Closed Beta Feedback Thread

  • Have you checked the spam folder in the email account you signed up with?

    Sometimes they can take a few minutes to come through, or get caught in the spam folder.

    Great forum name by the way! :)

  • Hi Hawk
    Sorry but nothing in my spam folder. Last e-mail from Travian on that e-mail address was the 28th July. Nothing received since. I believe that there should have been one on the 1st August!!
    Yeah, like the name. I've been Blood Hawk since I started some years ago. :saint:

  • Hi Blood Hawk

    Just to doublecheck - are you using two different email addresses for each account and a different registration key for each? If you have used two different emails, registration keys, and your spam box is empty then I would suggest sending an email to and they will be able to troubleshoot it further for you. They will be able to tell you if the account registration went through, or if it perhaps got caught in cyber space!

    How are you finding the server with your first account?

  • I didn't get an email either, you can request it to be resent via the registration page, mine came through second time.

  • I an on travian closed beta, i played travian many times, but only 1 time Travian Legends (stuff with regions). So I wonder is it normal that i end up in start game in a region that doesnt have any ancient power? because that so incredible unfrair. I am in Philippopolis

    Unless ancient power to this region is yet to be applied. But i think some players were already present in regions with ancient powers since start of server

  • This is first time for regions without a power, they replaced former fools locations and have more Victory Points instead.

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  • A suggestion I would make, is this, as its a closed Beta, made up of active and experienced players, why start it like a normal server?
    1) Give everyone a completed villa, without Bp, then they see what the changes and the new tribes can do from day one, rather than a slow ponderous start which already has seen deletions from the server.
    2) more of a question, but why aren't there any Egyptian or Hun, artefact villages?
    3) Why is UK2 starting next week, whilst the closed beta is in progress? Surely Travian HQ, want people to focus on the beta to iron out any problems? Before hurtling into a popular server, with this level of dissatisfaction.

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  • Previous RoA servers have given players 1 fully completed village (in terms of resources, the player then builds the infrastructure) and also 6 settlers. None of those settlers can be used to settle a 9c or above, so the race then becomes about settling v4 which is still rather competitive. Personally I'd echo this suggestion as I'd like to see this return (or elements of it). Start-game is incredibly mundane for me but it also means alliances can achieve their population targets for a region quicker and easier, whereas at the moment we're struggling to unlock anything and can't do much.

    All of the artefact villages are owned by the Roman Guard, and so they take their aesthetics from regular Roman villages. I assume that's what you were referring to?

    I imagine Travian will still want to continue with their server restart schedule, despite the beta. At a guess, I imagine there are about 3 servers restarting every week across all domains and to stop them for the beta would be quite a challenge, especially for those not playing the beta. UK2 won't have all of the beta features though, the only new additions uk2 will see that are different from last round are the defence point distribution (defenders get their own def points) and alliance bonuses.

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