello, mainly im playing T5 but want to try this beta server, w8ing for my key, peace!

  • Hello,
    I have been playing travian for about 5 years now. I have seen it develop into what it has become today. I have seen the change in the players experience while playing. I have also played on multiple servers but mostly .com as it is the most international. Seeing and testing the new implementation of tribes and more is something i would really enjoy and would love to test out before the official release.

    Thank you

  • Hi, I have played since the beginning. On and off tho. But I have played all tribes both off and deff. I have won some servers and I have lost a server or two. And I really like to try out the new tribes so I can try and figure out how to play them and how strong they really are. Right now I'm playing on S2 NOR and TT 2017.

  • Hello,

    Can I get a key to try the news tribes please :):):)

  • Hello i send the keys to me in the experiment of maize?

  • Can I get a key to try the news tribes please

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