Advanced Strategy Guide (Faking the Defense Tool)

  • 1. What it looks like
    So, there are some strategies that are hard to execute, and then there are some that are insane level - and then above those comes this strategy that I discovered 2 months ago.
    Basically this is what you see,
    Enemy attacked you, 30 hrs to go, you note hero experience + hero items and upload the attack in defense tool if you're using one (these days no one bothers to personally note it). You check the hero again, there's experien going up, hero items changing - you conclude it's fake. You take a crop scout from their hammer village, it's at -2k per hour. The defense tool has already marked it fake due to hero xp + items change. You feel safe.
    Then 30 hrs pass, the attack hits you - and BOOM full hammer and hero inside and artifact gone!

    A fun fact is when we used this ops against enemies, they blamed us that we have hacked their defense tool and uploaded the html code for the different hero image and experience change etc, which was not the case of course. In this guide, I shall explain to you how to achieve this - and thus add a new practice for your hammer towns.

    2. Requirements
    1. Titans boots (ideally - else Tournament Square shifting is too costly)
    2. Predictions in case of Trainers (what we did - which made it twice as hard)
    3. Timed and limited fakes (very important)
    4. Non-cap Hammer (possible with capital, but too costly)
    5. And the most important skill, Inserts!

    3. Execution
    In the following steps, I'll explain an attempt on stealing the trainers (It can be used for a variety of purpose, but I believe stealing the trainers is hardest of those)
    Step 1: Building a level 10 treasury in hammer town
    Step 2: You get your hammer town crop locked (That's why horrible idea to use capital). Ask your ally or if you have a 2nd hammer do it.
    Step 3: Prediction in case your aim is to steal the trainers. You have to monitor the trainers movement, and when you believe the trainers is going to be moved within 12 to 15 hrs, you send your hero to pick up the boots of titans (or chief the large/unique boots)
    Step 4: When the trainers moves, and your prediction was good enough based on the timing required (requires calculations which I will explain) - you can then execute this ops. You send a fake on the trainers (without the boots active), and fake all the targets that lie within the Trainers travel time divided by 2. Let's say trainers is 30 hrs away, all your other fakes should land in less than 15 hrs.
    Step 5: Play with the hero till the boots activates (12 hrs to go). In our case we defended an attack on our wonder that was worth 120k defense points. And ofc hero items changed. And park your entire hammer reinforced with the hero in immediate next village to hammer town (hero should be equipped with pennant) . This would result in the crop scout showing a -1k per hour.
    Step 6: So, if you have still not figured it out (which I'll ask you to do based on the above hints :P ) - what you do next is to wait till your boots activates (requires good timing as I mentioned earlier, in our case 12 hrs works), and all your other fakes land (which would leave you with the one last and main fake). Now your boots have been active for 3 hrs, and you have one outgoing attack from hammer town. Your village crop consumption is -1k per hour thanks to your crop locked hammer, And your village only has the 19 + 1 troops that is going out as a fake... Basically you remove the crops and starve those 20 troops
    This I believe is the hardest part of the plan. It has to be done, 10 minutes earlier than your launch time with the boots. How ? You send 60 raids on your own village during the 60 seconds to keep moving the crops from dead troops out so that the next soldier starves quickly (60 raids to make sure - 20 never works for some reasons that I think would be server lag). Do not even think you can use market to move the crops out. It'll take at least 5 minutes and I'm talking based on experience. You could also keep NPCing the crop out for this purpose (I had to do this - since I had some trapped units that started starving instead [facepalm]. Did not notice that I had those in first place )
    Step 7: Now an attack is going to be missing on enemies and they will not see red-swords. What you require to do now is to ask someone to send a fake on enemies on this particular minute. And unless your enemy is by accident checking their attack page, there's no way they'll realize a wave is missing.
    Step 8: Due to the pennant and boots of titans - your hammer can be pulled within 7minutes. Pull them back - you should have 3 minutes to the launch time with boots, use this now to land right on the same second (INSERT!) as of the wave you starved.
    And! Congrats, that is it. (don't worry If you fail the insert, drop a TS level and put the boots of mercenary on and retry.)
    Now, the enemies are going to see the two incomings - when they upload it in defense tool, the defense tool is not going to re-submit your attack. It's the same second, same wave and basically everything is the same. Except for the 1 additional attack sent by your ally which you don't care. It's too far
    Step 9:
    This point should be straight forward, you ask your ally to pick up the boots. Raise the crop fields to get out of crop lock, and rebuild the treasury. If your aim was Unique Arties, you'd require more plannings to figure out the resources for TC 20 which I will not go into details on how I would've done it.

