Post Artefact Ally Analysis 05/08/17

  • First, lets have the stats:

    Alliance Name Total Players Rank Pop Rank Off Rank Def Unique Artefacts Large Artefacts Small Artefacts
    R D 59 1 - 415,755 2 - 1,154,495 5 - 166,670 5 8 21
    NMS 49 2 - 270,272 4 - 890,331 6 - 104,570 1 3 6
    BURI 54 3 - 263,226 5 - 649,560 3 - 259,088 0 2 8
    MFH 35 4 - 194,948 3 - 1,045,937 2 - 360,232 1 6 10
    THOR 16 5 - 66,138 1 - 1,369,423 1 - 375,781 0 1 3
    HAVOC 20 6 - 60,906 6 - 274,058 4 - 177,766 0 0 0
    $CAR 18 7 - 52,373 7 - 138,578 7 - 102,901 0 0 0

    Then, lets insult everyone:

    So all those people who said THOR will fall apart because of the leadership turned out to be correct. Turns out it just need some pressure from R D.

    There is an alliance of 2 people with the same amount of artefacts as THOR, HAVOC & $CAR put together, lol.

    BURI now essentially hold the South, I would imagine Havoc and THOR will end up being support alliances to a BURI WW presumable at 0/-100. On the flip side however they only have one academic which they haven't rotated in the first 24 days.... Well at least they will have one super hammer to send at an opposing WW right? It's not like the account in question still hasn't taken their 3rd oasis for the capital yet....

    MFH & NMS look to be on the right path. They have taken a WW (which they update regularly with funny names), taken 3 small academics which they rotate regulary, 2 large academics which they also rotate and a Unique trainer. This should put them in a great position to compete at endgame. SHOULD! Unfortunatley MFH like to turn on their confederation pacts at end game and use all their hammers on them instead....

    R D have taken too many artefacts that there wont be any treaure chambers left to hold plans in so they have no chance at end game.

    Looks like BURI will win then.

  • Nice observation you made there.


    Thought I made it,

    but I'm feeling stupid now.
    Drinking till I'm falling,

    cause my mind is so polluted now.
    I just wanna be free.

  • Woo Buri (now null) are going to win! Time to delete whilst were ahead on the forums!

    P.S. Cal is not happy that you've called him out in public like this for not having his 3rd oasis =O

    What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

    My name is Alex, not Mark :)

  • we've only done that once crunch

    Not likely to happen this server though, *cough* better class of allies *cough**cough*

    tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

    listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?

  • In my defence, both of the points you two have mentioned were in the 'insult everyone' section...

    Cool map though right? Better used for early game so you can see the well developed villages of a quad rather than near endgame with everything on it but because of carnage and the squared symbol I couldn't use it back then :(