com7: little issue?

  • Hey devs, you managed to the registration. You cannot activate/reg account on new website and only few players realized that can use and copy-paste their activation code

    I do not mind playing 20ppl server, but please, fix it! :-)

  • Hello Ed Sheeran

    If you look thru the forum you would see that the work around was already posted about the registration.


    It is a TEST SERVER so expect bugs and errors.

    No reason to curse about it though as all will be well. :)

  • Is it TEST SERVER? Where can be this information found?

  • One would say that test server is com8 and com7 is classic server. So this one is also buggy one where we should not spend money? :-O

  • OK, once again. Where can i found information that this server is Closed Beta/TEST SERVER??? What exactly is tested on this server? Programming skills?

  • Slap me silly and wake my brain.

    Sorry I did give you wrong info about that.

    Com8 is the closed beta test server

    and com7 is the new normal server

    You can still use that same work around to get to server 7 as well till developers fix this bug.