    Step 4 to Step 8
    These steps can be done through Tournament Square too. Use your attacks on low tournament squares with proper timing, raise the tournament square again - crop lock yourself now, starve your troops, insert the attack with boots of warrior or archon to be slightly faster. I hope you see the cons, using it for trainers is even harder since your fake might be 40 hrs duration due to level 10 TS, and by the time you get there the trainers might have moved already. Also it's a lot more costly, but not impossible.

    4. Variation
    One of the other variations used by us was to launch multiple attacks on enemies with a portion of the hammer (less than 1k troops). Once it landed successfully, we starved the entire waves - and used the hero to relaunch a real attack. Sadly, the enemies were even lazier than us to keep track that our hero is moving back And they ended up dodging the trainers from our real attack that was supposed to look fake!
    One more variation would be taking the ops one step further ahead and including 2-3 fakes starving and replacing those. Finding a common time with a mix of troops (had to do it once the past server) - is tough but not impossible. It adds another 10 layers to complexity and I'm all in for complexity!

    5. TL:DR
    crop lock yourself, before boots activation send your fake, play with hero xp and items, reinforce the hero + troops to side village, boot activates, starve your attack 10 mins to the launch time with boots (you're crop locked, let the attack starve), pull your troops, Insert the attack on the boots speed.

    6. Conclusion
    So - this is how you fake the defense tool. I hope with this guide I can finally claim that I am the first to have discovered this strategy and it's not been done before! And I hope you enjoyed this guide too. 10 points to me for sharing?

    7. How to counter this strategy?!!!!
    (oh wait, why is there another block after conclusion - because this part is silly. Please don't take away my points ) No need to overthink, just mark the attacks on rally point. And if you see the mark is gone, it means this is not the same attack. Once you know this strategy exists, it become hard to abuse it. Specially due to the limited fakes. Yeah, sorry everyone! You might have difficulty in using it now *ehem*

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro

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  • So you starved the troops :D
    I thought you did something else but I loved your trick :D (and who know maybe we can try what I thought you did :D)
    congratz :D

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But what's puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game

    (Sympathy for the Devil, Rolling Stones, ages ago)

    fnx wrote:

    I have to admit last year Villains played cleaner than us

  • Yeah, we starved it :P
    Do you wish to insert into our defense tool a fake attack built so that when we upload the new one, there'll be an experience change ? :D I'm telling you it's not going to work, we don't pay attention *ehem*

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro

  • Sneaky. Never saw that before.

    Though it has like 500 weaknesses but there might be one window of opportunity to actually pull if of during a round...

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  • Nice version :)

    I only knew this trick by having 2 villages and give them the same name.
    Sending a clear fake with the first village without a tourney square (and therefore slow),
    Chief your own sub-village so the attack is gone and send the attack with the real hammer at the same arrival time (higher tourney square).
    The version I knew had 2 weaknesses : Different attack village coordinates and "mark the attacks". However does not require an artifact.

  • I like your one too. but the issue with this one is that it cannot fool the defense tool. The defense tool will show 2 attacks from you on the enemy due to the different village coordinates. But if the player is sloppy, i see it can work too. Definitely less messy than mine :P
    Tournament Square does not have to be reduced if you can time your attack with boots of titans. Just requires some calculations, not a fan of TS reduction myself since it's expensive :P

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro


    This has some free features - and some paid ones. For paid ones I believe you should contact the developer via skype. I'd ofc recommend paying the 10$ when required

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro