calculating building time of troops and buildings

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  • how does it work? I know the final result is rounded for example with buildings to the nearest multiple of 10 seconds up or down but if its for speed server then the time is also divided by 3.

    so is it multiplied and divided at first and rounded at the end? eg divide time by 3 because of speed, then multiply by 0.86(Main Building 5), then round?
    or is it rounded after each arithmetical operation?

    first example would make more sense, also what about units bulding time and their respective building level. rounded at the last?

  • Main building effect = base * 0.964 ^ (level – 1)
    Speed effect = base / speed
    Natarian village = base / 2 (not in Kingdoms)
    Advertisement boost = base * 0.75

    Multiply all effects, then round once to the nearest multiple of 10 second.

    Most formulas in Travian have one or another type of rounding, but one at most.


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  • May be: Main building effect = base * 0.964 ^ level ?

  • thanks but you have a mistake there. Played with calculations a little bit and this gives correct result.

    MB effect = base * 0.964 ^ (level - 1) for level >= 1

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