Looking for Dual - Offensive Play Mode

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  • Hi.. I'm looking for experienced dual in ts6 com server

    Here's a bit information about my account:
    - Teuton offensive user, have played for 3 weeks
    - Top 200 attacker in ts6
    - GMT +7 user
    - Play with big alliance, as an council
    - Communicative, team played

    For anybody interested to join me, please message me in forum.. Prefer gold and aggresive user who knows how to play :)

    Thanks :D

  • I would love to play as a dual with you.. if you still need one. I have experience in raiding and offensive play and could put a lot of time into the account.. If interested my skype is Toretoniec.

  • Hello

    Looking for a dual too but I can move to an other account.
    I'm experienced as an offense player, I love to raid. I use Gold. I am French so in Paris Time zone.
    I'm looking for someone I can play with in confidence and not just one server.

  • Hi mate if you',re still looking for a dual I'm avalible